Ellen DeGeneres’ Awful Year Continues After Becoming A Victim Of Crime

Ellen's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad 2020 just got worse.

With her reputation in tatters following revelations of how awful she really is and backlash over her tone-deaf comments, it’s a bit of an understatement to say that Ellen DeGeneres has had a pretty bad year so far. And now Ellen DeGeneres’ terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 2020 just got worse because she and Portia de Rossi are now victims of a burglary.

Speaking of Ellen DeGeneres, the GOAT team talk about how her 2020 has gone from bad to worse on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

According to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office (via TMZ), Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi were the victims of a home burglary after some thieves hit their boujee multi-million dollar LA mansion.

Authorities say that Ellen and Portia were targeted due to their celeb status (unsurprisingly) and it is reported that the thieves made off with a heap of stuff including “high-value jewellery and watches.” Following the robbery, the couple have reportedly hunkered down and turned their mansion into Fort Knox (again, unsurprisingly).

While it isn’t clear whether the couple were at home at the time of this robbery, authorities are working with other law enforcement agencies to see if this incident is connected to some other recent celebrity home burglaries. It’s not clear whether this is a Bling Ring 2.0 situation or an isolated incident but we can confirm one thing: Ellen’s 2020 just keeps getting worse.

So to tally up Ellen DeGeneres’ fustercluck of a year so far: A staff revolt over her poor treatment of employees, revelations that her “be kind” persona is bullcrap, getting called out by a bunch of people for being an awful person, backlash over some awful jokes and her piss-poor response to things like Black Lives Matters, rumours that her show may be cancelled, and now this home burglary incident.

That’s a lot and we’re only in July so one has to wonder what the rest of 2020 has in store for ol’ mate Ellen.

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Great, Now Carole Baskin Is On The #FreeBritney Bandwagon

The Tiger King crossover no one expected.

We know that the #FreeBritney movement has been picking up a lot of steam lately and we know that Carole Baskin has leveraged her Tiger King fame into a well-publicised side-hustle on Cameo. So perhaps it was inevitable that #FreeBritney would eventually collide with whatever Carole Baskin was doing, and the result of this unexpected crossover for the ages is the addition to the “Free Britney Spears” movement.

Speaking of Carole Baskin, the GOAT team talk about her Cameo faux pas on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

A #FreeBritney movement supporter decided to request a Cameo shout out from Carole Baskin for some reason and what unfolded was a pretty weird yet supportive video from the Tiger King star that dig into the whole “Free Britney Spears” and controversial conservatorship thing deeper than anyone expected.

In a 40-second video, Baskin shared her support for the #FreeBritney movement, claiming how she “knows something” about conservatorships before joining in on the “free Britney” rallying cry.

“I just want to shout out to Britney Spears who is being treated like a caged tiger at the moment in a legal conservatorship. It’s not right, and I know something about conservatorships, oh my gosh.

“Once those things are in place it’s just nothing but a free-for-all for all of these attorneys to just gobble up as much of the money as they can possibly get their greedy little grubby paws on. So free Britney.

“She should be in the wild. And she should really be wary of others, especially those closest to her. Stay cool, cats. Free Britney.”

Interestingly, the fan who requested this Cameo shout out from Carole Baskin told Insider that she went off-script in her video and that her little spiel about conservatorships was completely on her own. That being said, the end part about “be wary of others, the ones close to you” was a line from Britney’s song, ‘Rebellion’. that the fan fed to the Tiger King star because they wanted to shoehorn in a cheeky Easter egg for fans.

We probably shouldn’t put too much stock into this shout out to Britney Spears and the #FreeBritney movement from Carole Baskin given how she’ll say anything on Cameo if you pay her, like the time she gave convicted sex offender Rolf Harris a shout out.

Now that Britney Spears has been linked with Carole Baskin and Doc Antle, all we need is a Joe Exotic shout out somewhere and we’ll have Tiger King bingo.

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Eminem Is 'Stressed' About Ex Mariah Carey's Memoir And For Good Reason

We (Don't) Belong Together.

Today in things I had absolutely no idea about until now: Eminem and Mariah Carey supposedly dated once upon a time and their relationship was apparently so awful that she denies it ever happened while the real Slim Shady insists it did, so much so he even released a song about it. Well it appears that Mariah Carey may get the final laugh in this weird little feud because she’s got a memoir coming out and Eminem is super worried about what she might have to say.

Speaking of big name music stars, the GOAT team talk about One Direction’s 10-year anniversary on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

According to an “insider” who spoke to Us Weekly, Eminem and Mariah Carey supposedly had a very “toxic” relationship and she’s always been his “Achilles heel.” Usually you should always take whatever an “insider” says with a huge grain of salt, but there’s something about this unholy pair that sort of makes this all seem plausible.

Anyway, the “insider” goes on to claim that Eminem “knows Mariah is going to say very negative things about him” in her upcoming memoir and “almost welcomes it”, except for the bits about their (supposed) sex life. Apparently “[Eminem] is stressed out that Mariah is going to say shit that he was bad in bed or a selfish lover because he’s always been very insecure about that.”

Seems like Eminem and Mariah Carey can’t stop thinking about each other even though it was (supposedly) nearly two decades and a couple of diss songs ago when they (allegedly) dated.

So is there any truth to this whole Eminem/Mariah Carey relationship thing? Well who bloody knows at this point in time but it sure is entertaining.

Having said that, nothing says “toxic relationship” like an ex-couple (supposedly) who dated ages ago yet still can’t stop talking about each other – whether its in the form of a song or memoir. Maybe it’s their schtick or something.

If you needed a reason to perhaps consider picking up Mariah Carey’s memoir, the prospect of her “Cleanin’ Out Her Closet” of all things Eminem and telling him “We (Don’t) Belong Together” is a pretty good one.

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