COVID-19 Is Finally Giving Earth Day The Attention It Deserves

It's time to be grateful.

It’s pretty difficult to see past anything other than COVID-19 right now, but today is the perfect opportunity to peel your eyes off the news for a moment and take a glimpse outside at mother nature, because today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Earth Day started all the way back in 1970, and 50 years on is marked by more than a billion people as a day of action to change human behaviour and create global, national and local policy changes. Hear about it all below:

After much of Australia was devastated by bushfires earlier this year, the impacts of climate change have never been so front-of-mind until now – in the midst of a global pandemic. 

Credit: Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

As Marshall Shepherd of Forbes points out, “This coronavirus pandemic is a low probability, high-impact event that people can “see.” Climate-related impacts are often not as obvious to the public.” However, we can already see the – albeit temporary – positive impacts social distancing and tight government restrictions are having on the environment.

According to an infographic from Venngage, since the pandemic, there has been far less air traffic which means a drop in greenhouse gas emissions. There has reportedly been a 50% decrease in carbon monoxide in New York, and carbon emissions fell by 25% in China – a country you can actually see from space now there is less air pollution. 

Commemorating Earth Day during the pandemic also means a newfound appreciation for science and the scientists at the forefront of a COVID-19 vaccine. Not to mention the epiphany that we, as a group, have banded together to help flatten the curve – if only we could put that same energy in pushing to stop climate change.

It’s important to note that the positive environmental impacts are temporary, and are bound to return to normal levels after lockdowns are lifted – but the pandemic has the power to change our attitudes for good.

This year, you can celebrate Earth Day online. Head to to find out about the many talks, challenges, festivals, film screenings, and classes happening today. 

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You’re More Connected To Malcolm Turnbull’s Book Breach Than You Think

The tea is flowing.

Over the weekend, all hell broke loose when Malcolm Turnbull’s new book A Bigger Picture hit shelves – but not before it had been illegally circulated to “millions” of people, resulting in a “massive breach of intellectual property” which has now been referred to the Australian Federal Police.

Hear all the spicy details on It’s Been A Big Day For…below:

Turnbull’s publisher Hardie Grant sent a cease and desist to one of Turnbull’s top aides on Saturday after it became apparent that a digital copy of the former PM’s book had been sent around before it was officially released today. 

“What drew this to our attention was the distribution of the pirated edition from an address from within the PMO, sent to people who reported the illegal edition,” Hardie Grant chief executive Sandy Grant said in a statement.

“Piracy is a problem for bestselling books and our lawyers have taken immediate action to make it clear we intend to take action against the person seemingly distributing A Bigger Picture widely and illegally, as a well as any site sharing the file.”

Hardie Grant claimed the book had been illegally distributed to “millions” of people and a range of politicians admitted to receiving a copy, but many insisted they deleted it immediately. 

According to the ABC, the staffer has since apologised for circulating Turnbull’s book, but the whole thing highlights the broader issue of piracy laws and common breaches of intellectual property. 

Turnbull’s unreleased book may have been doing the rounds in parliament, but so are pirated films and TV shows on torrent websites, not to mention all the leaked music that seems to sneak its way onto social media. Let’s be honest – we all used LimeWire once or twice in the ‘00s before it gave our computers a virus. 

All the drama surrounding the release of A Bigger Picture was almost enough to overshadow the contents of the book itself, but it contained just as much piping hot tea. Since the release of his memoir there has been a call to ban Malcolm Turnbull from the Liberal party for life, after extracts from the book state the former PM did not believe the Morrison-led coalition deserved to win the 2019 election.


Excuse me while I go make a cup of tea and get stuck into some non-pirated reading. 

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How A Joke About Committing Crime For Content Birthed Your Next Fave Podcast

“It has destroyed our credibility...not that we had any to begin with."

Sometimes the best ideas come from the craziest places – particularly when you’re stuck in COVID-induced isolation and have a lot of time on your hands. Just ask OG Chaser Charles Firth, who just launched the new podcast The Chaser Report, a half-hour topical comedy current affairs show focused on how to survive the lockdown – particularly through the consumption of alcohol.

On the most recent ep of It’s Been A Big Day For, Firth explained where the idea for The Chaser Report came from. “It’s interesting, Nova approached us to do a podcast at the beginning of the year, and what we wanted to do was actually a true crime podcast,” he said. “They are the thing to do.” LISTEN BELOW:

Firth joked the whole idea was for one of the Chasers to commit a murder so they could create a podcast about it. “We didn’t know any unsolved crimes – but this way, you’d know the beginning, middle and end, you’d know the motive, all the characters.”

“Then the pandemic happened, and the only thing anyone is listening to is COVID-related.”

While Firth acknowledged that there has been “13 trillion” podcasts that have launched since the global pandemic, “there is a gap in the market for current affairs programs that you know you can’t trust.”

Instead of pointing out all the fake news floating around the Internet right now, Firth insists The Chaser Report leans into the bullshit and takes a big whiff. “We’ve actually been burning down 5G towers,” he joked.

“It has destroyed our credibility a little – not that we had any to begin with,” Firth said of the podcast. 

When it comes to surviving the tight government restrictions and rules around social distancing, Firth admits it’s not been easy.

“I’ve been drinking so much more than usual,” Firth admitted. “We’re not working from home, we’re surviving a pandemic while trying to work from home.”

“You have to laugh, or otherwise you’d just sob,” he said. As for taking care of your mental – and physical – health while in isolation, Firth’s tip is to “pour all the kombucha out, and pour in vodka.” 

You can listen to The Chaser Report on all your favourite podcasts platforms right now. 

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