An Investigation Into Why The Black Tip Of A Banana Makes You Gag

It's not apeeling.

I’m not a picky eater, I will happily give anything served to me a go, and I’m very proud of this fact. There is one thing I won’t touch though, and that is the hard, black bit at the tip of a banana. Seriously, it’s the only food that sets off my gag reflex.

First thing’s first, I have no idea what that thing is actually called. The most common answer is the Bananus, but there’s no way that’s scientific. I don’t actually think it has a name at this point, so I’m going to go with bananus. 

So what actually is the bananus?

One of the most common urban legends is that it’s spider eggs, but thank god that’s a myth. According to Reddit, it could be a seed that the plant tried to dissolve, banana umbilical cord, or the underdeveloped parasitic twin of the banana. None of those are comforting, but also none of them are true.

Turns out it’s a leftover bit from when the banana was a flower, at least according to Annals of Botany.

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As for why it’s so goddam disgusting?

Sadly it’s safe to eat, so we can’t just say it’s poison and be done with it. This is a question that’s really hard to answer because everyone feels disgust about different things, but it really just comes down to two things: It has a weird texture, and tastes bitter compared to the rest of the fruit. Bad texture + different taste to what we were expecting = body assuming that it’s eaten something rotten and it needs to get rid of it right now. 

There isn’t a lot of information out there about the gross tip of the banana. Probably because nobody actually wants to deal with one for longer than the 3 seconds it takes to pull out and throw in the bin, but there you go. It’s a gross, dead flower that tastes and feels like death. The more you know.

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What To Expect In The Year Of The Rat, Even If You're A Dog

I'm so sorry, horses.

The Lunar New Year kicks off on Saturday, and we’re ushering in the Year of the Rat. So what will 2020 have in store for you?

It’s our year, rats! As a 1996 baby I’m very excited for this. Traditionally the sign whose year it is will have worse luck than usual, but we aren’t going to do too badly. Our careers are predicted to go well, with people recognising how much effort we put in. On the other side of the coin though, our health won’t be as great as usual, so grab some painkillers next time you’re out.

Because you guys are so compatible with the rat, the Year of the Rat is looking to be a good one. You’ll luck out with your career, education, and health but you’ll need to look after your relationships a bit more than usual. What I’m saying is you should actually organise that coffee date you and your mate have been putting off for months.

Your career and education are the strong points for you as well, so make sure your self confidence doesn’t slip. You’ve got this! I’m sorry to tell you that whilst those are going great, your health and relationships will… not be so great. Kick some ass in the workplace but make sure you’re communicating well with your friends and family.

You’re one of the most irresistible zodiac signs, so get ready to delete Tinder because love is going to be good to you this year. Your work/life balance will be the envy of everyone burning out around you, but be careful of your mental health – you’re predicted to have a few struggles with it this year. 

You’ve got a pretty fine line to walk this year, my dragon friends. You’re simultaneously advised to focus on your career, but make sure you don’t let it consume you. On the up side, you’re heading into a lucky year in general, so hopefully that makes it easier for you to find that balance.

Sorry snakes, it’s not looking that great for you. You’re destined to have some new friends come into your life, which is great, but that’s about it for good things. Stock up on ice cream and just white-knuckle this one out.

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Ok someone had to draw the short straw for 2020, and it looks like you guys are it. Horses and rats really aren’t compatible, so it’s just not going to go well, sorry. Maybe join the snakes with the whole ice cream and white-knuckling it thing. Start a club. Cry together. Again, I’m really sorry.

I wanted the Lunar New Year to be great to goats for obvious reasons, but it’ll be a pretty middle of the road for you guys by the looks of it. While you don’t need to join the ice cream and crying club, it’s not going to be fabulous. Your career is predicted to go really well, but keep an eye on everything else.

Your education, health, and relationships are set to be golden this year while your career is predicted to stay still. Monkeys are famously stubborn, and that may not help you as much as it usually does this year. Chill out a tad and you’ll be fine.

You guys are in for a great year. You’re set for a bit of a refresh this year, so drop all your bad energy in 2019 and leave it there because the future is bright. Pretty much the only advice for you is to keep your emotions under control. Roosters are easily angered, so don’t blow up at anyone, ok?

I’m pretty sure the dogs are lucking out this year and coming out on top. You’re on track for good fortune, hood health, fulfilling relationships, and just generally being amazing.

You guys had a crap 2019, but it’s going to be a lot better for you this time around. It’ll be a difficult year for you to keep your anger under control, but if you can manage that you’ll be golden. In fact, you’ve got the best luck out of any sign when it comes to love in 2020, so get ready for romance.

Happy Lunar New Year, whatever sign you may be!

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Frothing Over Your Fave Footy Team Could Give You A Legit Heart Attack

Not so fun fact.

A lot of us love a good footy match, or soccer match, or tennis match, or whatever other sport it may be that takes your fancy. I learned a fun fact today though, and that fact is that going too hard in the stands can put you at risk of a legit heart attack

Yes, to everyone who has ever screamed at a ref or a player through the TV in the hopes that they’ll hear you and take your obviously good advice, this is for you. A study done by Oxford tested the saliva from Brazilian fans during their soccer team’s loss to Germany at the 2014 World Cup. 

If you missed that particular game, Brazil lost 7-1 and fans were sobbing when they left the stadium. If you knew exactly what I was talking about and didn’t want to be reminded, I’m so sorry.

What the researchers found was that the levels of a hormone called cortisol shot up. Cortisol controls your fight or flight response, as well as constricting your blood vessels and therefore raising your blood pressure. 

It’s not just anecdotal either. During the 2006 World Cup there were 2.6 times for heart attacks in Munich than there were during a regular period.

Speaking of sports, the now-dead Holden Commodore was a massive part of the racing world. Listen to the GOAT team chat it out…

The researchers also found that the amount of cortisol in saliva was equal between men and women. Next time someone tries to convince you that men love their sports more than women, you can hit them with that fun little tidbit. Everyone gets as stressed as each other during a big game.

Everyone except this dog

So next time you find yourself sitting in front of the TV for the Grand Final, bowl of snacks at the ready, please try not to give yourself a heart attack. Please.

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