Miley Cyrus Strong-Arming An Artist Is Exactly Why We Need To Talk About Fame Entitlement

A conversation needs to be had over celebrities doing shady stuff and expecting no consequences.

Miley Cyrus getting into a beef with someone isn’t really anything new these days. Hell, she threw shade at Nicki Minaj in one of her recently-released tracks for s**ts and giggles so this is pretty standard Miley behaviour.

Having said that though, her latest feud (if you want to even call it that) with a cake designer is less about being a s**tstirring badass and more about a celebrity being entitled and using their fame to strut about.

For those who aren’t up to speed on what I’m going on about, Miley recently teamed up with Planned Parenthood and Marc Jacobs for a campaign to fight Alabama’s controversial abortion law known as HB314.

As part of this campaign, she shared an image of herself licking a cake that has the words, “Abortion is healthcare,” written on it.

Now the campaign is cool but the actual cake used in Miley’s photo is less so because the singer was quickly called out by Washington D.C. based cake baker Becca Rea-Holloway, who runs a popular Insta account known as The Sweet Feminist, for stealing her cake design, which was made in May 2018.

In response to the cake design plagiarism accusations, Miley left an apology and promised to tag Becca in the post before asking her to “correct” her original post.

However, Becca wasn’t having any of it as she replied with, “This was not an oversight, it was blatantly and willfully neglectful and deceitful. I would have been more than happy to work with you on a collaboration for this project, but instead my work was just copied without compensation.

On the surface, it seems like Miley did the right thing here by apologising and crediting Becca’s work, but the singer actually doing nothing more than strong-arming Becca into forgetting this whole thing with the innocent sounding “if you could please correct your post” request.

This whole saga just reeks of an entitled celebrity using their influence to get what they want, as well as setting a terrible precedent of celebs ripping off other people’s work without any consequence.

Newsweek reports that Becca’s cake design can’t be copyrighted under America’s copyright laws and the First Amendment, meaning that Miley can get away with this basically scot-free. What this also means is that some artists are now more vulnerable to having their work ripped off by some famous celeb and there’s nothing they can do about it.

To be fair, Miley did end up tagging Becca in her post so that’s, uh, something.

Sure is.

Since this whole cake design saga started, Becca has claimed that she’s received an overwhelming amount of horrible messages from Miley’s fanbase, as well as a lot of supportive comments from people who aren’t having any of this.

At the time of writing, Miley has yet to respond to Becca’s most recent comments, nor has there been an update on whether she compensated Becca for the cake design beyond tagging the The Sweet Feminist on her Instagram post.

It’s not hard.

This whole saga is definitely shed some light on the good and bad things whenever a mega popular celebrity decides to swing their influence about. It’s great that Miley is campaigning against Alabama’s abortion law but the way she’s going about it is just wrong.

She says she’s helping women with what she’s doing (which there is some merit to), but what she’s ultimately doing is hurting innocent bystanders and artists with her actions.

Here’s hoping this doesn’t start a worrying trend of celebrities lifting other people’s work because that’s the last thing we need on our long list of current problems.

Today I Learned: Miley Cyrus's First Paying Job Was Somehow More Embarrassing And Disgusting Than Yours

Billy Ray Cyrus's definition of "father-daughter" bonding time is different to most.

It’s almost a rite of passage that everyone’s first job is a pretty underwhelming gig that involves wearing a uniform, handling some food and/or groceries, being yelled at by customers for something, and earning very little money.

For celebrities like Miley Cyrus, you’d think that they would be spared of this sort of thing because they’re, you know, rich. But as it so happens, Miley’s first paying gig wasn’t Hannah Montana or being a waitress somewhere. In fact, it was something that makes stacking shelves at a supermarket seem luxurious while also making you wonder what Billy Ray Cyrus was thinking at the time.

Not joking at all

Back when Miley was just a young kid, Billy would take her along with him on his tours because nothing says quality father-daughter bonding time than going on the road. It is on these tours where Billy gave Miley her first ever paying job. If you thought it was something like moving equipment around or handing out bottles of water to the crew, you’d be wrong.

After each of his concerts, Billy would pay Miley $10 to go around picking up all the underwear and bras thrown on-stage by his overzealous female fans.


But hey, she had a good attitude towards it as she told Rolling Stone that she would “get a really big one and be like, ‘Dad! I found your biggest fan!’

The only appropriate response.

Nothing gets you ready for the real working world than a job at a fast food place or supermarket, but Miley got thrown into the deep end of some unknown pool there. To her credit, she’s come out the other side with flying colours so maybe there was method to Billy’s madness. Maybe.

One thing’s for sure, working at Maccas suddenly doesn’t seem so bad.

Miley Cyrus Needs A Trigger Warning On Her New Promo Before Someone Gets Hurt

A warning for those who are sensitive to or have a condition that's triggered by flashing lights, don't watch her new promo.<br />

Miley Cyrus seems to be hinting at some big music-related things this year after recently dropping a banging unreleased song.

And it appears we have a time frame for what Miley’s next big project is as she has shared a new promo video teasing…something.

The singer dropped a bunch of short videos across of her social media, all of which simply states that “She is coming” on May 30.

While this is super exciting and all (new Miley content, y’all), the big issue with the promo video is its use of flashing lights, which is incredibly dangerous for some people.

Since the video is a trigger for some people, we’re not gonna embed it here just in case. If you’re still curious, you can check it out HERE but be very careful as it could be triggering to some.

In the meantime, have some kittens instead.

Unsurprisingly, Miley’s new promo video was received negatively by many people as not only is it dangerous to those with a medical condition that’s exacerbated by flashing lights but there was no trigger warning anywhere.

This is obviously a blunder from Miley and her team, and is likely an honest mistake on their part. Having said that, the video has yet to be taken down from her Twitter or Instagram at the time of writing and it has been viewed and shared thousands of times since it was posted.

As for what Miley is teasing on May 30, well, we don’t actually have any idea but that’s not really that important right now. Until she either replaces the video with something less hazardous or puts up a trigger warning, we shouldn’t give a damn what Miley has up her sleeve until it’s all sorted.

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