Literally Just The Most Useless Rich People Home Décor


Remember when people made a fuss over Kim Kardashian’s stupid rich person sink that was basically a bench top with a small groove? Yeah, we had a few laughs that day and gained a greater appreciation of our regular people sinks.

As it turns out, that dumb kitchen sink was just the tip of a useless rich people home décor iceberg.

With all the stacks of dosh rich people have lying around, it seems like they’ve abandoned all notions of common sense when it comes to
home décor. It’s almost enough to make me want to remain as a plebby person with a regular salary. Almost.

I mean, who in their right mind would pay several hundred – and in several cases thousands – of dollars for pointless things like:

This $7,363.12 Driftwood Screen

It’s literally a pile of sticks.

Firewood or screen? You decide.

This $57,000 Meneghini La Cambusa Fridge

It looks like an excessively large wardrobe and costs more than an entire regular person kitchen. You could buy literally 57 fridges for the price of one of these.

Can’t even put my clothes in this.

An $8,200 Toto Neorest toilet

All a toilet needs to do is be clean and flush properly, and a $300 toilet does the exact same job as this $8,200 one.

A throne worthy of a rich person. Ugh.

A $60,000 Semi Rezzonico Murano Glass Chandelier

I’m happy with my regular lightbulb, thanks.

Costs more than my HECS debt.

A $1,000 Mosaique AU 24 Platinum Change Tray

Everyone already has a change tray – it’s called a wallet and it sure as hell doesn’t cost a grand.

More expensive than all the money it’ll ever hold.

If You're Single, You're Likely Spending More Money Than You Think

Your wallet hates you for being single than you do.

For all the gripes some may have about being single, there are some pros to not being tied down.

You have more time to yourself, you’re not beholden to anyone when figuring out what to do in your spare time, and you can eat whatever you want without going through the dreaded hour-long dance of figuring out what you feel like having.

But if there’s any motivation to take yourself off the market, it’s perhaps this little sobering fact: being single is probably costing you more money.

Then stop being single.

When you’ve got a partner, you’re probably content with staying in more often than not. But if you’re flying single, you’re having to go on more dates to find that special someone, which means having to spend more dosh on drinks, food, and entertainment. Even when you’re not on a date, you’re probably eating or drinking away those single blues anyway.

Then there’s all the prep work you’ve got to put in before even going on a date. Gym memberships, clothes shopping, hair and make-up, and health insurance (for when you injure yourself at the gym) all cost moolah. Health insurance in particular costs considerably more for singles than couples for some inexplicable reason.

But hey, that’s the price you pay (literally) in order to look and feel good.

The price of being single extends beyond all the dating related stuff. You’re likely paying more to rent a place as a single person compared to couples, who can just split the bill in half. Plus you’ll have to throw in things like finding roommates and a place that’s the ideal cost-to-distance ratio to suit your budget just to add extra stress to the whole being single thing.

It’s not just rent either as couples can just split their bills down the middle wheres singles have to bear the brunt of everything on their own.

As for buying a house, well if the chances of doing that are low when you’re a couple, they’re even lower when you’re going at it alone.

So for the sake of your bank balance, best go polish up that dating profile and find that special someone, companionship and happiness be damned.

The Way Websites Manipulate You Into Buying Stuff You Don't Want Is Chilling

One minute you're online window shopping, the next you're hundreds out of pocket after buying ethical homewares.

Let me throw a scenario in your direction, you’ve finished watching Good Omens and need to pass the time somehow so you decide to check out a bunch of online retailers. It’s all just internet window shopping though because you’ve blown all your money on beer and you’re adamant that you won’t buy anything you don’t need.

But the next thing you know, you’ve spent money you don’t have because you just had to buy some ethical homewares and Toy Story 4 merch, all of which cost far more than advertised.

If that’s been the case then you’ve been a victim of some subtle, creepy manipulation that tricks you into buying stuff and you probably didn’t even notice.

These little manipulative tricks are called “dark patterns” and are sneaky online versions of classic techniques used to influence consumer behaviour, such as putting impulse purchases near the cash registers.

While no one is sure how prevalent dark patterns are, a study from Princeton University analysed over 10,000 websites using software and found that over 1,200 used some variation of these dark patterns to ensnare customers.

Some dark patterns are pretty obvious, others are pretty impressive at how well they can hook people in, and some are just pure evil. Examples include:

  • Sneaking products into a customer’s shopping cart without their consent or preselecting more expensive versions of a product
  • Hidden costs and subscriptions
  • Imposing deadlines on deals and sales
  • Misdirection and manipulative language, such as “confirmshaming”, having opt-out options greyed out, and trick questions
  • Fake testimonials or activity messages such as “*insert name* just saved 15% on her order!”
  • Low stock messages
  • Making it annoyingly difficult to cancel a subscription or order
  • Forcing customers to create accounts or share info just to do what they set out to do
So messed up.

While you’re always going to have a target on your back whenever you shop online, it’s pretty chilling to know just how far certain sites will go just to get you to hit that “place order” button on stuff you don’t really need or even want.

So keep on your guard next time you’re shopping online or you’ll end up buying weird backwards bikinis when all you wanted was some ideas on what to get for lunch.

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