Even Lili Reinhart Is Uncomfortable With The Unrealistic Body Standards On 'Riverdale'

"And even I feel intimidated by the physique of my surrounding cast mates sometimes."

Of all the TV shows on air at the moment, Riverdale arguably has the greatest number of good-looking people in its cast. They’re ridiculously gorgeous and all of them look like they were chiseled out of marble. It’s all enough to make you feel bad about your own body image, and it’s something that Lili Reinhart is more than aware of as she too struggles with the unrealistic body standards on display on her show.

Speaking of being a famous young person, the GOAT team talk about Jessica Simpson’s life in the spotlight on It’s Been A Big Day For… below:

In a (now deleted) tweet, a fan asked Lili Reinhart, “Don’t you think TV shows like [Riverdale] aimed at teenagers are contributing to unrealistic body expectations [and] body image issues?”

Rather than shy away from the question, Lili got honest about the unrealistic body standards on Riverdale and revealed that “not everyone” on the show is “perfectly chiseled” and she actually feels intimidated by the physiques of her castmates (who have had their own share of troubles) when she has to do “bra/underwear scenes.”

Beyond her castmates, Lili says she also feels “insecure” due to the body standards people have for what women “should” look like on TV, but she’s managed to come to terms with her body and how she’s “not the kind of person you would see walking on a runway during fashion week.”

While the unrealistic body standards on Riverdale and media in general is something she struggles with “on a daily basis,” Lili says she feels an “obligation” to “be strong” and confident in herself as a way to show other young women that she’s okay with not being a “size 0” or a “perfect hourglass shape,” and people should be comfortable in their own skin.

Lili then directs her truth-hammer to the industry she’s in by stating how it struggles with “accurate representation of female and male bodies” before tipping her hat to all the women who have pushed said industry in the right direction.

Lili has been open about her mental health over the years and it’s quite refreshing to see a star like her be so honest about the topic, especially when it’s in reference to her own show. Sadly, she’s far from the only young person who’s struggled with their body image.

Stars like Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift have opened up about their own personal struggles with body standards and the pressure to look a certain way, which reinforces Lili’s comments on just how twisted the entertainment industry can be when it comes to body image.

Here’s hoping that celebrities like Lili Reinhart keep speaking up about the issue of body standards because that’s how change will eventually come.

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Jessica Simpson Is Owed A Massive Apology For The Body-Shaming Crap She Copped

Those internet trolls can get in the bin.

From dealing with addiction, abuse and toxic relationships, Jessica Simpson has had to endure a lot over the course of her highly-publicised life. Of all the highs and lows, it seems like the thing that really got to her was the body shaming she endured back in 2009.

Jessica Simpson has had to deal with a lot and the GOAT team dives deep into all of it on It’s Been A Big Day For… below:

For those who need a refresher on what went down in 2009, Jessica Simpson was performing in Texas and decided to wear a pair of high-waisted blue jeans, which looked great on her. However, the media and the internet didn’t react too well to her outfit and proceeded to unload an unwarranted torrent of body shaming upon her.

Speaking to Today about that incident, which she also devoted an entire chapter to in her memoir, Jessica says the body shaming comments and captions about the photos of her in those jeans “went worldwide [and] broke [her] heart.”

“Well, not the picture necessarily, but the caption. Like, all the captions. It went viral. I was so confused.”

Not only did Jessica end up withdrawing from the public eye for months after the incident, she says her first reaction to the ridiculous body shaming uproar was to feel “embarrassed” for her then-boyfriend, Tony Romo.

Speaking to Glamour, the body shaming incident was traumatising to Jessica because she had felt good that day and the reactions all but ruined her passion for performing:

I felt good up there, I felt confident, and then it ruined the stage for me, and the stage was my home. It broke my home. I’d already had broken moments within a home where I had to walk out of a marriage, but my stage has been like my home since I was, like, a child. That’s where I could be honestly alone with myself.”

Happily for Jessica, it sounds like she’s doing a lot better and feels good about herself, saying that she’s “so happy that times are changing now and more women are accepted for who they are.”

And with that, it’s about time all those body shaming trolls gave Jessica Simpson the massive apology she deserves. No one deserves that sort of treatment and it’s an absolute travesty she had to endure such abuse over something completely ridiculous.

Hats off to Jessica Simpson for coming out of it all a stronger person. To all those unrepentant trolls, you can get in the bin.

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The Irony Of Kylie Jenner's Marie Antoinette Cover Shoot Is Too Much

She didn't think this one through.

From making a Kobe Bryant tribute all about her to posting up a photo of fur slippers days after drumming up sympathy over the millions of dead animals in Australia due to the bushfires, it really makes you wonder what goes through Kylie Jenner’s head when she does, well, anything.

But based on her Marie Antoinette themed photo shoot and it’s deliciously ironic subtext, it seems like nothing of substance goes through Kylie Jenner’s head most of the time.

Speaking of too much, the GOAT team dissect Shakira and JLo’s brilliant Super Bowl half-time show on It’s Been A Big Day For… below:

Harper’s Bazaar thought it was a great idea to dress Kylie Jenner up in a series of Marie Antoinette-esque outfits for a cover photo shoot. To be honest, the photos came out pretty well.

However it seems like Kylie and the editors of Harper’s Bazaar have no clue about why dressing up as the last Queen of France is perhaps the most appropriate comparison to the self-made(ish) billionaire. And I mean that in the most unflattering way possible.

Marie Antoinette was the last Queen of France before the French Revolution. Despite being royalty, the people absolutely loathed her and it got even worse when the Revolution was underway because she got incredibly greedy and was spending money left and right. Sound familiar so far?

The people finally had enough of Marie Antoinette’s money-spending antics and executed her in 1793 for high treason.

Now I’m definitely not saying Kylie Jenner will get sent to the guillotine for high treason at some point, but one has to wonder how she did not realise the irony of her dressing up as the money-obsessed, attention-seeking Marie Antoinette.

Seems like Kylie was all about looking good for this photo shoot and didn’t bother to entertain the thought that it may not be as flattering as it seems, which is pretty par for the course for her.

But at the end of the day, it seems incredibly fitting that Kylie Jenner compared herself to Marie Antoinette since both think about nothing other than themselves and money. Now I’m just waiting for the moment Kylie realises what happened to Marie once everyone had enough of the Queen of France’s crap and how she’ll try to monetise that.

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