Here's What Married At First Sight Would've Been Like If The Room's Tommy Wiseau Was One Of The Experts

What a story, Mark!

What if two juggernauts came together?

Two titans in their field, the best of the best, the highest in crappy pieces of entertainment.

Just kidding, we love MAFS.

At least that’s what our thought process was when we wondered what it would be like to combine the single worst, most addictively disgusting and fascinating show; Married at First Sight and one of the world’s best/worst actors Tommy Wiseau from The Room.

And honestly, it scarily works.

Although most people feel like this when MAFS comes on.

It helps that both have characters named Mark and really, the drama is at pretty much at the same level except maybe The Room is just slightly more believable.


Married At First Sight's Cam And Jules Are The Only Reason Why I Think That Love Is Real

Please adopt me.

Married at First Sight has hit the home stretch.

As we go into the final week of this addictive dumpster fire, we were treated the first part of the last commitment ceremonies with Cam & Jules and Dan & Jess. And this revealed what the show was intended to do and what it became, further cementing that Cam and Jules are the guiding light of the show and the only reason why I believe in true love.

I dino has never saur’d higher.

Cam and Jules were day one love birds. They were the objective, what most people strive for. From the moment Cam helped ease Jules’ nerves at their wedding ceremony with a beautiful musicless dance, we hoped they would last.

We saw their relationship grow and develop. Although you might mock the fact that they’ve only known each other for 8 weeks, remember that they’ve essentially spent a whole 8 weeks together, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week together. In the “real world” that would be 6-8 months worth of a relationship.

She’s proven herself to a priceless…Jule.

They’ve been thrown into an “experiment” where frankly, they were doomed to fail in the name of ratings and entertainment but nevertheless, they made it out. They talked through their issues, built strong foundations and were there for emotional support when the other needed it.

And to see now, after all of this time that they have not only made it but they’re engaged?  That makes me think that yeah, love can be real. Because as much as the show wants to pretend, it was never to find everlasting love but through it all, Cam and Jules were steadfast and strong.

They’re goals.

They were the guiding light for true love and for a light to shine through a dumpster fire, it would have to be pretty damn bright.

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