The Rights To Lizzo’s ‘Truth Hurts’ Don't 100% Belong To Her And She’s Okay With That

Guess she's not that b*tch.

Lizzo is taking over the world with her body positive, flute playing, sass queening ways and I am not mad about it.

Boss. Source: Giphy

But, it turns out, her fame isn’t entirely her own. Well, it is – she’s a hard working woman who deserves every accolade that comes her way – but it started with someone else. Specifically, a woman named Mina Lioness.

Mina is a British singer and the original genius behind Lizzo’s “100% that b*tch” lyric in her chart-topping song ‘Truth Hurts’.

It all started in February 2017, when Mina tweeted this out into the universe:

Looks very familiar.

Enter Lizzo who apparently saw the tweet on a meme and was inspired to write ‘Truth Hurts’.

At the time the track was initially released, Lizzo denied Mina was the source of the song’s inspiration.

“I’ve never seen this before in my life, that’s crazy,” she said.

“But u know, there’s 10 BILLION ppl on the planet. The odds of multiple people having the same idea are VERY high. The odds of multiple ppl putting it in song w/ millions of streams are low tho. Nothin new under the sun.”

K sure. Source: Giphy

Of course, a legal battle began. But Mina isn’t the only party who tried to cash in on ‘Truth Hurts’.

The Raisen brothers also accused Lizzo of stealing from them. The pair think they should be given credit on ‘Truth Hurts’ because the the lyric — “I just took a DNA test / Turns out I’m 100% that bitch” — was used in an unreleased track called “Healthy” from an April 2017 studio session with Lizzo and other songwriters.

Lizzo’s reps told the New York Times in a statement that the men “did not collaborate with Lizzo or anyone else to create this song, and they did not help write any of the material that they now seek to profit from, which is why they expressly renounced any claim to the work, in writing, months ago.”

Which brings us to today, where Lizzo settled legal issues surrounding the iconic song.

Lizzo has granted Mina credit for ‘Truth Hurts’ along with a share of the royalties.

But while Lizzo has squashed her beef with Mina, she is now suing The Raisen brothers and a third writer, Jesse Saint John, who claim they deserve credit too.

She’s seeking a declaratory judgement that none of them had any part in Truth Hurts, and for unspecified damages.

Basically, it’s a bit of a hot mess. But it’s refreshing to see Lizzo be open and honest about the controversy.

It’s nice to see Lizzo admit her past mistakes and give credit where credit is due.

And to not let other people stuff her around for a slice of her success.

Like I said, Lizzo is taking over the world. And I am not mad about it.

Lizzo Outed A Delivery Girl Who Stole Her Food And Got A Privilege-Check

She coulda been a nice b*tch.

I love Lizzo, you love Lizzo, the whole world loves Lizzo. 

She’s not afraid to be herself 110% of the time and speaks her mind 120% of the time. 

While people – myself included – normally love Lizzo’s ability to keep things real, a recent tweet by the rap queen has fans – yes, myself included – a little conflicted. 

Lizzo took to Twitter to call out a Postmates driver for stealing her food delivery. 

“Hey @Postmates this girl Tiffany W. stole my food. she lucky I don’t fight no more,” Lizzo wrote in a since deleted tweet.

Postmates responded to Lizzo, asking her to DM them and apologised for the “less than satisfactory experience.”

On face value, this is fair enough – I’d be damn peeved too if someone stole the food I was waiting for. I would probably complain about it to anyone who would listen. And yes, if it was an especially bad day, I would probably file a formal complaint. 

But not everyone on Twitter felt the same way, calling Lizzo a “snitch” for ratting out Tiffany W. to Postmates. 

“Snitches get stitches,” one follower tweeted. 

“Jesus. This poor girl is going to get fired and then hunted down. Come on, Lizzo,” wrote another. 

“So you’ve publicly shamed someone who works in the service industry… you’ve nearly a million twitter followers… and you’ve now DMd their employer who will likely sack the individual you shamed publicly after accusing her of theft when you don’t actually know what happened…,” tweeted another.

These reactions feel a little full on for what was just a salty tweet about a lost food delivery. But, after pausing to think about it, I actually understand why people are so annoyed: Lizzo’s tweet raises a lot of questions about celebrity status and the use of social media as a platform. 

Even though celebs are just normal people, their fame comes with an inherent responsibility whether we/they like it or not. The things they say and do have more sway, therefore they’re more likely to be held accountable for those things. 

Where a normal person could tweet about a crappy delivery service and receive little to no response, celebrities don’t have the same luxury. Lizzo’s tweets have the ability to do a lot more damage than if she wasn’t, well, Lizzo. Her public shaming of Tiffany shows a lack of awareness and understanding on her part. 

*shrug*. Source: Giphy

But – and this is a pretty big but – it would be unfair for us to expect celebs to be perfect all the time. Like I said, they’re just normal people. And normal people make mistakes. 

The important thing is that they show a willingness to learn which is exactly what Lizzo did in the wake of this whole Postmates saga. 

“Imma really be more responsible with my use of social media and check my petty and my pride at the door. ”

Can I get “check my petty and my pride” printed on a t-shirt? 

k thanks. Source: Giphy

Mandy Moore Released New Music After 10 Years, Scuse Me While I Cry Into My Candy CD

*cries in 1990s pop*

Where most people were listening to Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, I was a blasting Mandy Moore through the earphones of my discman. 

Mandy is the most underrated icon of an entire generation of teenage girls who wanted to have the same sweet voice, glitter eyeshadow and love someone as much as candy. 

I-C-O-N-IC. Source: Giphy

But all good things must come to an end and, one fateful day about a decade ago, Mandy stepped away from the microphone for good and decided to pursue a more serious career in acting.

Did I respect her decision? Of course. 

Was I quietly shattered that I would never again be able to dance around my bedroom listening to her latest studio album? Yep. 

Have I listened to ‘Candy’ almost every day since? You better believe it. 

But now, friends, the day has come. Mandy ‘Candy’ Moore has released her first new music in ten years. She has risen from the abandoned ashes of her childhood singing career and brought something fresh to our ears. 

Mandy’s new track is called ‘When I Was Watching’ and it’s a mood. Not a sultry, poppy mood like ‘Candy’ (nothing will ever again reach ‘Candy’ status), but a mature, mellow, adult mood feat. Mandy swaying around in a beautiful red dress. 

Notice how Many casually dropped the news that she has an entire album on the way?^ Yeah, people have lost their minds and, same. 

I stan an iconic, resilient, talented queen. Even if I am quietly salty that I’ll never be able to pull off a short choppy ‘cool girl’ haircut like she can.

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