Sean Astin Of Stranger Things Appeared At NY Comic-Con Because Apparently, He Was In LOTR

He even sang a song about po-tay-toes.

ICYMI, New York Comic-Con was held over the weekend, and as the huge event tends to do, it brought a long list of big-name celebs with it.

Over four days, audiences were treated to interviews with the likes of John Krasinski (who was chatting Jack Ryan), Ryan Reynolds (there to discuss Free Guy) and even your old pal, Sean Astin of Stranger Things.

Now, I know this might come as a shock to a lot of people, but Astin was not actually attending Comic-Con to discuss Bob Newby and the Upside-Down.

In fact, Sean Astin was not at the event for Stranger Things at all. The actor who brought Joyce’s sweet, dear boyfie to life in season two of the Netflix hit was in New York for a Lord Of The Rings reunion panel.

I know! Astin? A part of another pop culture zeitgeist? Yes, friends. It’s true. The 48-year-old actor played a character known as Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of The Rings trilogy and appeared at the Con alongside Billy Boyd who played Pippin in the series of films.

Remember this little trilogy?
Credit: New Line Cinema

Okay, I’ll drop the sarcasm now.

The pair sat with SYFY for a reunion interview about the iconic movies in which they discussed nearly freezing their toes off while wearing hobbit feet, and the po-tay-toes remix that took over the Internet a few years back. Astin even performed a little rendition.

Haven’t heard the ‘Boil ‘Em’ tune? Have a listen below. Just be prepared to have it stuck in your head for the next 64 years.  

“Boil ’em. Mash ’em. Stick ’em in a stew.”


In the last few minutes of the ‘Hobbits Reunited!’ interview, Astin recounted a story from his time on (you guessed it) Stranger Things.

“So, one of my favourite moments in Stranger Things that I got to do… Bob is, you know, brought by the kids in the middle of the night to this dead pumpkin patch and gets a shovel with Joyce and goes down into this pit -this hole. And now, all of a sudden, he’s in the map that the little boy drew.

“Bob doesn’t question it. Bob just rolls with it, man. And we get over there and the Sheriff… is being smothered by these living snake vines. So, we cut him out. We cut the vines – the snakey things or whatever. And he [the Sheriff] stands up. And as he stands up, as he’s dusting himself off – and Joyce is very upset – he says: ‘Hey Bob’. And I say, ‘Hey Jim’.

“…I thought that was really funny.”

I mean, how could the discussion *not* move this way, right?

Boyd also took his chance to take a swing at Stranger Things chat during the interview. Just as the discussion was wrapping up, he turned to Astin and said:

“You know the worst thing in Stranger Things?”

“When Bob could’ve run away from that monster and he just stopped. Why didn’t he just keep running?”

The question was followed by like 20 seconds of awkward silence.

Astin then replied:

“Alright. ‘Bob stops running, period’. Turn the page. It doesn’t go well. ‘Joyce enters. Sees Bob. Stops cold’. It’s not going well… ‘Demagorgan demadogs crash through the door’. At this point I just put the script down.”

Rough though it may be… you’ve got to admit: Boyd did have a point.

Oh, lol Pippin!
Credit: New Line Cinema

Twitter Has Made Today Sean Astin Appreciation Day, And We're Not Complaining

You best show some respect for Samwise Gamgee.

A Twitter user has unknowingly kicked off an entire movement this Saturday, August 10th, after shooting out a naive tweet.

@samxgrace posted an un-freaking-believably cute collection of photos picturing Sean Astin holding an otter and along with the snaps, wrote the caption:

“idk who needed this but sean astin from stranger things with an otter”

Those 13 words caused a straight eruption on the Internet. Because… well, folks, the 48-year-old actor is much, much more than just his role in Stranger Things season two.

Probably most notably, Astin played absolute angel Samwise Gamgee; the hobbit who was Frodo Baggins’ best friend in a little legendarium known as Lord Of The Rings.

Samwell ya freaking legend.
Image: New Line Cinema

But, in case you were wondering, he’s also held roles in The Goonies, 50 First Dates, Rudy, Click, and No Good Nick – which is streaming on Netflix right now.

Naturally, the tweet which massively simplified Astin’s resume as an actor went completely viral. His daughter Ali responded directly, telling fans that: “@SeanAstin didn’t change my diapers to be known as ‘Sean Astin from Stranger Things.’”

And eventually, the man himself hopped online to poke fun at the chaos.

He responded to his daughter’s tweet, saying:

“Early flight training sweetie. Bob Newby Superhero to the rescue!!!

If you’re keen for a little stroll down Sean-Astin-specific-memory lane, here are a few of the best tweets to come out of this:

(You’re welcome).

Orlando Bloom Says He Doesn't 'Fit' In The New LOTR Production

Say goodbye to Legolas, folks.

As many of you will already know, Amazon Prime has announced that they’re producing a Lord of the Rings prequel in the form of a series.

The show is in the early stages still and very little detail has been given about the actual content, meaning that fan theories are running wild.

Questions have been circulating about when in the long history of J.R.R. Tolkien’s universe the series will take place, as well as which characters will feature.

As Digital Trends has reported, the initial press release from Amazon stated that the project will “explore new storylines preceding J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring,” but beyond that, specifics are limited.

One thing we have learnt, however, is that Orlando Bloom is not open to getting involved.

No thanks, guys.
Image: New Line Cinema

EW has shared that during a panel at the Television Critics Association’s summer session, Bloom was questioned about the reboot and the possibility of his character Legolas making an appearance.

According to EW, he responded by hinting at how surreal the remake feels:

“I remember being on set with Peter [Jackson], 20 years ago now? And he was saying, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny to think about when they’ll want to do a remake of Lord of the Rings? We were in the midst of this remarkable shoot and I said, ‘No! That’s never going to happen.’ And here I am, working for Amazon and they’re redoing it. It’s great.”

Bloom then went on to point out he doesn’t think he “fits” in the new LOTR world:

“I mean look, I don’t know how they’re going to approach it. I haven’t had any conversations about this. I feel that I have done everything…

“I like to think of myself as ageless, but I don’t know where I would fit into that world. If you’re saying as Legolas, they’ve probably got some 19-year-old kid who is ready to go.”

While it’s a little sad to picture a LOTR universe that doesn’t include Bloom as Legolas, it may not even be logistically possible to include that character.

Back in March, the official Twitter account for The Lord Of The Rings on Prime Video shared a tweet welcoming fans to “the Second Age”.

Unsurprisingly, this has led fans to assume the series will occur during the “Second Age” period. This places the timeline way before the birth of many of our favourite characters… Possibly even Legolas, who, as an elf, has a fairly long lifespan.

Suppose we’ll just have to work with old footage of Bloom and his glorious locks if ever we’re missing this character, you guys.

Bye, honey. Miss you 4eva.
Image: New Line Cinema

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