We Could All Use A Friend Like Cyrell, The Real Hero Of Married At First Sight

Is anyone even watching now that she's gone?

Married At First Sight’s Cyrell Paule made quite the impression during her time on the reality show and while she was given the nickname Cyclone Cyrell for some of her not-so-great behaviours, we’ll really miss her on our screens.

Because let’s be honest, she’s the type of person we could rely on to go to battle for us and we all need a friend like that. Oh, and she was seriously entertaining to watch.

It was Cyrell who first told Elizabeth about the rumours about Sam and Ines hooking up. She also wasn’t afraid about calling Ines out on the fact she was constantly putting down her ‘husband’ Bronson.

While defending Elizabeth during a commitment ceremony, she told Sam he “ain’t King Dingaling”, and honestly, have truer words ever been spoken?

Cyrell has the confidence to say exactly what we’re all thinking and not really care about the consequences, which isn’t exactly great, but hey, sometimes these things need to be said.

During last week’s dinner party, Cyrell once again did what was right and told Mick that Jessika had told her she wanted to bang Dan.

If we were Mick and Tamara, we’d want to know if our partners were interested in each other, and in the case of Jessika and Dan, already hooking up. Thanks to Cyrell, everyone’s suspicions have been raised and the pair might actually be forced to come clean soon!

While we’re not condoning the violent outbursts she had (RIP Martha and Michael’s fruit bowl), it’s pretty clear that Cyrell is a friend who has your back.

She wasn’t necessarily on the show to make friends, and she didn’t walk away with a husband, but Cyrell did find a newfound love of herself.

Cyrell told the experts on Sunday night, “Really, in real life, I don’t go and lash out like that.”

“From the beginning of this experiment, I’ve been a woman of my word and anything that ever comes out of my mouth, whether it’s brutal or nasty, it comes from my heart.”

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