Rats Chew Up $24K Of Cash Inside An ATM In A Deeply Rude And Expensive Metaphor For My Current Finances

These rats are living the boujee lifestyle dreams are made of.

You know when you check your bank account, hoping to see your hard earned dollars piling up but find instead only the rubble left behind by outgoing transactions? Well this bank knows exactly how you feel.

Officials from the State Bank of India claim that when they opened up their ATM in the North-Indian state of Assam, they found rats had chewed up 12,38,000 Rupees in banknotes – nearly $24,000 in Australian dollars. Quite the blow out for the little rodents.

If you would like to see a visual metaphor for my spending habits, please take a look at the inside of this ATM.

Big mood.

While the official report claims that mechanics found the shredded cash as well as an actual dead rat among the rubble, there seems to be some doubts that this was the work of rodents. Apparently the machine being out of service for about three weeks before mechanics arrived is a little suspicious.

Is this a classic ‘dog ate my homework’ set up? Could it be a less-glamourous version of the Ocean’s 8 heist? Or are these rats just exceptionally boujee nest-makers?

Whether the rats were victims of a set up or just terrible at budgeting, I feel very seen by this pile of consumed cash.

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