Daniel Radcliffe Won't Be Suckered Into A Feud With JK Rowling

"But that is really not what this is about, nor is it what’s important right now."

We’ve known for a while that JK Rowling harbours some anti-trans views but things escalated big time when she, without prompting, shared some horrendously outdated transphobic tweets recently. But for every bad take there’s a remedy, and Daniel Radcliffe has issued a statement in rebuke against JK Rowling’s anti-trans remarks that’s both classy in how he addresses the Harry Potter author while defending the transgender and nonbinary communities.

The GOAT team dive right into the whole JK Rowling anti-trans debacle on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

In a thoughtful rebuttal for The Trevor Project, Daniel Radcliffe starts by acknowledging how people may “paint” his statement as some sort of feud between JK Rowling and immediately quashes that notion by saying how grateful he is to her for Harry Potter and leaves it at that without commenting on or condemning her anti-trans remarks or transgender stance.

Instead, Daniel diverts all the attention towards supporting the transgender and nonbinary community, writing “transgender women are women” and that “any statement to the contrary erases the identity and dignity of transgender people and goes against all advice given by professional health care associations who have far more expertise on this subject matter than either [J.K. Rowling] or I.”

But perhaps the best part of Daniel Radcliffe’s statement was admitting he’s “still learning how to be a better ally” to the transgender and nonbinary communities before imploring others to do the same by linking to some great Trevor Project information on how to do just that.

Daniel concludes his statement with a powerful bit apologising to people who may “feel that their experience of the [Harry Potter] books has been tarnished or diminished” due to JK Rowling’s remarks, but hopes that they “don’t entirely lose what was valuable in [those] stories to [them]” and that the lessons they learned from the books will hopefully not be tainted “too much” by what was said.

It’s no secret that Daniel Radcliffe is a pretty upstanding chap, but his Trevor Project statement defending the transgender and nonbinary community without condemning JK Rowling for her anti-trans remarks is just pure class. During a time when celebs are being problematic, it’s nice to know that Daniel is still a good egg.

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Mark Wahlberg's George Floyd Tribute Has Resurfaced His Own Racist Past

Definitely the wrong person to be speaking about racial injustice.

There has been a number of tone-deaf shout-outs to George Floyd following his death, but perhaps none have been quite as misguided as Mark Wahlberg’s tribute because it inadvertently dug up his past history of racist behaviour and racially motivated crimes.

The GOAT team talk about the George Floyd protests, Black Lives Matters, and how you can help on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

Taking to Instagram with a short post, Mark Wahlberg is just the latest in a long-list of celebrities who paid tribute to George Floyd while calling for some much-needed reform to quash police brutality.

But Marky Mark probably should’ve left this post in drafts because the internet quickly called Wahlberg out in the comments of his Instagram and Twitter posts for being a hypocrite due to his racist past and noted how he is the last person to be talking about racial injustice or Black Lives Matters due to some of the awful things he’s done.

For those who are unware of the racist stuff Marky Mark did before he became a Hollywood star, Wahlberg first got into trouble at 15 when he and three friends chased after three Black children while yelling “kill the n******” and throwing rocks at them.

This incident was subsequently followed by a similar incident the next day when Marky Mark followed a class of Black students on a field trip. He subsequently copped a civil action suit for his racist behaviour and it was settled the next month.

However, that was just the tip of this unsavoury iceberg as Wahlberg later assaulted two Vietnamese men, one of whom Marky Mark called “Vietnam fu*king sh*t” while beating him over the head with a stick until he lost consciousness.

Marky Mark was charged with attempted murder for the attack on the Vietnamese men, but plead guilty to felony assault and ultimately spent only 45 days in jail.

In recent years, Marky Mark publicly expressed remorse for his past though this came off as a bit disingenuous as it was later revealed that Wahlberg tried to get a pardon for his racist crimes in 2014, only to quietly drop the request in 2016.

Wahlberg has yet to issue a statement in response to the backlash at the time of writing. However, nothing more really needs to be said at this point because that will just result in a deeper hole (something which Terry Crews is experiencing). If there’s anything to be gleaned from this, it’s that the internet never forgets, especially if you were a racist back in the day.

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Terry Crews' 'Black Supremacy' Comments Prove He Needs To Stop Tweeting

Or just forget his Twitter password.

Terry Crews has landed himself in a lot of hot water lately due to his Twitter activity, such as his bad take on single parenting and his subpar apologies to Gabrielle Union. Maybe ol’ mate needs to log off for a while because Terry Crews has found himself embroiled in some more controversy on Twitter, this time over his comments about “black supremacy.”

The GOAT team talk about Black Lives Matters and how you can contribute to the movement on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

After sharing several messages on Twitter in support of Black Lives Matter and the George Floyd protests, Terry Crews proceeded to throw a wrench in his good work by tweeting: “Defeating White supremacy without White people creates Black supremacy. Equality is the truth. Like it or not, we are all in this together.”

Hoo boy, Terry Crews really opened up a can of worms with a side of controversy with this particular Twitter post, didn’t he.

Terry technically isn’t completely in the wrong here – it’ll take the efforts of everyone to completely root out racism. It’s just that he missed the point and conveyed it in a really tone-deaf way.

As Mic editor Philip Lewis Lewis explains, Black racism and reverse racism doesn’t exist especially in the US due to the country’s historical power imbalance that’s always favoured white people.

That’s why bringing up a scenario like “black supremacy” is just so ridiculous because the idea of just reversing things so that Black people had all the power and started oppressing white people is so far removed from reality and what the Black community is trying to accomplish that it’s pointless to even talk about it.

To the surprise of no one, this “black supremacy” tweet from Terry Crews drummed up a heap of reactions on the internet. Many people, including notable celebrities like Jodie Turner-Smith and Tyler James Williams called out Terry over his comments as being a bit misguided, inaccurate, and problematic in how it is diverting attention away from the real issue.

As Terry is wont to do from time to time, he doubled down on his “black supremacy” comments by trying to explain himself to some of his critics before straight up attacking “any Black person who calls [him] a coon” or “Uncle Tom” as a “Black Supremist” when all he’s trying to do is promote “equality.”

Terry Crews’ latest Twitter controversy has drummed up a lot of heated discussion about “black supremacy”. But maybe the lesson here is knowing when not to tweet. Perhaps it’s time Terry take a break from social media for a bit because there are bigger things to focus on than controversial takes on Twitter.

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