JoJo Re-Recorded Her Debut Album To Spite Her Old Record Label

It still slaps.

JoJo, pop queen of the mid-2000s who brought us iconic hits like ‘Leave (Get Out)’ and ‘Baby It’s You’, hasn’t been in many headlines in the past decade.

Turns out there’s a reason for that – she’s been fighting her ex-record label, Blackground Records, for artistic control, and won her lawsuit against them in 2014.

They responded by removing her music, including 2004’s self-titled debut album, from streaming services. Petty.

Making sure she’s getting the last word, JoJo dropped recreations of her first two albums, JoJo and The High Road, on streaming services yesterday, after teasing the new songs on social media all day Thursday, which was, probably not coincidentally, her 28th birthday.

The JoJo on these re-released albums isn’t the JoJo you’ll remember from 2004. She’s not 14 anymore, and her voice has matured, which gives the songs a different sound. Your old favourites still go off, though – ‘Baby It’s You’, ‘Too Little, Too Late’ and, of course, ‘Leave (Get Out)’ all sound fantastic in JoJo’s new sound.

Plus, it’s the perfect response to her ex-record label who, in her words, silenced her and didn’t let her “own her own voice”. They may have taken the original albums off streaming services, but JoJo’s clearly not one to let her fans down.

She hasn’t been quiet since her lawsuit ended, by the way – she released an album in 2016 that included tracks with appearances from Wiz Khalifa, Remy Ma and Alessia Cara. Plus, her single from 2015, ‘When Love Hurts’, is low-key a banger.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of JoJo’s return to the spotlight.

All I Want For Christmas Is You Is Now The Second-Highest Charting Holiday Song Ever


Following our impassioned plea last week for Mariah Carey’s holiday classic, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’, to finally be given the respect  it deserves, it seems the quintessential Christmas hit is… finally being given the respect it deserves. I’m not saying this is our influence, but I’m not not saying that, either.

According to the latest Billboard chart, the song is currently sitting at number 6, making it the highest-charting holiday song in 60 years. The only song beating it? Um, ‘The Chipmunk Song‘.

Feel free to mention this to anyone who complains to you about how much better music was ‘back in the day’.

‘The Chipmunk Song’ is the only Christmas-themed song to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100, doing so on December 22, 1958. It stayed in first place for an entire month.

It’s not like 1958 was a slow year for music. Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, The Everly Brothers, Perry Como and Chuck Berry all charted on the Billboard Hot 100 that year. But I guess when December rolled around, there was nothing people wanted more than to get into the holiday spirit by listening to fictional chipmunks sing about wanting hula-hoops.

Meanwhile, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ only entered the top 10 for the first time last year. A lot of it has to do with changes to the chart’s rules (when the song was first released, songs couldn’t chart unless they were physically released as singles, and recurrent songs weren’t eligible), but still. Mariah deserves better. Mariah deserves this number one. All I want for Christmas is for this song to reach number one.

Still, second-highest Christmas song is a win. Fingers crossed that next year, Mariah takes down those annoying chipmunks and claims her rightful spot in history.

You are now are obligated to listen to the song, so I’m including it below. You’re welcome.

The Video For Thank U, Next Is Here And It's Everything We Hoped For

Thank u, next bitch!

After over a week of build-up and speculation, Ariana Grande has dropped the video for ‘Thank U, Next’, and it does not disappoint.

It starts off with what we saw in the teaser – people, including Jonathan Bennett, Troye Sivan, and the heavy-flow girl from Mean Girls, talking to the camera about Ariana as though she’s Regina George.

Then it cuts to Ariana in an amazing recreation of Regina’s bedroom, lying on her bed and adding the ex-boyfriends she’s singing about to the Burn Book.

“Sry I dipped.”

Pete Davidson and Big Sean’s entries are particularly noteworthy, with Ariana writing “Sry I dipped” and “HUUUUUUGE” (the latter in reference to rumours about his… size) on Pete’s, and “Could still get it” on Big Sean’s.

It then cuts to the Plastics, complete with Aaron Samuels, walking down a school hallway. Liz Gillies, of Victorious and Dynasty fame, plays Cady Heron fantastically, looking incredibly awkward and overwhelmed by all the attention the Plastics are getting.

At this point, Ariana proves how committed she is to the role of Regina, and shoves Troye Sivan into a locker:

And we see ‘Karen’ clutching her chest, because, as we all remember, she uses it to tell the weather.

There’s a 30% chance it’s already raining!

For the first chorus, Ariana recreated the iconic Christmas talent show scene:

Complete with Kris Jenner as Amy Poehler’s character of the overbearing mum:

The next teen movie she pays tribute to is Bring It On, so we cut to Ariana as Torrance Shipman, alternating between being in her bedroom and in the bathroom, recreating the toothbrush scene with Matt Bennett, another one of her former Victorious co-stars:

We then see Ariana in her cheerleading outfit, and there’s another cameo from a Victorious co-star in this scene, with Daniella Monet playing one of Ariana’s teammates:

She follows this up with her 13 Going On 30 tribute for the verse “One day I’ll walk down the aisle / Holding hands with my mama”:

The line after that, “I’ll be thanking my dad / ‘Cos she grew from the drama”, references her strained relationship with her father, from whom she is estranged.

The fourth and final movie Ariana references in the video is Legally Blonde, so next up is Ariana as Elle Woods, pulling into a college parking lot with her very own Bruiser, her Beagle-Chihuahua mix Toulouse:

At this point, there’s a break in the song as Ariana talks to Jennifer Coolidge, who played Paulette in the Legally Blonde movies, about her boy troubles.

Ariana teaches Paulette the Bend and Snap, and there’s even a new UPS guy (except his badge says “BDE” instead).

It ends with Kris Jenner shouting “Thank u, next bitch!”, which is a Huge Mood.

It’s the perfect homage to four movies beloved by girls of Ariana’s generation (so, me), and a great reminder that Ariana can do comedy really well.

Check it out for yourself here:

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