The #5yearoldselfie Trend Is Just What Your Heart Needs Today

Twitter, doing something positive for mental health? Hey, let's embrace it while we can!

Twitter, for the most part, is a hellscape of hatefire – so we should all take genuine solace in the moments, rare as they are, when Twitter does something adorable that will make your heart feel better as with the hashtag #5yearoldselfie.

It was started by the UK mental health charity Young Minds as bit of a deliberate dose of positivity, and the outpouring from folks on the Tweet-platform are a joy to behold.

And the internet responded with alacrity.

The overwhelming message was to stop worrying so much about other people’s opinions and to trust that things were going to improve, but the joy of it is how incredibly relatable the photos and responses are.

Some are inspirational:

…some are charming…

…and some are just heartbreaking.

In any case, it’s a great reminder to all of us to be a bit kinder to ourselves, and that the five year old kid we were isn’t really all that far away. And who wouldn’t want to give their younger self a hug and some sage advice?

At least, let’s all enjoy the #5yearoldselfie hasgtag until we discover that Twitter are actually using it some data-scraping exercise to train AI to successfully age photographs for identification purposes GODDAMMIT CAN’T ANYTHING JUST BE GOOD AND PURE ANY MORE?

Anxiety Hacks To Add To Your Repertoire The Next Time The World Feels Like Too Much

Anxiety hacks to max your relax!

Anxiety is the human condition writ large and knowing how to smash it away is a basic life skill we all need. And hence we all need a collection of anxiety hacks for our own mental health – but what works?

And in a completely unscientific process – aka a call out on Facebook – we’ve established that a) there are some excellent anxiety breakers around and b) goddamn, there are a lot of anxious people out there.

Fortunately, they have some great ideas on managing it. Like…

Comfort TV!

The Office, Friends, Doctor Who, Queer Eye, Seinfeld, Buffy, Golden Girls: it’s fair to say that there’s a bit of a trend there.

Video Games!

Things that are relatively simple – as in, challenging but not open ended – seemed to be the go to, whether that was Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Civilization, SimCity or mobile games.

And then there was the video game we call life: specifically,

Get out into nature!

Walking outside was a big hit with a lot of people, especially in places where there are trees aplenty. And connected with that was…


Swimming and running had strong, passionate adherents – and many specifically suggested getting out into nature in the process, echoing the above suggestion.

Yoga and pilates were also big favourites, as was…


Relaxation techniques were recommended left and right, from apps to classes to just sitting in the sun and not thinking for a bit to practiced mindfulness. And then there was the most mindful practice of all…


Either solo or not, your call. They’re all good. As is…

Getting off social media!

Which was ironic, since it was a question asked on Facebook – but my word, what a lot of people agreed. So maybe take a break if you can.

Those were the most popular suggestions, but there were also…

Other things!

Browsing op shops
Cuddling a dog
Weighted blankets
Practice an instrument

And, um…

Pimple popping videos!

Look, we’re not going to judge. Whatever gets you from one end of the day to the other is fine.

If you need to talk to someone, you can call Lifeline on 131114.

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