If You're Using Your Dog's Death For TikTok Content, It's Time To Log Off

Going way too far just for clout.

From shoving ice cubes up vaginas to impersonating Ariana Grande, it seems like people will do almost anything for some of that sweet, sweet TikTok clout. But it appears we’ve finally hit a point where people are saying “too far” after a pet owner shared a video of her dog’s death on TikTok and subsequently went viral.

Speaking of faux pas, the GOAT team talk about Ellen DeGeneres’ fall from grace on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

User Emma Conger shared a TikTok video on April 25 which depicted her taking her sick dog, Sparky, to the vet. Things go from sad to shocking in record time as Emma proceeds to reveal that Sparky got a ruptured tumour and internal bleeding before the decision was made to put her dog down.

While all this was happening, Emma was documenting the entire ordeal on TikTok, right up to the point of the poor dog’s death. Yeah.

Seems like the first thing that comes to some people’s mind when their dog is on death’s door step is “Imma go get my phone and record this for my TikTok.”

It’s one thing to go viral on TikTok for doing a dumb challenge but it’s another thing entirely to exploit your dog’s death for internet points. Seems incredibly inappropriate to be filming your beloved dog’s death rather than, you know, being with it during its final moments. It’s inexplicable that this needs to be said yet here we are.

Unsurprisingly, a heap of people dogpiled (pun unintended) on Emma for using her dog’s death in such an exploitative way for internet clout. In response to all the criticism, Emma defended herself by saying the video was unplanned and she “doing everything to try and cope but it wasn’t working so I tried doing this and it helped some.” 

Whether it was to get internet clout or a way to cope with her dog’s death, Emma’s video certainly got a heap of attention as it racked up over 10 million views on her TikTok alone – as well as a heap of traumatised people who watched a dog literally die before their eyes.

Yes. Yes it is.

How this dog death video managed to clear TikTok’s guidelines is baffling, as well as how viral it ultimately became. The former question deserves an explanation but we can probably do without an answer to the latter as we don’t need to hear the reasons why they watched a video of a dog dying on TikTok.

So well done, Emma, you’ve demonstrated that there is indeed a new low to which people can sink to for internet points. Here’s hoping documenting pet deaths doesn’t become the new thing on TikTok because this is the last thing we need on top of everything else we have to deal with right now.

Rest in peace, Sparky, you deserved better.

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Ellen DeGeneres Won't Say Sorry, But She Will Throw Cash At The Backlash

Literally trying to buy back all that lost goodwill.

So 2020 hasn’t been great for Ellen DeGeneres so far. After COVID-19 forced her to produce home episodes of The Ellen DeGeneres Show from her Hollywood mansion, the TV host proceeded to make tone-deaf jokes comparing her situation to jail, get called out by a YouTuber for being mean, and exposed as a pretty dodgy boss who has no qualms screwing her loyal crew over (something which she still hasn’t commented on yet).

Needless to say that the backlash against Ellen DeGeneres has been swift and she’s now responded in the most Ellen way possible: by throwing cash at the problem rather than say sorry or issuing out some PR-vetted apology.

Speaking of Ellen DeGeneres in damage control mode, the GOAT team dives into the whole mess on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

During a recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the TV host announced that she partnered with Venmo so she could give out $250 to a hundred lucky viewers who really need it during these tough times.

Viewers fill out a form nominating someone who could really use some moolah and Ellen generously deposit $250 in the bank accounts of the most deserving people (or the ones with the best stories).

To be fair, giving out $250 to 100 random people who need it is a pretty nice thing to do during these tough economic times caused by COVID-19. However, one can’t help but feel like Ellen DeGeneres is literally trying to buy back some goodwill after copping so much backlash recently, and she’s using Venmo’s money to do it rather than her own.

It’s clear that Ellen is in full damage control mode at the moment, yet it seems like she could’ve saved herself a lot of hassle (and money) by doing the responsible thing and just, you know, heed her own “be kind” mantra and apologise for being an arse. Then again, we should’ve known that Ellen would never apologise even if she was wrong based on how her George W. Bush debacle went down.

But hey, if I had even half of Ellen DeGeneres’ net worth of $330 million and a company with deep pockets willing to play ball, I too would throw bundles of cash at all the backlash rather than say sorry or put out some half-arse apology.

Speaking of celebs using their platform, the GOAT team talk about all those famous people doing good things from their home on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

As nice as giving free money is, Ellen DeGeneres will have to do more than giving out $25,000 to randoms because an apology is worth far more than that and the stink of all that backlash isn’t something that’ll be wiped away easily with a few hundred dollar bills.

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The TikTok Glow-Down Challenge Will Bring Back Your High School Nightmares

Challenge not accepted.

There’s something about someone getting a glow up that draws people’s attention, even if it plays into societal pressure to look a certain way. It’s probably why the TikTok “glow down challenge” has gone viral because rather than highlight the glow up they’ve gotten, users are going in the opposite direction by showing how how the ravages of time have affected them.

Speaking of challenges, the GOAT team talk about Earth Day 2020 and the things being done to celebrate it on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

The glow down challenge was started by TikTok user @gabslife99, who went viral for a video encouraging people to share their reverse glow ups after saying how she “physically peaked in high school” and was “the hottest [she’s] ever been when [she] was 18” but looks “nothing like that now.”

It’s actually an interesting subversive take on glow up culture and the glow down challenge quickly went viral on TikTok as #GlowDownChallenge quickly spread like wildfire and many people decided to jump on the bandwagon.


Let’s get this trend started 🤪##glowdownchallange

♬ original sound – gabslifejournal
Credit: @pinkellewoods

There’s certainly something to be gleaned from this glow down challenge on TikTok about the pressure society puts on people to look good 24/7, especially women.

People are going to all kinds of lengths to keep their looks tight during iso. Have a listen to the violently funny mistakes people are making when it comes to updating their ‘do at home.

If anything, what this challenge showed is that it’s perfectly fine to not wear make up and to have gained some weight after high school (or whenever you were at your peak hottest). That’s just how life and time works, and everyone who participated in the challenge look perfectly fine as they are now.

But all the humble-bragging aside from how hot you used to be compared to what you look like now, the glow down challenge does wander a little close to nightmare territory by taking you for a trip down memory lane that you may not necessarily want.

Think about it. If high school was your best look, you don’t look like that now. And let’s say if you didn’t look great during high school, well it’s just not flattering now.

Maybe we’re reading too much into this. It’s a TikTok challenge after all and those can get ridiculous at the best of times. But if this glow down challenge can get society to rethink all the attention given to glow up culture, then perhaps some actual good can come out of this beyond video views and thousands of photos of people looking older.

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