It’s Legitimately Distressing To Hear 14-Year-Old Millie Bobby Brown’s Take On Joe From 'You'

Someone please protect this girl.

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown is, like so many of us, getting around  Netflix’s recently-released show, You. But she’s shared a controversial take on Joe, the main character that has us legitimately worried about her ability to fend for herself in this world.

She posted a video on her Instagram Story that is actually distressing.

“So I just started that new show You… He’s not creepy! He’s in love with her and it’s okay! So, I’m obsessed with it”

She followed up with a pre-emptively defensive comment to the naysayers, announcing,

“By the way, I know everybody is gonna say “Ahhh, he’s a stalker, why would you support that?!” But like, he’s in love with her… just watch the show and don’t judge me on my opinion.”

Just to recap, Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley) is the antihero of You. He becomes obsessed with a girl and proceeds to stalk her, manipulate her, and literally kill people. “He’s in love with her and it’s OK” is literally the WORST TAKE.

Millie Bobby Brown isn’t the first to express some kind of affection for Joe, but most people admit to having a guilty attraction to him but knowing that he is, in fact, a psychopath. Brown’s comment’s are disconcertingly genuine.

Penn Badgley already made an effort to shut this down last week, actively combatting the misplaced fondness for his character. Who is a stalker. And a murderer. C’mon guys.

Needless to say, people are not reacting well to Millie Bobby Brown’s “He’s not creepy” opinion on You. The general consensus is that there needs to be some kind of intervention to set her straight and protect her from men that even bear a remote likeness to Joe and his behaviour.

It’s also a confronting reminder of how in need tweens are of guidance and protection. We all had bad takes at the age of 14, we just hope someone has Millie Bobby Brown’s back and fends off the Joes.

Millie Bobby Brown’s terrible take highlights how easily manipulated people can be by good looks. If Joe was ugly, he surely wouldn’t be getting the “He’s not creepy” treatment, and that’s the danger of psychopaths.

So watch out for Joes, and someone please look after Millie Bobby Brown.

If You’re Marie Kondo-ing Your Stuff, Here Are The Do's And Don'ts Of To Disposing It Properly

Some things really won't spark joy for anyone.

Most new years kick off with a desire to rinse and refresh your life from the crap of year’s past, but this year that craze has been on roids thanks to the popularity of the Netflix special, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

So if you’re reassessing your belongings based on whether or not they spark joy, remember to dispose of those things that end up in the ‘out’ pile appropriately.

Tidying up is a great time to look into different local charities that will take your second-had goods for different causes. Whether it’s your local Vinnies or more specialised charities providing for women like Dress for Success or Fitted for Work, or a number of other organisations – your tidying up can actually contribute to the community, so do your research and donate accordingly.

However, there is a commonly-held misconception that these charities will take anything and everything, no matter the condition. So this is just a friendly reminder to essentially ditch the ‘one person’s trash is another person’s treasure’ mentality. If it’s trash, it’s trash. Put it in the trash.

Charity op shops suffer from an influx of second-hand goods that are in no condition to be resold. Clothes are especially a problem. Things that are ripped, stained, soiled, or just too old and tattered, are not appropriate for donation.

It becomes a costly problem when charity shops have to pay landfill fees to dispose of the materials, which then takes funds away from the community they are trying to help.

The general rule is that the stuff you’re giving away should be something you wouldn’t be embarrassed to give to a friend. Plus when you drop off the clothes they should be clean – otherwise you’re just transferring that labour onto the charity.

So keep that in mind and donate your non-joy-sparking stuff to places that need it. Just make sure it’s viable to spark joy for someone, because these charities aren’t here to take out our trash.

Netflix’s Documentary On The Infamous Fyre Festival Scam Actually Looks Hilarious

The rich people Lord of The Flies narrative is just a bit funny sorry.

While scamming people is wrong, and we objectively do not support it as a concept, there is something about the infamous 2017 Fyre Festival scam that is inherently amusing.

It’s hard to help yourself from cracking even just a slight smile at the idea of the world’s rich, famous and influencer descending into panic when the luxury island festival they were promised (and payed thousands of dollars for) turned out to be…less than luxury.

Now through Netflix’s upcoming documentary we get to see exactly how this scam went down. We hear from Fyre fest organisers themselves reflecting on the disaster – except for head scammer Billy McFarland who is currently serving a six-year sentence for defrauding festival investors for $36 million, on top of a slew of other civil suits filed by attendees.

In the just-released trailer, Netflix gives us a peak at the up-close-and-personal look at the Fyre Festival fall from a Kendall-Jenner-endorsed, Blink182 headlining, certified luxury Bahamas festival, to a ‘Lord of the Flies’ disaster involving limp cheese and soaked mattresses.

FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened will be released on Netflix on January 18 so get ready to relive the drama and watch the rich people pandemonium.

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