Married At First Sight Has Waged A Dangerous War On The Perception Of Masculinity And They Need To Fix It

"Be a man" ain't gonna cut it.

Married At First Sight is flawed beyond belief, the original format isn’t working and it feels like each seasons ‘drama’ is turned up for the sake of entertainment and nothing has exemplified it more than the pairings of Bronson with Ines and Billy with Susie.

Both couples were doomed from the start.

John sucks too.

Bronson and Billy are two types of the same coin. Both are emotionally open, in touch with who they are and what they want but fundamentally, honest people. Although there is a difference between them when it comes to how emotionally affected they get on camera but nonetheless, they’re open with how they feel.

Billy got it rough.

Ines and Susie are also essentially the same type of person. They’re loud, outspoken and they both have an outdated perception of what it takes to be “manly” and “masculine”. On countless occasions they’ve belittled, demeaned and straight out insulted their “husbands”,  alone and in front of others.


They’ve projected what they think a “man” should be and taken advantage of the well-meaning nature of their partners to not argue or put up a fight. However, the snowball effect of abuse and insults came to a head at a commitment ceremony where Bronson used the forbidden word to describe Ines’ behaviour.

This actually showed up before…the word.

Bronson was called out by “expert” Mel Schilling leading many to wonder where this vigilance was before. Ines had repeatedly verbally abused Bronson, jokingly threatened to cut the rope while he parasailed and mercilessly mocked him and yes, we wholeheartedly believe that what he said was horrible and consequences are required but damn, if that didn’t feel one sided.

An “expert”…

As a society, we’ve tried to fight the perception that being in touch with your emotions and open doesn’t mean that you aren’t “masculine”. And we try to celebrate it whenever we can but Married At First Sight needs to open a balanced dialogue that respects opinion but also holds people accountable because mocking someone on TV because you they don’t meet your expectations of “masculinity” is damaging to all of us.

Married At First Sight Has A Big Problem Gaslighting Women


Married at First Sight has a serious issue that isn’t named Jessika or Ines.

It’s ‘gaslighting’. 

What is gaslighting you may ask? Well, the simplest way to put it is the psychological manipulation of someone to the point where they doubt their own sanity and frankly, we see it week after week on MAFS.



But we’re going to be looking at the worst case with Heidi and Mike.


See Heidi and Mike seemed like an ‘okay’ couple at the ceremony but things quickly went downhill after that at their honeymoon. Heidi opened up to Mike about her less than happy past where Mike responded by asking her to “shorten her points out” and get to a conclusion.

Throughout the show, we see increasingly, troubling behaviour from Mike in the way that he seems to treat others like when he denied he said anything negative about Jess, told Heidi what she wanted to hear and then the show flipped it.

Blink 182 times a minute.

This comes to a head at the commitment ceremony, Heidi explained how she felt to the “experts” where she was met with questions and accusations from John about how this is “in her nature” when things get serious.

And frankly, that’s not on.

Not happy, Jan.

There is a claim that the “experts” don’t see what happens outside of dinner parties and ceremonies but I don’t buy that. For them to put the blame on her is a horrible thing. There are things that are happening inside and outside of her view that are influencing her opinion (which if she feels uncomfortable, there are plenty of reasons to back it up) and she gets told that?

It’s a treatment of a person that we really can’t get behind and they really need to look into how they conduct themselves and the show as a whole because it’s disgusting.

Dab those haters away.

Here's Why You Keep On Watching The Eternal Dumpster Fire That Is Married At First Sight

We didn't start the fire.

Married at First Sight sucks.

It honestly does, I hate it, it’s ruining my life, my friendships and yet I can’t quit it. It has a power over me unlike anything else. My eyes light up when somebody mentions it but I feel disgusted in myself after watching it, usually surrounded by empty pizza boxes and self-loathing.

So why do we keep on watching it?

‘Tis a dilemma.

Well there are 3 categories that MAFS viewers fit in:

The Cynic: Is it that we’re jaded about love and romance and seeing it not workout is validating? Like god forbid you open yourself up and on the other end is someone like Ines or Susie? No thanks, I’ll take this show as a cautionary tale and enjoy watching people get their heart broken knowing that it’s not happening to me.

Like a hoover.

The Lover: Whether it be on the show, outside of the show or even swapping partners at the dinner party, you’re happy that people are pursuing love. Knowing that although some of the couples might not work out, they’ll have a chance somewhere else… Except Ines, she’s horrid.

Yeah that’s right.

The Commentator: Even though sporting seasons are yet to start, why can’t the yelling? Sometimes (most of the time) the experts mess up and you’re there to let them know what they did wrong… even though it’s a TV and they can’t hear you.

It’s edge of your seat stuff.

But there’s something magical about a show that brings so many people together in the pursuit of love because frankly, it’s nowhere to be seen on screen… except Cam and Jules, they’re a goddamn delight but everyone else sucks and I’ll be tuning in for eternity.


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