EA's New 'Skate' Game Will Give You Major Flashbacks To These '00s Trends

BRB, digging out my flip-phone.

EA has just announced a new ‘Skate’ game and the name itself is simply transporting us back to the ’00s and all the wacky trends that came with it. We know what you’re thinking, the answer is no. No, EA didn’t give us a trailer, gameplay footage or even a screenshot, they simply announced that a new ‘Skate’ project was coming our way. Damn.

Speaking of gaming, we spoke about the new PS5 on this episode of It’s Been A Big Day For…

As a result, we were immediately taken back to the days of playing the original X-Box and the PS2 as soon as school finished. And while we’re in this headspace, we thought we’d resurface all the trends that came with this ‘00s era. Let’s dive in.

Puka Necklaces 

What on earth were we thinking with this trend? Historically, wearing puka shells was traditionally thought to help ensure a peaceful and safe voyage across the ocean, especially for sailors on long and dangerous journeys. Were we sailors? No. So, why did we wear them?!

In the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, Puka shells were all the rage, but honestly, we’re just looking back right now and cringing. It seems to have taken hindsight for us to realise that Puka necklaces weren’t making Justin Timberlake hot, he was hot in spite of the jewellery. 

Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans may not be the most flattering aesthetic, but we can definitely see how they came into fashion. Thanks to Billie Eilish’s fashion choices, baggy clothes are making a comeback. But, we’re happy to report that we’re leaving the jeans in the ‘00s. Baggy jeans were the most impractical of clothes. They often fell below your waistline exposing your underwear and sometimes what was underneath that. Let’s never ever resurface this trend, please. 

Element, Rusty & Billabong

They say that fashion comes in waves and that fashion is merely a resurgence of the past. Well, we’re desperately hoping this trend doesn’t come back. Don’t get us wrong, Rusty, Billabong and Element were perfect for their niches. If you were at the beach, Billabong and Rusty were perfect. If you were at the skate park, Element was perfect. But, as these brands gained a cool reputation, people started to wear them in settings where they definitely shouldn’t have been. Why are you wearing Billabong board shorts and thongs to the movies? 


While heelies were ugly, we do have to shout out the practical element of this ‘00s trend. If you needed to get somewhere quick, this shoe was perfect. The only thing is, it was not built for socialisation. Have you ever been walking from point A to point B with a group of friends, but realised you couldn’t engage your heelies because your mates didn’t have any, so you just have to awkwardly walk with a wheel sticking out the bottom of your shoe? Yeah, same. Delete this trend, please. 

LiveStrong Bracelets

We’re gonna end this list with a positive one. Those bright yellow LiveStrong bracelets were everywhere, but at least they were for a good reason. The bracelet worn by every kid in school did wonders for cancer awareness and even though Lance Armstrong tarnished the reputation, at least it did more good than bad.

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Feel The Comradery Of Everyone Sharing Their Random Notes App Yarns

Take note.

The Notes App is a weird and wonderful place, as you would know. While it’s most often used by celebrities as a means to offer up their most sincere apology to their fans, it’s known to us commoners for something quite different. 

We spoke about this on today’s episode of It’s Been A Big Day For…

Whether you write in your Notes App when you’re stressed, when you’re angry or when you’re simply feeling chaotic, we write in our Notes App when we’re at our most vulnerable, and that’s fair. The diary walked so that the Notes App could run. 

While the diaries we had when we were younger were considered “safe” for keeping secrets, they weren’t really. You always ran the risk of having your mother, father or sibling storming into your room when you weren’t there and having a bit of a read. That’s why the Notes App is like the 21st-century diary, if you will. It’s kept on you at all times, you more-often-than-not need a password or Face ID to get in and your secrets are hidden in plain sight. How genius is that? 

The Notes App is the closest we will ever get to understanding our own, unfiltered minds. Seriously, if you’ve ever wanted to track your stream of consciousness, just go look at your Notes App. Really. We guarantee you’ll find some pretty incredible stuff. 

On Friday, the Internet took it upon itself to scramble through old Notes App entries and resurface the odd ones. And far out, we are a weird bunch of people. 

There was the person who so proudly wrote: “I twink, therefore I am.” Unsure of where this was going, but hey, we’re on board. 

There was the person who, we have to assume, was practising their comebacks to a high-school bully. Hey, no judgement, we can relate. 

There was the person who, of course, detailed their grocery list. But, what a mighty-fine list it seems to be!

And finally, there was the person who felt her feelings best be communicated via drawings. 

Honestly, do yourself a favour today, grab your iPhone, have a scroll through your Notes App and try your absolute hardest to remember exactly where you were and how you were feeling when you wrote each weird entry. 

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Why 2020 Should Be The Year You Finally Sell And Recycle Your Clothes

Could you be selling any more clothes?

It’s about that time that you sell all the clothes in that vacuum-sealed bag under your bed, just saying.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have engaged in working-from-home routines or more broadly, social-distancing rules. In this time, we’re socialising less and we’re wearing our most comfortable clothes more, going on Zoom meetings in sweatpants (if any pants at all). And while lockdown laws are slowly starting to lift, we’re noticing that a lot of our old “favourite” clothes have been collecting dust for the past few months, and so it’s probably time to sell them. 

Speaking of the pandemic indoors, we talked about how to stay creative on this episode of It’s Been A Big Day For…

This pandemic has exposed our relationship to clothes. It’s the 80/20 rule. 20% of your clothes, you wear 80% of the time. Although, with this pandemic, it’s more like 3% of our clothes, 100% of the time. As we stare into our complete full wardrobes and reflect on the same five tracksuits we’ve been wearing for the past few months, we’re forced to think about a potential change in our clothing habits. 

This is not to say you should sell or recycle all your clothes, but we should start to think about a Marie Kondo-esque type of cleanout. Marie Kondo has her own cleanup method which is a 6-step process. According to Kondo, you should commit yourself to tidying-up, imagine your ideal lifestyle, finish discarding first, tidy-up by category and not by location, follow the right order and ask yourself if it “sparks joy”.

Now, this does seem like a commitment, and we’re not saying that you have to follow all these rules to clean out your wardrobe, but we do suggest you take that last point into consideration. If you feel like your wardrobe needs a bit of a clean, then definitely ask yourself if your clothes “spark joy” because if it doesn’t, then a) you won’t ever wear it, and b) it will definitely spark joy for somebody else. 

During this pandemic, we’re spending a lot of time at home. Without the commute to and from work, we’ve got a bit of extra time on our hands. Why not take that spare hour or two and go through your wardrobe, picking out stuff that you never use then take to eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or Depop. And, if that doesn’t work out, donate them all to a charity. In the words of the brilliant rap-force, Macklemore, “one man’s trash is another man’s come-up.”

So what are you waiting for? Get cleaning and get selling so you can get buying again.

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