Gal Gadot And Her Celeb Pals Show How The Rich Really Suck At Quarantine

A massive dollop of irony wrapped up in two minutes of pure cringe.

Self-isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic has been a mixed bag for people, but it seems like celebrities are on another cooked level when it comes to dealing with the disease. First we got Vanessa Hudgens causing a PR nightmare for herself, and now we have Gal Gadot and her celebrity pals performing a cover of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ in an attempt to get people though the coronavirus quarantine only for it to come off as tone-deaf in so many ways.

Speaking of the coronavirus quarantine, the GOAT team talk passing the time creatively while in lockdown on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

It all began when Gal Gadot shared a video to her Instagram in which she talked about staying positive while in quarantine due to the coronavirus and how “we’re all in this” together. The first minute of the video was fine as Gal’s bit about solidarity during these tough times was pretty good.

However, things immediately go off the rails from minute two onwards as Gal then says she got inspired by a video of an Italian musician playing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ while in lockdown and it made her want to do the same. But instead of just singing ‘Imagine’ on her own, she decided to rope in all her celebrity pals as well.

We’ve seen some cringey stuff over the years but this is right up there, but it is its tone-deafness that really stands out, and I’m not referring to the awful singing from Sarah Silverman or Will Ferrell.

Look, we get that Gal Gadot and her celeb pals meant well with their cover of ‘Imagine’, but one can’t help but feel just how inappropriate it is.

John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ is about fostering peace while also freeing ourselves from materialism, and seeing a bunch of rich celebrities singing “Imagine no possessions/I wonder if you can/no need for greed or hunger” while in their mortgage-free mansions or in their Range Rovers as people are fighting over toilet paper not only robs the song of its power but also comes off as offensively ironic and just a touch patronising.

We know celebrities don’t have the same perspective as us “plebs” due to their privileged position, but Gal Gadot’s ‘Imagine’ cover really highlights just how much perspective they’ve lost during the coronavirus pandemic. Or perhaps they never had any in the first place.

If celebrities really wanted to use their privileged platforms to help people in quarantine out during this coronavirus pandemic, maybe skip the covers of popular songs and use their wealth to donate money and resources to people who actually need it. Pretty sure hospitals, old people, and the unemployed are that keen for John Lennon covers, but they could definitely go for some face masks, food, equipment, and a steady salary instead.

And besides, if we wanted people to serenade us during this coronavirus quarantine, we’d listen to the many musicians who are live streaming their concerts to us or buy music from artists who need the money than turn to Gal Gadot and her many celeb pals performing a tone-deaf rendition of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’.

One thing’s for sure, the rich and famous really suck at self-isolating and quarantining themselves.

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People Without Pets Can Be Kept Company With This Aussie Zoo Live-Stream

It is your self-isolation duty.

Socialising and having company is a little tough these days due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced everyone to go into self-isolation for safety. But for those itching for something to brighten up your spirits during these dark and lonely times (thanks, coronavirus), Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo has the perfect antidote in the form of live streams of its adorable animals.

Speaking of live streams, the GOAT team talk about musicians are live streaming concerts for everyone at home in self-isolation due to the coronavirus on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Since we can’t exactly head outside to go see all the cute animals they want (thanks again, coronavirus), Zoos Victoria has decided to bring the cute animals to us by setting up four cameras in four different enclosures and live streaming everything for our binging and gushing needs.

While there’s no cameras in the elephant enclosure (sadly), there are live streams up and running at Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo for penguins, giraffes, lions, and my personal favourite, snow leopard cubs. It’s certainly a nice break from binging on Netflix and/or having dogs and cats be the only source of wildlife in your life every day.

There’s something quite relaxing about watching animals doing their thing for hours at a time. Sure you can watch snow leopard cubs napping, penguins swimming, giraffes eating leaves and lions lazing around anytime on YouTube, but seeing it live is just better and now you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Be warned though, there will be stretches of time where the penguins, lions, giraffes and snow leopard cubs are nowhere to be seen as they have other things to do than parade in front of the cameras for our enjoyment.

Between musicians live streaming concerts, a heap of great stuff to watch on TV, and now a bunch of cute animals to gush over courtesy of Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo, this whole coronavirus self-isolation thing has become somewhat more tolerable.

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Jared Leto Was Just Asking To Be Roasted With His Desert Meditation Comment

Like, what did he expect would happen?

In case you haven’t heard, Jared Leto only found out about the coronavirus very recently because of a *checks notes* 12-day silent meditation trip in the desert with a group of other people where they were totally isolated. Yeah. Needless to say that the internet had a field day meme-ing the hell out of Jared Leto and his strange little coronavirus revelation.

Speaking of the coronavirus, the GOAT team talk about the ways to keep yourself entertained while in self-isolation on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

It all began when Jared Leto revealed to his fans on Twitter that he had emerged from the desert after a 12-day silent meditation spell in complete isolation (with “no phone” or “communication”) and was shellshocked to learn all about the coronavirus pandemic that had unfolded while he was reaching enlightenment or something.

That in itself would’ve been a pretty wild revelation, but Jared tweeted about it in such a “Jared Leto” way that it’s just hard to take it seriously, not that we can take the dude seriously about anything at this point.

These series of tweets was received with a massive dollop of sass as the internet unceremoniously roasted the hell out of Jared for his coronavirus cluelessness and used his own posts as the foundation of a beautiful new meme.

We haven’t seen an internet pile-on been as brutal and glorious in equal measure like this since, well, when Jared Leto portrayed Joker.

But the cherry on top of this Jared Leto pile on is the birth of a second meme, which came about following a snarky response to the actor’s initial coronavirus/desert mediation tweet.

Since the internet were clearly having a field day with this while thing, some people took Grace’s tweet, rolled with it, and gave us some extra meme gold that kept the laughs going for just a bit longer.

In just three unintentionally hilarious Jared Leto tweets, we not only bore witness to an almighty roasting from the internet, we also saw the birth of two of 2020’s best memes.

Maybe Jared Leto should go on 12-day silent meditation trips in the desert more often (or dress up as Joker again for the lols) because it’s giving us all some much-needed snarky silliness during some pretty dark times.

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