Season Three Of 13 Reasons Why Promises No Problematic Behaviour, Good Luck With That

Producer's pants: on fire.

As far as television shows go, 13 Reasons Why is pretty controversial. Over its first two seasons the show dealt with some heavy and confronting issues including rape, suicide, physical abuse and gun violence. 

The show has copped a lot of criticism for its graphic depiction of each of these things, so much so that they have deleted a scene from the first season which showed the suicide of one of the main characters, Hannah Baker. 

Despite its past controversies, the third season of 13 Reasons Why promises to be the least controversial yet. 

Speaking to Radio Times, Timothy Granaderos (who plays Monty de la Cruz, on the show) said Season Three “feels like a different show.”

“[It’s] not the same as the past two seasons. I don’t think you’ll be asking me the same questions about the two prior scenes. There are definitely scenes that are wild but I don’t think you’ll be asking if any scenes will need to be removed from season three.”

Timonthy said that this season is more of a mystery: 

“Right off the get-go you know it is a murder-mystery, the stakes are very high and everyone is a suspect,” he told the publication. 

“So, I think fans will be left questioning who they thought they were loyal to. It’s going to take off really quickly. Within the first episode or two you’re going to be engaged trying to put the mystery together. But I think that’s the fun of season three.”

While I am hopeful that Season Three will indeed not include any problematic scenes, I’m skeptical. 13 Reasons Why is a show which has built itself on shock value – on tackling the difficult issues which other shows otherwise skirt around. 13 Reasons Why being reduced to a simple ‘murder mystery’ in Season Three would go against the reputation it has established for itself over the last few years. 

On the flip-side, it kind of makes sense. Of course the show would digress from the themes explored in Season One and Two given the controversies they caused. I suppose this is why shows should sometimes end after a couple of seasons- they stop before they go too far and ruin themselves from the inside out. 

Better safe than sorry. Source: Giphy

I’m also skeptical that Season Three of 13 Reasons Why will feature no problematic behaviour because teenagehood is full of problematic behaviour. Find me a teenager whose daily life doesn’t feature some kind of problem – from a fresh pimple to a fresh bought of cyber bullying – and I’ll sell you my house (okay, I don’t own a house, but you get me). 

Let’s also review the basic plot of Season Three: a teenage murder mystery set in the wake of a suicide, a rape trial and on the backdrop of a high school with a bullying problem. 

That sounds pretty problematic to me. 

Netflix's Next Movie Is The Epic Cinematic Crossover That Will Do The Impossible: Please Everyone

Marvel could never save the world like this.

Question: what combines the best bit from Crazy Rich Asians, Moulin Rouge, Mama Mia, The Devil Wears Prada, Big Little Lies, The Late Late Show, Ariana Grande’s latest album and Glee

Ryan Murphy’s new film, that’s what. 

It sounds like a hot mess when I put it like that^ but I’m almost certain it will be a cinematic masterpiece. The film takes Tony-nominated stage musical The Prom from the stage to the screen with a stellar cast who have starred in at least one of the above movies. 

Meryl Streep will star alongside Awkwafina, Nicole Kidman, James Corden and Ariana Grande. No biggie. 

For the uncultured among you who scrunch your nose at the thought of a musical I have four words for you: Zac Efron in Hairspray. If Zac thinks musicals are cool then they’re damn cool. If you won’t trust me maybe you’ll trust those baby blue eyes and biceps the expert. 

Listen to Zac. Source: Giphy

According to reports, the musical movie is set to start filming in December for a fall 2020 release in cinemas and on Netflix.

The basic plot of The Prom is as follows:  

Four Broadway actors past their prime travel to the fictional conservative town of Edgewater, Indiana, after reading about a lesbian student who was not allowed to bring her girlfriend to high school prom. They want to help, but mostly they want to soak up the good press and be relevant again.

The four oldies will be played by Meryl (AKA The Queen), James, Nicole, and voice and stage actor Andrew Rannells. 

Awkwafina will play the group’s publicist which is honestly inspired casting. Imagine Awkwafina trying to manage your life? It would be one hilarious, colourful, slightly unhinged mess. 

The lesbian student is yet to be cast but I have my vote on Tessa Thompson or Brie Larson- someone from the  Marvel universe because that seems to be the only fandom this movie hasn’t tapped into and it would be a shame to miss the opportunity. 

You heard it heard first, friends. Source: Giphy

Because the casting isn’t good enough, Ariana won’t just star in the film she’s also set to produce the soundtrack. 

Basically, this movie is going to be cinematic perfection. 

Could this be the film that finally does the impossible? Could this be the one that appeals to everyone? 

It has star power and brings the best bits from a range of movies:  a world of knowledge and skill with Meryl, a little bit of sizzle thanks to Nicole, good humour from the genius that is Akwafina, bad humour in James, and absolute beauty in Ariana. 

The only people that might not enjoy it are musical haters but they’re not the kind of people i want in my life anyway. 

Like I said, four words: Zac Efron in Hairspray

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