Why Everyone's Gone Bonkers For Baking In Iso, An Investigation

And bananas for banana bread.

You only need to have a quick scroll of your various social media platforms to realise that literally everyone you know has gone absolutely bonkers for baking while we’ve been stuck in iso.

With all this spare time on our hands, folks have been turning their backs on bakery delights and store-bought alternatives and adopting a ‘do it yourself’ mantra in the kitchen. The result? An endless stream of Instagram pics of homemade bread, pasta, cakes, pastries – and most popular, banana bread.

Apparently, banana bread has even become the most Googled recipe in the world. The question is, what’s with this sudden obsession with baking? 

We recently spoke to expert nutritionist Susie Burrell on It’s Been A Big Day For… who spilled the tea on our iso baking habits, and offered her tips on how to make your creations healthy and delicious. LISTEN BELOW:

“It’s a really great time for bakers,” she said. “We know that food we make at home is generally much healthier for us and in the case of banana bread – it’s such an amazing opportunity to make a really wholesome, nourishing snack food.”

As for keeping your banana bread healthy, Burrell suggested using wholemeal flour, milk or Greek yoghurt, and olive oil instead of butter. Pro tip: throw blitzed banana skins into your mix for extra fibre. 

Baking isn’t just good for our tummies and taste buds, it’s also proven to alleviate stress. Clinical psychologist Dr. Mary McNaughton-Cassill told Delish, “There is a rhythm or pattern to baking. It feels familiar and can even lead to a mindful state.”

Speaking to Delish, Dr. McNaughton-Cassill also explained that many aspects of our lives don’t have a predictable or a “tangible outcome,” and baking or cooking offers a visual accomplishment. “I think this is why there has been such a resurgence of interest in crafts, home remodeling, and cooking,” she said. “We want to feel that we can still do things that impact the environment.”

Flexing your masterchef skills is also great for creativity. “The smell of spices and vanilla are comforting, and [they] often remind us of happy times,” Dr. McNaughton-Cassill says. 

“Olfactory scents are particularly linked to areas of the brain that involve emotions and memory,” she suggested. “Mixing inert substances together, and watching them rise can bring out the mystic, or chemist, in all of us.”

So, there you have it. As well as making our social media feeds look pretty, baking and cooking is great for our brains and bodies – whether you have a tendency to burn the banana bread, or not.

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How To Watch Michelle Obama's Netflix Doco In The Style She Deserves

Here's your first sneak peek.

It’s time to go high when they go low because our Queen Michelle Obama is getting her very own Netflix documentary.

The doco, called Becoming, is set to land on Netflix in early May and follows Obama as she goes on tour to promote her memoir of the same name. Hear all the details below:

Obama’s memoir Becoming quickly became the bestselling hardcover book of 2018 after it was released and according to Penguin Random House, has gone on to sell more than 10 million copies to date.

In a Tweet announcing the her Netflix documentary, Michelle Obama wrote, “I’m excited to share that on May 6, @Netflix will release BECOMING, a documentary directed by Nadia Hallgren that shares the stories of the amazing people I met after the release of my memoir. During this difficult time, I hope you’ll find some inspiration and joy in this film.”

Obama also shared a sneak peek of Becoming, which shows her speaking to a group of young women. When one girl asks her “how do you feel transitioning back to your normal life?” Obama responds, “It’s not about getting back on track but it’s about creating a new track.”

Becoming was also produced by Higher Ground Productions, the company founded by Michelle and Barack Obama which is behind titles including the disability rights doco Crip Camp, available to watch on Netflix now. 

The question is: how can we watch this inspiring documentary in true Michelle Obama fashion? Considering Obama is a trailblazing feminist, creating a Netflix watching party with your girlfriends is a great way to honour her legacy.

Why not get dressed up and make a classy ladies night out of it? You could even finish watching Becoming and then start a book or documentary film club celebrating female authors and filmmakers.

Either way, Michelle Obama’s Netflix documentary is bound to be the inspiring isolation treat we all need right now.

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The Party Pie Toastie Is Here To Clog Your Arteries, BYO Sauce

Genius iso treat or utterly disgusting?

With all this spare time on our hands, people have been getting very creative while stuck in isolation. Just one scroll of your social media and you’ll see family and friends edecorating their homes, starting herb gardens, flipping old clothes, learning languages and musical instruments – not to mention all the at-home masterchefs. 

However, no isolation creation has proved as ‘inventive’ as this – the party pie toastie.

The party pie toastie is the brainchild of Darwin legend Dave Krantz, who recently took to social media to share a step-by-step video of how to craft this Aussie delight.

In the video, Krantz starts by heating up a party pie in the oven. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, until he “classes it up a bit” by chopping some parsley and cheese. What happens next is enough to give you a cholesterol-induced heart attack. 

Krantz places the cooked party pie, parsley and crumbled cheese on top of a slice of Wonder White and sandwiches it in the kind of Jaffle Maker you haven’t seen since Year 6. 

Krantz claims “it’s all coming together” and there will be “no scurvy” for him, and before you can register that the latch on his Jaffle Maker is broken, the party pie toastie is complete. 

With a squirt of tomato sauce and a light sprinkling of parsley, it’s ready to eat – but would you be game? 

Without tasting this Franken-pie toastie, it’s difficult to decide whether it’s a genius iso treat or utterly revolting. One brave soul at Vice tried the party pie toastie and gave it a resounding “fine” – apart from the addition of cheese.

“Something about the combination of cheddar and gravy gives the sandwich a disarming sweetness— sickly sweet, like the smell of hot milk. It makes it all taste like you’re eating something you shouldn’t be. And that, of course, is because you are.” A truly enlightening review. 

Hear about the other ways people are getting creative in quarantine below:

One thing is for certain, and that is, the party pie toastie is guaranteed to clog your arteries, but may also cause violent diarrhoea, and leave you desperate for a mint. If you dare to try the party pie toastie, we strongly recommend being near a toilet, a toothbrush and in reach of a phone to dial 000.

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