An Ode To All The Bland Meals You Were Forced To Eat As A Kid

It's a wonder we even survived childhood...

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We should probably start by saying thanks to the parentals for keeping us alive to this point tbh. Well done. But cooking has not always been your forte, Mum and Dad.

Between balancing budgets, busy schedules and hangry kids, flavour often went MIA at dinner time. Man were we forced to eat some very beige food as kids. Now we want to vent about it.

“We got fed so many chicken nuggets and mash.”

“We had four kids under two in our household. Dinner times were mental so Mum would do weekly batch cooking of meals. This usually comprised of just corn beef, mashed potato and peas. She would then plate up loads of these and wrap them individually in plastic bags before storing them in the bottom part of the freezer ready to defrost during the week. As you would expect after reheating in the microwave, it would turn to a watery mush. Even to this day, the smell of corn beef makes me sick.”

“Grilled cheese on toast. I hated it so much I hid it under the couch.”

“We always had a cost effective meal using mince – meat loaf alternating with rissoles for variety.”

“Fish fingers, peas, carrots and potatoes was a staple in our household growing up.”

“Corn beef that Dad somehow won weekly in a meat raffle.”

“Bread and butter. Not toasted or anything, literally just bread and butter. My parents didn’t have much of an imagination.”

“Boiled onions. It’s not a meal, but dad wouldn’t let us leave the table until we had eaten them – I used to try and hide them under my mashed potatoes. Boiled onions… It was child abuse I tell you!”

“We had to eat canned tuna on steamed rice while on overseas trips – every day!”

“We always had boiled potatoes with no butter or anything – the only way to jazz them up was with a squirt of tomato sauce. Very grim.”

Now if you’re after a little more excitement than tomato sauce, Oporto is on a mission to ‘Fight Against Bland’ with the best weapon of all – actual flavour!

Spice things up with their Double Bondi Burger® with original chilli sauce. Adventure awaits, mate.

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