Here's Solid Proof There's A Black Panther Casually Living In NSW's Suburbs

"It was huge."

Australians are used to dangerous creepy crawlies, deadly snakes and cheeky possums lurking in their backyards – but what about a wild panther? Each year, rumours of a wild black panther living in suburban Australia do the rounds, but now, we have even more visual proof there might be one in NSW. Hear all about it below:

This week, Sydney university student Alec McDonald took to Facebook to share a video of the mysterious cat lurking behind the Sydney Adventist Hospital in Wahroonga. 

“Just captured this big boy behind the SAN hospital in Wahroonga!” McDonald captioned the video. “Was very weird, looked 1m+ long with a body on roids.”

McDonald’s video caused such a stir he made an appearance on Sunrise, where he told hosts, “as soon as I saw it I started filming because it was very, very large compared to a normal domestic cat.” 

“It was definitely a bit scary, my heart was racing,” he added. “The length of it, the musculature on it…it was huge.”

Australia’s mysterious black panther has been an urban legend since the mid 1800s when there were hundreds of reports of large black cats roaming around local bushland. 

Speaking of wild animals, hear about Sydney’s great baboon escape below:

According to 7News, there have been countless reported sightings and even video evidence over the years, but no one has ever managed to physically catch a black panther. 

In fact, a government enquiry in 2003 found “no conclusive evidence large cats exist in the wild in NSW.” The same goes for a Victorian investigation in 2012 which found the existence of a black panther to be “highly unlikely.”

Judging by the video, there’s no way this is someone’s jacked-up indoor cat on the loose. Bushman Jake Cassar even told Sunrise, “if it’s a feral cat it’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen hundreds in my life.”

“If it is something else then it’s something for scientists to look at,” Cassar added. 

2020 really is shaping up to be a weird and very wild year.

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Why Didn’t These Celebrity Relationship Age Gaps Make Headlines?

Age is just a number for these celebs.

Over the last few years, in particular, celebrity relationship age gaps have become a source of heated debate. Just in the last few months, we’ve seen fans and trolls go head-to-head on the age gaps between actor Florence Pugh and boyfriend Zach Braff, model Cara Delevingne and her rumoured girlfriend Kaia Gerber and Kate Beckinsale and her various flings.

However, celebrity relationship age gaps are nothing new. In fact, they’ve been commonplace in Hollywood since the dawn of time, begging the question: why didn’t any of these couples ever make headlines?

When actress Annette Bening was 33 years old she met and married fellow actor Warren Beatty who was 54 years old at the time – that’s an age difference of 22 years. The couple have been married since 1992 and have four children together.

The same age gap goes for actors Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, who met in 2002 but only tied the knot in 2010. 

An even wider celebrity relationship age gap is that of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, who are 25 years apart. The two were introduced by Danny DeVito at the Deauville Film Festival in 1998 when Zeta-Jones was 28 years old and Douglas was 53.

Speaking of high profile celebrity relationships, hear about the Bieber’s marriage woes below:

Then there’s 43-year-old actress Sarah Paulson and her partner Holland Taylor, who is 31 years her senior. Or what about 70-year-old David Foster who recently got married to Katherine McPhee, an actress and singer who is 34 years younger than him. 

Perhaps one of the most unsuspecting Hollywood age gaps is that of 33-year-old model Rosie Huntington-Whitely and her 52-year-old partner Jason Statham. The pair have been together for ten years and in 2017 became parents to their first child. 

Despite these lengthy age gaps, there has been so much recent focus on celebrity couples who are a mere 10 years apart. Just take the media frenzy around the marriage of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas.

At the end of the day, it’s up to the individual who they love and if it’s a safe, legal and consensual relationship – who are we to judge?

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Joey King And Jacob Elordi Confirm That Breaking Up In The Public Eye Was Awful

"It can be brutal."

If you’re a fan of Netflix’s many teen rom-coms, you’d be well aware of The Kissing Booth and the fact two of its stars – Joey King and Jacob Elordi – dated (and broke up) both on-screen and off-screen before the highly anticipated sequel. In a recent interview, the pair revealed that doing all of that in the public eye was actually a pretty rough trot. Hear all about it below:

Speaking to ET, King said, “In this world, everyone wants to know your business and what you’re doing. And I think it’s very interesting when you go through things and people kind of feel like they’re owed an explanation, but I understand.”

“For me, I’ve publicly gone through some things, privately gone through some things, it’s all about finding your balance, finding what makes you comfortable,” she said. “And it can be brutal, but you know happy endings do come to those who are patient.”

On the other hand, Elordi told ET it initially “bothered” him that people paid so much attention to his dating life. “Just even the fact that somebody you don’t know knows your name could be quite disembodying,” he said.

“But then eventually, for me personally, it’s got nothing to do with me, you know. Imagine the store around the corner from where you are now. Whatever people are talking about is not your business, it’s kind of how it feels,” he said.

“Unfortunately, it just has my name involved in it but it literally has nothing to do with me. It just doesn’t affect the trajectory of my life,” he added. “So I just kind of ignore it.”

Joey King and Jacob Elordi dated for more than a year after filming the first Kissing Booth but sadly called it quits in 2018. King has moved on with The Act producer, Steven Piet, while Elordi is now dating his Euphoria co-star, Zendaya. Hear all about that below:

As for whether Elle (played by King) and Noah (played by Elordi) end up together by the end of The Kissing Booth 2, the former couple had different answers.

“I don’t know where their story will take them, but I’m so excited that we get to see Elle and Noah in this movie,” King said. “It’s exciting for fans to be able to see them again.”

“Yeah, why not? I think so,” Elordi said. “I reckon, I would say so.”

It must take a hell of a lot of maturity to act alongside your ex-partner in a film so kudos to these two.

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