Netflix Surprisingly Cancels Marvel's Daredevil After Three Seasons And They Had Better Not Touch Jessica Jones

Seems like Netflix is cleaning house.

Netflix and Marvel’s recent cancellation of Iron Fist wasn’t too surprising given just how awful the show was.

The follow-up cancellation of Luke Cage was a bit more surprising since season three was in early pre-production when the axe came down.

But those two cancellations pale in comparison to the latest axing as Daredevil will join its fellow Defenders in the cancellation pile.

According to a Netflix spokesperson (via Variety), it was announced that Daredevil won’t return for a fourth season before a well-deserved thanks was given to the cast and crew who worked on the show.

This cancellation comes as Daredevil was Marvel and Netflix’s first bonafide hit series that drew in a heap of buzz and viewers ever since it premiered in 2015. Sure there was the massive creative misstep that was season two, but season three was definitely a resurgence and there was optimism for an even better season four.

However, the final line of the statement was particularly interesting because it mentions “the Daredevil character will live on in future projects for Marvel”.

That certainly fits into recent speculation that Marvel are cancelling all its Netflix shows and moving them to Disney’s upcoming steaming service so that all of its properties will live on under one banner.

Could DaredevilIron Fist, and Luke Cage get a second chance at some point in the future? We definitely can’t rule out that possibility just yet.

Daredevil‘s cancellation leaves just two Marvel shows left on Netflix: Jessica Jones and The Punisher.

We can take or leave Punisher if we’re honest, but don’t you dare touch Jessica Jones, Marvel. If that show doesn’t get its deserved six seasons and a movie, there are going to be some very unhappy fans.


Netflix Axes Marvel's Luke Cage After Two Seasons And Now We're Really Worried If Jessica Jones Will Be Next To Get Canceled

Iron Fist's cancellation we get, but this one is a little baffling.

Man, Marvel aren’t really messing around with its superhero shows is it?

Only a week after the comic book behemoth and Netflix dropped its merciful cancellation axe onto the god-awful Iron Fist series, the two companies are back at it again this week.

Only this time, it’s the well-received Luke Cage that’s getting cancelled.

According to Deadline, Marvel and Netflix has announced that Luke Cage “will not return for a third season” despite the positive reception of the show’s first two seasons.

This decision is a bit baffling for both viewers and apparently those working behind the scenes. Sure the show wasn’t a masterpiece, but it was goddamn entertaining and had enough positive reviews and buzz going for it that it seemed safe from getting axed.

And apparently that’s the feeling for all the writers who worked on the show.

Deadline reports that a writer’s room had been working hard on scripts for season three and the cancellation came as a surprise. However, the publication reports that the “creative differences” beast stuck its head between Marvel and Netflix and scuttled any potential hopes for an official renewal.

Having said that, don’t close the door on Luke Cage just yet. There’s still a potential follow up to The Defenders and with Disney working on its new streaming service, Harlem’s Hero may well find a new home on another platform.

Alright then.

With all these cancellations of Marvel’s superhero shows over the past couple of weeks, we’re starting to get a bit worried for the remaining shows that are still alive, Jessica Jones and Daredevil. (The Punisher we can take it or leave it, honestly.)

Jessica Jones had a kickass first season followed by a good-not-great second season, which seemingly puts it in a slightly precarious position in the wake of all these cancellations. However, it has been officially renewed for season three so we’ll get at least one more year of Jessica punching people in the face and getting up to her usual anti-hero shenanigans.

As for Daredevil, its much-improved third season just hit Netflix (on the same day as Luke Cage‘s cancellation no less, just to rub it in) and given the show’s rollercoaster ride of quality over the last few years, who knows if we’ll get a season four.

So we now say goodbye to Luke Cage for now, but let’s look on the bright side. Since he and Danny Rand are both out of a show, maybe it’s time to get that Heroes For Hire series up and running.

There's Officially No Excuse Not To Watch The Good Place Because It Turns Out Chidi Is Forking Ripped And Images Of His Six-Pack Abs Will Get Stuck In Your Head

Who knew he was packing THAT underneath all those sweater vests?

Caution, plot points and stuff from the latest episode of The Good Place will be discussed so stay away if you don’t want any spoilers. But you’re free to do whatever you want so it’s up to you to adhere to this disclaimer.

It’s no secret that the team here at GOAT are massive fans of The Good Place and believe that Ted Danson as Michael is the best thing to grace this green(ish) earth since sliced bread.

Now despite our shameless showering of praise on the show and the continued critical acclaim that it has rightfully garnered, there are still humans who have yet to watch it yet for reasons I’ve yet to figure out.

However, there’s no officially no more excuse for everyone on earth not to watch The Good Place because the latest episode dropped a reveal so big that it threatened to derail all of the careful plotting that the show’s has successfully done so far: Chidi is forking ripped like a brick shirthouse.

I mean, like, wow.

Who would’ve thought he would be packing something like that underneath all those sweater vests?

Shameless thirsting and feelings of envy aside, Chidi getting his top off and showcasing his bod to the world also represents a major step in his character development.

Having spent his whole life studying about morality and what it means to be good, it all comes crumbing down after Michael reveals that he’s doomed to the Bad Place no matter what. And what does one do when their whole life is turned upside down with the revelation that you’re doomed to hell no matter what you do?

You have a breakdown, take off your shirt in the middle of a park, and begin to strut around with a general attitude of “fork it, everything is forked anyway so imma go walk around without a shirt on and no one can stop me”.

What makes Chidi’s buff bod reveal even better is that it is a big pay-off to a joke made way back in season one.

During the episode “Chidi’s Choice”, Eleanor lists all the qualities that she likes about Chidi, one of which is that he is “surprisingly jacked”, before immediately realising that she is actually in love with the ethics professor.

Out of all the many twists and turns that have happened in The Good Place, Chidi’s buff bod reveal isn’t exactly on the same earth-shattering level like the season one finale, but it is a goddamn delight nonetheless, particularly to all the thirty peeps out there.

Plus, Chidi’s six-pack abs has helped alleviate the pain of those awful Aussie accents so there’s that too.

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