Married At First Sight's Cam And Jules Are The Only Reason Why I Think That Love Is Real

Please adopt me.

Married at First Sight has hit the home stretch.

As we go into the final week of this addictive dumpster fire, we were treated the first part of the last commitment ceremonies with Cam & Jules and Dan & Jess. And this revealed what the show was intended to do and what it became, further cementing that Cam and Jules are the guiding light of the show and the only reason why I believe in true love.

I dino has never saur’d higher.

Cam and Jules were day one love birds. They were the objective, what most people strive for. From the moment Cam helped ease Jules’ nerves at their wedding ceremony with a beautiful musicless dance, we hoped they would last.

We saw their relationship grow and develop. Although you might mock the fact that they’ve only known each other for 8 weeks, remember that they’ve essentially spent a whole 8 weeks together, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week together. In the “real world” that would be 6-8 months worth of a relationship.

She’s proven herself to a priceless…Jule.

They’ve been thrown into an “experiment” where frankly, they were doomed to fail in the name of ratings and entertainment but nevertheless, they made it out. They talked through their issues, built strong foundations and were there for emotional support when the other needed it.

And to see now, after all of this time that they have not only made it but they’re engaged?  That makes me think that yeah, love can be real. Because as much as the show wants to pretend, it was never to find everlasting love but through it all, Cam and Jules were steadfast and strong.

They’re goals.

They were the guiding light for true love and for a light to shine through a dumpster fire, it would have to be pretty damn bright.

Married At First Sight's Experts Are The Show's Biggest Villains And They Need To Change


There are few universal truths: Shannon Noll was robbed, Tim Tams are more aussie than Vegemite and the “experts” on Married At First Sight are just the absolute worst.



And honestly, they’re ruining the institution of “fake tv marriage”, which I for one will not stand for!

Let’s break it down. The “experts” John, Mel and Trisha are there to pretty much mediate any concerns or problems of the contestants, problem is…they don’t. Muck like Rainier Wolfcastle’s goggles: “They do nothing!”.

We feel the acid of reality TV.

Seriously, what is their actual job? They claim that the only footage they see is the dinner party and commitment ceremony but that’s bullshit and proves that they suck at the job.

But if it is true then they have less of an insight into the relationships than the audience do but look it makes sense, they went off at Bronson for using the forbidden word on Ines but hadn’t seen the abuse he endured because it wasn’t right goddamn in front of them.

We’re better than they are.

And if they do in fact see what happens then they’re leaving people in volatile situations in the name of ratings and this is in a season where at least 5 different people have had an emotional crisis, crying on TV and they did nothing?!

And they’re supposed to be the “happy” couple.

They’re worse than any other villains we see because we know that villains are written to be that way but to see people/”experts” who are there to take care of others, leave people in bad relationships (#Justice4Mick) for the sake of entertainment?

It’s not on.

Here's A Tribute To The Greatest One Liners From Married At First Sight’s Cyrell

You ain't no king ding-a-ling.

After 7 weeks, Cyrell and Nic could go no further. The couple could go no further. They simply didn’t work and although it took an extra week from Cyrell and another awkward brother confrontation later, they agreed to go their separate ways.

Forget Romeo and Juliet, those people from The Notebook and The Human Centipede, this is the end of one of the greatest love stories of all time.

They were a foot above the rest.

Cyrell was the light in the dark, dark tunnel that was Married At First Sight.

She called it as it was and was honest…like sure, very openly honest and opinionated but goddamn it she was a treasure.

Farewell Kween.

And in a show filled with fake lips and fake personalities, it’s refreshing to see someone who told it like it was, complained when they weren’t given wine and got violent at the drop of a hat because frankly, Cyrell is who we’d be if we went on the “experiment”.

Cyrell may not have found love on the show but she has a found a place in our hearts.



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