If You Have Trypophobia, You May Not Be Able To Cope With This New Nokia Phone

Holes: not just an underrated Shia LaBoeuf movie.

If you have trypophobia, then photos of honeycomb, coral, lotus pods, and even strawberries can make your skin crawl.

The fear of, or at least visceral aversion to, clusters of little holes isn’t classified as an official disorder. But anyone who can’t handle the sight of a surface pockmarked with holes knows that it’s very, very real.

And for those people, sadly, the most exciting Nokia phone since the 3310 is going to be a no-go.

The Nokia 9 Android phone has five – five! – rear cameras. They’re actually two different kinds of sensor that function as one. They’re beautifully designed, sitting flush against the back surface of the phone, and the photos are apparently excellent.

But look at this little cluster of holes.

I’m sorry, trypophobes. It’s one-holed phones for you forever.

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