Do You Really Know Where Your TikTok Data And Content Is Going?

Another social media app turning out to be evil? Shocker.

TikTok is arguably, for better or worse, the most popular social media app these days. But while hordes of people are flocking to TikTok without a care in the world, current and potential users need to focus less on those viral challenges that seem to come up every week and divert all their attention on how this popular China-based app is worryingly dangerous when it comes to your personal data, privacy, and the censorship of content.

Speaking of TikTok, the GOAT team talk about how the app could usher in a new era for music on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

If you take a look at TikTok’s privacy policy page, it freely admits to collecting as much of your data as possible – such as metadata, GPS location, contact information from your social media and phone – and using it however they want should you decide to create an account.

This already sounds awful, but it gets deep into dangerous territory when you look deeper into how badly TikTok infringes on your privacy in what it does with your personal data.

TikTok has come under legal fire for allegedly gathering “vast quantities” of user data in secret and sending it to servers in China. Furthermore, the social media app been slapped with a multi-million dollar fine for collecting data of kids under 13. But the rotten cherry on top of this mouldy TikTok cake is how predators are using the app to target kids, forcing police to urge parents to double-check the platform’s privacy settings.

TikTok isn’t just China’s personal data harvesting farm either as the platform has some seriously problematic issues regarding the censorship of content.

We already know that TikTok actively suppresses content from users deemed to be too ugly or poor, but that only scratches the surface as leaked moderation guidelines reveal how China painstakingly curates and censors content that paints Beijing in an unflattering light.

And last but certainly not least, the TikTok’s security has more flaws and vulnerabilities than a fly screen door. Just in 2020, it has been reported that TikTok still has serious vulnerabilities that allow hackers to control accounts to share videos or view private content. There’s also a second reported flaw that allows attackers to harvest personal data from TikTok accounts straight from the platform’s website.

With social media being arguably the most powerful tool in the world right now, it’s almost as if China is using TikTok as some sort of propaganda tool to shape things in a way that benefits them while subtly controlling everyone through backdoor data collection and monitoring.

So if you’re thinking of getting TikTok, maybe seriously consider doing literally anything else instead unless you want to jump on a platform that actively censors content to fit China’s narrative, leaks your private personal data like a sieve, and has enough security holes to make you develop trypophobia.

For those who have TikTok, seriously think about deleting your account ASAP unless you think being subtly manipulated by China is a small price to pay for content relating to those goofy viral challenges.

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Turns Out Most Of The Men Of Middle Earth Would Make Terrible Boyfriends

Don't waste your time on a Legolas or Faramir.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have one of the many hot dudes from Middle Earth as a boyfriend? Well wonder no longer as someone painstakingly did a very thorough investigation into the boyfriend potential of every notable man from the Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit trilogies.

Speaking of bad fictional boyfriends, the GOAT team talk about the return of the ‘Twilight’ saga on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Twitter user Alex Arrelia embarked on an epic journey to examine what the many men from Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit would be like as a boyfriend. The end result is hilarious – and sadly accurate – Twitter thread titled “Men of Middle Earth as bad ex boyfriends who ruined your life.”

In short, nearly all the dudes of Middle Earth would make terrible other halves.

This is all obviously a pisstake of traits commonly found in dudes combined with knowledge of the men created by Tolkien, but it all works exceedingly well because Alex distills every character and their characteristics into recognisable types whom we’ve all met or even dated.

The entire thing is as witty and funny as it is worrying on point. Just a warning, a heap of tweets of Middle Earth boyfriends are coming your way.

Not going to lie, I’m feeling pretty seen here since I seem to be rocking traits shown by Gimli, Pippin, and Thorin. Yet I also can’t disagree with any of these analyses.

Thorin wouldn’t be the last man/dwarf of Middle Earth to be analysed for their boyfriend compatibility as popular demand resulted further analysis of additional dudes from The Hobbit. For science of course.

The entire thread is a masterpiece in taking the piss out of something in a relatable way because I don’t think I’ve ever felt this seen or been as entertained by a Twitter thread about bad ex-boyfriends before. Now apropos of nothing, it’s time to work on myself to be less of a Gimli.

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Ariana Grande's Teary Mac Miller Tribute Shows The Wound Is Still Raw

"It's just such a beautiful gift I think that he kind of touched the world with."

It’s been nearly two years since Mac Miller’s tragic death and it seems like it still weighs heavily on Ariana Grande, who gave a surprisingly open and emotional tribute to her ex-boyfriend’s legacy.

Speaking of legacies, the GOAT team talk about the passing of Jerry Stiller on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Appearing on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio show, Ariana Grande chatted to host Zane Lowe about her various music projects and her adoration for Rihanna’s Anti before seguing into a discussion about her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller and the legacy he left behind following his premature death in 2018.

The singer had nothing but the highest of compliments for Mac’s music. Perhaps the most notable moment of Ariana’s chat with Zane was how her voice noticeably cracked as she commented on Mac’s qualities.

“He was a person who gave literally every single second of his thoughts and time and life to music. And I think that is so evident in what he has left us with and just how many incredible and different bodies of work.

“It’s just such a beautiful gift that he kind of touched the world with and I think the thing he’d want most is for us to just appreciate it and not forget about it.”

Having become friends back in 2013 before working their way through a relationship where they became lovers to amicable exes, Ariana Grande’s history with Mac Miller means it’ll be difficult to talk about one of them without referencing the other.

This is one of the very rare times where Ariana actually spoke about Mac after his death and based on how emotional she got when paying tribute to him, it seems like the wound is still fresh even after all this time.

Ariana Grande may have since moved on with a Pete Davidson lookalike, but there’s no denying that Mac Miller will forever remain an important person to her.

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