If You’re In Need Of Fitspo, Michelle Obama’s Workout Playlist Has Bops

FLOTUS with the mostus.

Do you need to go to the gym more? Have you let your New Years resolution slip already? Michelle Obama is here for the rescue!


In an Instagram post, the former first lady took to Instagram to offer a bit of inspiration. She said, “It’s about that time when New Year’s goals and resolutions get just a bit harder to stick to. To offer a little inspiration, I want to share my go-to 2020 #WorkoutPlaylist with all of you.” 

Spoiler: It’s. Nothing. But. Bangers.

Thank God she did, because this playlist is one for the ages. She’s split her playlist into the core and the cool-down tracks, as all great fitness playlists are curated. On the topic of the songs, she said: “These songs always seem to give me that extra boost to get through my toughest workouts… #IAmBecoming #SelfcareSunday”

It really is.

You may not be able to workout with her, but you sure can pretend she’s there with her iconic playlist. Check out the full list of songs here: 

TBH, these songs are incredible. She’s got a bit of everything; from the groovy tracks of Bruno Mars & Beyonce to the hard-hitting bangers coming from Cardi B and Lizzo, and finally some pop gold with a few Calvin Harris and Ed Sheeran songs. Not to mention, she’s gone out of her way to make sure all the songs are clean or have a clean edit. What an icon.

Me at all of these songs.

She’s also got an Ariana Grande track on there, prompting the singer to comment a few emojis (a cloud, grey heart and crossbow) on her Insta post. We love two queens hailing each other.

Correction: God is two women, Ariana and Michelle

However, this isn’t the first list to come out of the Obama household. This Instagram post follows a Tweet from husband Barack Obama from last December, when he gave us his favourite songs from last year.  

Just reading these songs makes me want to go to the gym. You can listen to Michelle Obama’s playlist on Spotify here. Brb, I think it’s time I go for a jog.

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2020's Spiciest Feud Involved Maroon 5, The 1975 And Hot Chelle Rae


In news that I can’t believe I’m saying, Maroon 5, The 1975 and Hot Chelle Rae are having beef on Twitter and it’s as cringeworthy as it is hilarious. What a day for boybands, hey?

For essential context (that most of us definitely didn’t know), Maroon 5 haven’t always gone by the name “Maroon 5”. Before their massive breakthrough album Songs About Jane, the group released two albums under the band name “Kara’s Flowers” but changed names when they were dropped from their label. Which brings us to now. 

Adam Levine’s making new memories with this Twitter beef.

Over the weekend, Maroon 5-frontman, Adam Levine, took to Twitter to call out The 1975 for visual plagiarism of their earlier work. The tweet has since been deleted, but it said “‘Hey @the1975, you guys big ‘Kara’s Flowers’ fans?”, attaching images of their album cover next to the artwork of the new 1975 album. 

(Credit: Twitter)

It was at this point, that Matt Healy brutally shut down the pop-group, calling out Maroon 5’s 2012 single “Payphone”. Matt said, “I don’t know what the f**k that is but I love that song about being in a phone box or whatever it is”. Yikes. I’d Love It If We Made up.

But then, if you thought the situation couldn’t get any stranger, the forgotten-boyband Hot Chelle Rae entered the picture with their take. The band famous for their one-hit-wonder song “Tonight Tonight“, shared an image of their second album comparing it to the Maroon 5 and 1975 images. 

It was at this point, the internet took the situation into their own hands, sharing infamous logos and works by other artists that remotely resembled the colour scheme.

Oh and also, Twitter brought in other memes too.

Trust Twitter to take a meme and make an even bigger one.  

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