Chris And Liam Hemsworth Look Really Hot Whilst Saving Regional Aussie Tourism

Just two bros.

With International – and even inter-state – travel looking less and less likely in our near future, we’re definitely all looking a little closer to home for some bloody time to ourselves. Elsa Pataky joined Chris and Liam Hemsworth (and a troupe of their mates and kids) to did their bit for Aussie tourism and dipped over to Noosa for a lowkey weekend.

Liam Hemsworth chucked this gallery up on IG and tagged @australia – love that for us (and Aussie tourism)!

Chris Hemsworth’s IG copped its own gallery of gems and… not only is this wholesome dad content literally very iconic but also, wow, he really do be looking like that, huh.

This man lives in my mind, rent-free and I just let him.

To add to Chris and Liam Hemsworth’s godly and immortal presence, their posts actually genuinely boosted Aussie tourism.

Tourism development manager, Andrew Saunders told ABC that the post from Liam Hemsworth in particular, tagging @australia, was very effective.

“[A photograph shared by them] is worth tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Anything I could do, or any operator could do, is far, far less [effective] than a post from those guys.”

Queensland Tourism Council CEO, Daniel Gschwind also added, “the Hemsworth’s visiting and endorsing Rainbow Beach is not hurting at all.”

The Way Jacob Elordi Got Emo For ‘Kissing Booth 2’ Will Crush You

He let it slip in the 'bloopers' reel.

The Kissing Booth 2 is out! It’s just as cringe as the first but somehow, it’s prominently featured in everyone’s ‘Watch Again’ on Netflix. Some things have definitely changed since the first instalment hit our screens, but the most notable is the relationship breakdown of The Kissing Booth co-stars Jacob Elordi and Joey King.

If you’re a stan of The Kissing Booth, you’d know that Jacob Elordi and Joey King – who portray the lead characters – dated back in 2018, after meeting on set and then promptly broke up. As you can imagine, reuniting for The Kissing Booth 2 would’ve been pretty awkward.

At the end of The Kissing Booth 2, there’s a cute blooper reel of sweet moments from set. Fans spotted one scene from the reel in particular where Jacob Elordi is getting into character. When someone asks Jacob to describe what he’s doing and he says: “Yeah yeah, it’s me. I’m playing a slideshow. Just getting in my emotions. Pardon me.”

The slideshow in question turned out to be one of those iPhone auto-generated slideshows with sad music that included real photos of when Jacob and Joey were together.

Actors do a lot of odd things to get into character but, uh, maybe someone should check on Jacob Elordi because I don’t know how healthy that is.

Gigi Hadid's House Is One Decorative Flag Away From A Backpacker Hostel

Pillowtalk for $10 a night.

If you’re craving a night in a bunk bed at a backpacker’s hostel, Gigi Hadid’s chic NYC apartment might just be up your alley.

Coloured pasta cupboards, a giant pen, a bit of driftwood filled with cue balls and a view of every New Yorker cover ever while you’re doing a wee – Gigi Hadid’s apartment has it all.

So now that Gigi’s place is all finished, she of course wanted to share her space online. She posted pictures on her Instagram of her newly designed apartment and said, “Spent all of last year designing and curating my passion project / dream spot. Of course it all came together right before quarantining out of the city.”

There were obviously mixed reviews on Gigi Hadid’s colourful and eclectic design but most people were just pissed off at how rich people spend their money. Remember when Kim Kardashian’s sink was literally just a slit in the bench? Rip.

This one person was legitimately just so overcome with hatred for Gigi Hadid’s decorating choices.

We’ve had a glimpse inside celebrity homes before and it often ends the same way because we can not comprehend the amount of money spent on making their places fkn chic, but I reckon it’s lowkey really cool. Bit scared to say that on Twitter but let’s keep it between me and you, ok?

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