Follow This TikToker's Makeover And You Too Could Be Jacinda Ardern

She's got the look.

It’s been a big few weeks for Jacinda Ardern. Well, it’’s been a big few weeks for the entire globe, but Jacinda Ardern doesn’t just have her own country following her for guidance on coronavirus, but she’s got most of Australia watching her too. Turns out the next best thing is to just give up and totally turn yourself into Jacinda Ardern, which is exactly what this TikTok-er has done.

Like magic.

The TikTok-er in question is Melanie Bracewell, a New Zealand comedian who you might know from both the Kiwi and Australian version of Have You Been Paying Attention or as one of the writers for Wellington Paranormal

She’s also won a heap of New Zealand’s top comedy awards, including the 7 Days Comedy Apprentice in 2014, the Raw Comedy Quest in 2015, the Best Newcomer gong at the Comedy Festival, and the Billy T Award.

Point is, she’s hilarious.

After having someone point out to her that she kind of looked ike Jacinda Ardern in a previous video, Melanie went all the way out with it.

Check it out.

As someone who is basically useless with any make up that isn’t a mascara wand, I’m personally beyond impressed. I must admit though, I related way too hard to the wonky eyeliner line.

The uncanny impression is topped off with a green jacket, and honestly at that point I knew who we’d have to call if Jacinda Ardern ever goes missing. 

While I’m not sure what the logistics would be of getting Melanie dressed up like her Jacinda Ardern TikTok, carting her over here to Australian, and putting her in charge of the country would be, I’m not entirely against it. 

Alternatively, I’m also not against dressing Hamish Blake up as Scott Morrison and seeing what happens.

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You'll Face Huge Fines And Jail Time For Breaking COVID-19 Lockdown

Serves you right.

If you live in New South Wales, then going outside for no reason is now illegal. Yep, you read that correctly, in fact you could cop a fine or be thrown in jail for up to six months if you decide that social distancing is not for you and you’ll be breaking the lockdown rules.

The COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement Order, which came into effect at midnight, means that if you’re leaving the house “without a reasonable excuse” then you could cop a six-month prison sentence or an $11,000 fine. If you’ve messed up particularly badly, you could even get both. 

There are thing you’re allowed to do of course. Go and get groceries, go to work or school (if you’re not working or learning from home), picking your kids up from school, and going out to exercise (as long as you’re socially distanced and joined by one person from your household, that’s it). You can even donate blood.

If weddings and funerals come under the limits of people who can attend, the you can go to those, too.

If you want to do anything that doesn’t fall under any of those categories, stay home. 

A Western Sydney man was arrested and denied bail last week after ignoring social distancing rules three times. He returned from the Middle East and was directed to spend two weeks quarantining, but was found in Pagewood, the Sydney CBD, and Camperdown.

He may have been the first person arrested for not self isolating, but with these news rules, there’s a good chance he won’t be the last. 

New cases of COVID-19 are beginning to decrease, which is definitely good news. We aren’t anywhere near the end of this mess yet, but if people just stay inside we could have this knocked over in a few weeks. Even if that means giving out massive fines and jail time for people who are breaking lockdown to leave the house.

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How Does The COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Work And What's In It For Me?

Scott Morrison is set to announce the wage subsidy later today.

Scott Morrison has been making a lot of announcements at press conferences lately – the most recent update was that there will be a six month moratorium on evictions for people who can’t pay rent due to the coronavirus outbreak – but he’s scheduled to give another one soon where he will announce a wage subsidy. So what exactly is a wage subsidy, and what does it mean for you?

Basically this.

First of all, a wage subsidy is a government provided payment that usually helps businesses pay for things like training new employees, getting young job seekers into the workplace, or assisting with employing mature age job seekers. These aren’t usual times though, and this wage subsidy will be to help businesses pay their employees and get as many people through the coronavirus pandemic as possible without losing their job.

“The announcement today is all about providing additional income support and keeping employees connected to their employer, because once we get to the other side of this we want the recovery as speedy as possible,” Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said this morning

Businesses that are eligible are going to receive fortnightly subsidies of up to $1,500 per employee, so if you’re still working in a job that’s just scraping by, the subsidy will mean you’ll be able to keep your job.

The subsidy is also expected to be backdated, so if you work in a sector like hospitality, travel, retail, or another industry that has meant you’ve been stood down, you could be in line for some relief from these subsidies.

Every case is unique, but these subsidies are designed to help as many people through this pandemic as possible. Between this and the eviction moratorium, a lot of people’s lives will be made easier over the next few months. 

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