The Most Popular Pokemon Of All Time Has Been Chosen And You're Not Gonna Be Happy About It

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The most popular Pokemon of all time has finally been revealed – and no, it’s not Pikachu.

Reddit user mamamia1001 created the survey for people to vote for their favourite Pokemon in an effort to find out whether or not “every Pokemon is someone’s favourite”.

This was in response to the criticism by fans in the wake of the news the upcoming video game Pokemon Sword & Shield won’t feature every single Pokemon – so some are at risk of being dropped from the games.

More than 52,000 people responded, so it’s a pretty legit survey!

Participants had the entire lineup of over 800 Pokemon to choose from and in the end they found that every single Pokemon is somebody’s favourite, except for four monsters who didn’t receive any votes. They were Silcoon, Gothita, Eelektrik, and Yungoos.

Taking out the top three spots, however, was Charizard with 1,107 votes, followed by Gengar with 1,056 votes and Arcanine with 923 votes.

The top 20 is as follows:

Charizard (1,107)

Gengar (1,056)

Arcanine (923)

Bulbasaur (710)

Blaziken (613)

Umbreon (607)

Lucario (604)

Gardevoir (585)

Eevee (581)

Dragonite (551)

Absol (542)

Typhlosion (534)

Ampharos (529)

Squirtle (523)

Flygon (510)

Ninetails (471)

Tyranitar (451)

Infernape (443)

Snorlax (433)

Torterra (430)

FYI, Pikachu landed at number 44 with 293 votes.

If you want to see how where your favourite Pokemon fared, the entire rundown from first to last can be found here.

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