Jackie Chan Is An Awful Person, Even If He Is The Greatest Action Hero Ever

There's a big difference between his onscreen and off-screen personas.

There are several strong cases to be made as to who the greatest action movie star of all time is, but there’s no denying that the frontrunner to that title is Jackie Chan.

Speaking of action movies, the GOAT team dive deep into the Marvel Cinematic Universe on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

There was just something about his fighting and action scenes that thrilled many moviegoers to no end while also somehow managing to elicit at least one genuine hearty chuckle mid-scuffle. Combine Jackie Chan’s unparalleled stuntwork with his everyman persona and a philanthropist streak that has helped millions of underprivileged children, what you get is a beloved movie action star who has endeared himself to me and millions around the world.

Which is why after many years of enjoying his work and seeing people fawn all over him for his recent 65th birthday, it pains me to throw a milkshake all over this martial arts duck: Jackie Chan may be the greatest movie action hero ever but he’s an awful human being off-screen.

For all the moral upstanding stances his movie characters hold, Jackie Chan’s real-life views and actions leave much to be desired and certainly won’t be written in any biography any time soon.

While he’s been married since 1982 and has a son, Jackie Chan has a reputation in Asia as being something of a tail-chasing movie star who is seen with more than a few young women over the years. Now all this might be nothing but rumours by Chinese tabloids, no amount of covering up can hide the extra-marital affair he had in 1999 with former Miss Asia Elaine Ng, which resulted in an illegitimate daughter, Etta.

Jackie ultimately confessed to the affair before defending himself by saying he “committed a fault that many men in the world commit.”

Not sure if that’s the best explanation to dish out if you’re someone who cheated on their wife, especially if you’ve (allegedly) done it on multiple occasions with many different women (one of whom gave birth to your daughter), regardless of if you’re Jackie Chan or not.

Speaking of celebrities with dark pasts, the GOAT team talk about Kobe Byrant and the problematic legacy he left behind on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Okay, so the dude is pretty dodgy when it comes to keeping it in his pants, but surely that’s it right? Sorry to burst your bubble but it gets even worse there.

In a recent 2015 auto-biography, Jackie Chan admitted that he was a “nasty jerk” when he became a superstar and did things like acting high and mighty wherever he went. He even revealed that he drunk drove a heap of times and totaled his share of cars in the process. When photographers tried to take photos of his wreckages, he threatened to beat them all up if they did it. It all seems bit ironic when he was named China’s anti-drug ambassador in 2009 so make of that what you will.

But perhaps the most gutwrenching revelation about his personal life is how awful of a parent he is. Not only did Jackie Chan confess to hitting his son and being an all-around bad parent, he has not acknowledged the existence of his illegitimate daughter after all these years.


But look, what Jackie Chan does in his personal life is his own thing and who are we to judge, even if he is an awful father to his son and daughter. His public views on politics though? Hoo boy, it’s like opening Pandora’s Box.

He’s a big defender of the Chinese Communist Party and often acts as its propaganda mouthpiece in criticising anyone who is anti-China. Not only are his statements quite inflammatory (making him something of a joke in the Chinese media), the logic of his comments amount to nothing more than “I’m famous so f**k you”. When you think about it, all this cuts a little close to the wannabe Combover Caligula currently sitting in the White House.

Perhaps most disturbingly, Jackie is a big supporter on suppressing people’s freedom and democratic processes, saying very Orwellian things like, “Chinese people need to be controlled, otherwise they will do whatever they want.” In short, the guy isn’t a supporter of China and its people but rather the oppressive single-party regime that’s in power and doing all it can to crush any critics.

Like I said, Pandora’s Box.

Getting a milkshake thrown on the supposed squeaky clean image of everyone’s favourite action star isn’t a good feeling, but it is more necessary than ever given the increasing importance on holding people accountable for their actions and words, especially those with a public profile.

So next time you watch a Jackie Chan film or read a biography written about him, just know that while he may be able to take on six baddies with a step ladder, he is also an awful human being who has cheated on his wife, beat his son, ignored his (illegitimate) daughter, and is a Communist and fascist in all but name.

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Shane Dawson Might Not Have Boned His Cat, But He's Done A Lot Worse

Let's also spare a thought for his poor cat, who is another innocent victim here.

Hoo boy, we’re in for a wild ride here, folks. Prominent YouTuber personality/doco-maker/conspiracy theorist Shane Dawson has issued out a multi-tweet apology from absolutely nowhere for claiming that he boned and jizzed on his cat.

That is not a typo or misquote of any sort.

He claims that the whole boning and jizzing on his cat thing came out of a “dumb awful sketch idea” he had years ago and it was a “very very dumb” move on his part to talk about this idea on a podcast as if it was a real story before declaring that he intends on making it “right”.

i didnt fuck my cat. i didnt cum on my cat. i didnt put my dick anywhere near my cat. Ive never done anything weird with my cats. I promised myself i wasnt going to make apology videos after last years thing so im just trying to be as short and honest with this as possible. (1/?)

— Shane Dawson (@shanedawson) March 18, 2019

ive apologized many times for all the dumb shit ive said in videos and podcasts over the years. ive learned my lesson over and over again and im more confident now in my ability to be entertaining by just being myself and not being so shocking for laughs.(2/?)

— Shane Dawson (@shanedawson) March 18, 2019

that story was fake and was based on a dumb awful sketch idea I had years ago that i never made (THANK GOD) and when the opportunity came up for a funny moment in the podcast I told it as if it was a real story which was DISGUSTING and VERY VERY DUMB (3/?)

— Shane Dawson (@shanedawson) March 18, 2019

my goal with the podcast and with my videos years ago was to tell shocking stories that would make people laugh and scream “OMG NO U DIDNT!!” and think i was “soooo crazy”. its embarrassing and i fucking hate myself for it. (4/?)

— Shane Dawson (@shanedawson) March 18, 2019

my goal with the podcast and with my videos years ago was to tell shocking stories that would make people laugh and scream “OMG NO U DIDNT!!” and think i was “soooo crazy”. its embarrassing and i fucking hate myself for it. (4/?)

— Shane Dawson (@shanedawson) March 18, 2019

theres so many things im so proud of. but all of my offensive jokes, over the top stories, and insensitive jokes are something that still haunt me and something I have to be faced with everyday on the internet. and it never gets easier. (6/?)

— Shane Dawson (@shanedawson) March 18, 2019

so im sorry for what i said about my cat, im sorry for what i said about anything or anyone that was offensive, and im sorry for being someone who thought being super offensive and shocking all the time was funny. im sorry for my past. but im really to make it right and (7/?)

— Shane Dawson (@shanedawson) March 18, 2019

For context, Dawson ran an episode of his Shane and Friends podcast back in 2015 in which he, without any prompting, tells an over-the-top story about, well, humping his cat and subsequently finishing on it.

I don’t know about you all but when an apology like Dawson’s comes completely out of the blue, it’s almost like he’s got something to hide. Plus his very descriptive telling of the story is something you only really get if you had actually done the deed.

Not suggesting that he did screw his cat, of course. Just something to ponder about.

I found the audio!! Shane Dawson came on his cat! WTF!!!!! This was on his podcast

— Sandwich Ruler (@magician_dragon) March 17, 2019

Now we can’t really be sure if Dawson really boned his cat or not, but that’s not really the point here.

As funny and disturbing as this whole saga is, mixing bodily fluids with a house pet is, somehow, far from the worst thing Dawson has said and done since he joined YouTube in 2008.

The YouTuber has made a bunch of inappropriate pedophilia jokes in the recent past, which have resulted in controversy and subsequent grovelling apology videos.

Dig a little further back and you’ll discover that Dawson was a big fan of dishing out offensive racist “humour”, including using blackface to portray people like Wendy Williams and Raven Symone.

And most recently, Dawson copped flak for his doco-series on renowned moronic YouTuber Jake Paul for being too sympathetic towards the latter’s known racism scandals, as well as his making light about mental health issues by trying super hard to diagnose Paul as a sociopath.

So in short, don’t feel sorry for the guy at all, especially since he is still racking up millions of views and clicks from people who seemingly forget about his transgressions whenever he uploads a new conspiracy video.

The sad thing about this latest saga is there’s a good chance his cat boning apology tweetstorm may actually help boost his follower counts, essentially nullifying any motivation to actually “do better” as he promised in his apology videos.

And let’s spare a thought for his poor cat in this saga because it’s just become another innocent victim in the whirlwind of insanity that is Shane Dawson.

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