Mean Girls Makes A Comeback With 'Sex Education' Season 2

"...It was awesome."

After we all binge-watched Sex Education in a matter of hours this year, we were left not only thoroughly entertained but hungry for more. 

Well, the Netflix gods have answered our prayers with a teaser trailer for Sex Education season two, inspired by one of Mean Girls’ most iconic scenes.

The clip starts with Maeve saying, “how do I even begin to explain Otis Milburn?” Milburn’s best friend Eric chimes in and adds, “Otis Milburn is a love-making mastermind,” and Aimee suggests “that’s why his helmet is so big…it’s full of secrets.”

The trailer follows the same format of the Mean Girls scene in which various high school students explain their experiences with leader of The Plastics, Regina George. Sex Education character Lily makes the reference clear when she says, “One time, he cured my vaginismus. It was awesome.” 

At less than one minute, the teaser for Sex Education season two gives little away – except for the fact it’s dropping next year. However, Netflix have also released a series of images from the upcoming series that show Ola and Lily exploring a new friendship, Maeve and Aimee in the middle of a police interrogation, and school jock Jackson with his overbearing mothers. 

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

According to MTV News, season two of Sex Education will see Otis and Ola continue their relationship, including “figuring out the ups and downs of ‘newly-discovered sexual urges.’” MTV News also reports that in season two of the show students at Moordale will experience a “chlamydia outbreak” and “a host of new students shaking up life as the core crew know it.”

Considering sexually transmitted infections just reached an all-time high in the U.S., the topics covered in season two of Sex Education couldn’t have come at a better time.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, season one of Sex Education racked up 40 MILLION viewers in just one month. Let’s be honest, if season two is anything like the first, it’s going to be a Netflix favourite once again.

Will Kristen Bell's Voice Save The Gossip Girl Reboot?

XOXO, Gossip Girl.

It’s been seven long years since we heard the soothing sound of Kristen Bell’s iconic sign-off, “XOXO, Gossip Girl.” The good news is, Bell’s devious tone will be returning when she reprises her role for the upcoming Gossip Girl reboot.

According to TV Line, HBO Max ordered the reboot in July this year, which is set to introduce “a fresh crop of gorgeous Manhattan private-schoolers to Gossip Girl’s all-seeing eye.” 

HBO states that the reboot “will address just how much social media – and the landscape of social media itself – has changed in the intervening years.”

There are a few concerns about the Gossip Girl reboot – namely the fact that none of the OG cast have been confirmed to return and reprise their roles, except for narrator Bell. Can Gossip Girl really be the same without Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, Penn Badgely, Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick? 

Speaking to press at the Televsision Critics Association summer tour, executive producer Josh Schwartz said, “There aren’t, like, new actors playing Serena and Blair. It’s not a remake. [It’s] a continuation of that world.”

“We’ve reached out to all of them to let them know it was happening, and we would love for them to be involved if they want to be involved. But [we] certainly didn’t want to make it contingent upon their [participation].”

“They played those characters for six years, and if they felt like they were good and that, we wanted to respect that. But obviously, it would be great to see them again.”

The OG Gossip Girl cast. Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage for The CW Network

Sadly, it doesn’t sound like there’s any chance Gossip Girl star Blake Lively will be returning to the show with the news she’s already working on another NYC-based TV show. 

There’s also the concern that if Bell is reprising her role as the voice of the OG Gossip Girl, roasting a fresh batch of millennials a decade later – does that mean she’s a character in their 30s spying on the lives of a bunch of teens? 

Will Kristen Bell’s iconic voice save Gossip Girl round two from being an epic fail?

It’s all a bit confusing, but it sounds like we’re just going to have to wait and see how the Gossip Girl reboot pans out when it drops on HBO Max next year. 

XOXO, Gossip Girl.

Yep, Filthy Rich TV Personality Kelly Ripa Said Her Son Lives In 'Extreme Poverty'

Say what?

With countless movies and TV series under her belt and her very own morning talk show with Ryan Seacrest, there’s no doubt that Kelly Ripa is not short on cash. In fact, a quick Google search of Ripa’s net worth says she’s currently sitting on a whopping $100M.

Knowing this, it’s easy to understand the Internet’s confusion when Ripa said her son was living in “extreme poverty” during a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Speaking about how her son, Michael, had moved out of home to attend college, Ripa said “I think he loves the freedom. He hates playing his own rent and he’s chronically poor.”

“I don’t think he ever really experienced extreme poverty like now,” she added.

Later, Ripa said Michael’s budget was so tight he now looks forward to the $20 he receives each Halloween from his grandparents. “For years, my kids sort of ignored the $20,” she said. “But now that (Michael’s) living on his own, he’s called, like, three times, ‘Has the Halloween envelope arrived?’”

Michael Consuelos and Kelly Ripa. Credit: Bruce Glikas/WireImage

Fans were quick to take to Twitter to slam Ripa for her comments. One Twitter user wrote, “today’s out-of-touch celebrity confusing teaching an adult child financial responsibility with “extreme poverty,” the Kelly Ripa edition.”

Another wrote, “Hey @KellyRipa…there’s nothing funny or clever about your remarks. Your son isn’t living in extreme poverty or any poverty. Your comments are a slap in the face to 39 million Americans living in poverty.”

While it’s refreshing to hear that Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos are trying to teach their son to support himself, it’s pretty hard to believe he’s living in ‘extreme poverty’ considering the staggering wealth of his famous parents. 

For most of us, moving out of home and fending for ourselves is just part of growing up and becoming an adult. For Ripa’s son, it’s ‘extreme poverty.’ 

It might be time for a friendly reality check.

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