Olly From Years And Years Went Off On Rainbow Capitalism, And Look, He's Not Wrong

Where's that pot of rainbow gold really going?

You don’t need a calendar to figure out when June’s begun – just hop on social media and when every popular brand is turning their logos rainbow, you know that Pride month is underway.

After receiving the vaguest email in existence, Years & Years lead singer Olly Alexander took to Instagram to vent his frustration with corporations who superficially try to buy the affections of LGBTQ+ people.

A bunch of celebs seconded Olly’s take with supportive comments, with musician and past X-Factor contestant Seann Miley Moore adding: “book us all year not just out of novelty- pay queer talent”.

‘Rainbow capitalism’ is a fairly recent phenomenon, and the LGBTQ+ community’s frustration with its blatant pandering has been felt especially keenly this year.

Branded blunders abound as companies compete for the ‘pink dollar’. British supermarket M&S launched the very poorly considered ‘LGBT Sandwich‘, while Listerine packaged their mouthwash in a cringe worthy, faux-inspirational rainbow wrap – because everyone knows that the morning routine should be a spiritual experience.

As hilarious as it can be to meme these marketing fails to death, there’s a bigger concern behind them that Olly alluded to in his post: it can be very hard to tell what, if anything, is being done with all the profits. Even when companies do donate to LGBTQ+ charities, often it’s a marginal amount. H&M attracted criticism for only donating 10% of the profit from its Pride collection.

So next time you praise a brand for going all ‘Gay Rights!’ in June, remember that it pays to be woke.

The Most Lovingly Creative Call Names For Your Non-Binary Loved Ones

If you're struggling with pronouns, we got you.

When you’ve had a rough day of being misgendered at the supermarket, it’s a huge relief to come home to a partner or family member who’ll drop you a cute gender-neutral compliment as you come in the door.

Sometimes a simple text can brighten your day when your loved ones really truly ‘get’ it, as Twitter user @blondbutch found out:

If you’re struggling with pronouns and pet names for the enby and genderfluid folks in your life, look no further, because the community has come through for you.

Thankfully most terms of endearment are gender neutral by default; try ‘babe’, ‘sweetie’, or ‘honey’ on for size.

Reddit users on r/NonBinary have a few more… uh… unique examples. User Noctuema’s boyfriend calls them “datemate”. User queerandbarelyhere said: “[M]y lovely partner calls me his ‘little nip’ – ‘nip’ standing for ‘nothing in particular’ (when he asked me what I’d feel comfortable being labelled as gender-wise in pet names, I said ‘nothing in particular’”.

Random food items or objects are also a go-to for people who identify as non-binary, a-gender or genderfluid, which really cements Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec as the ultimate queer ally.

Clamperls on Tumblr recounts a weird dream they had, but I can see it working IRL:

The ultimate resource for nailing the right pronouns has to be Gender Queeries on Tumblr, who have put together a comprehensive list of familial, relationship and everyday titles to use. They even have a gender-neutral protocol for Game of Thrones – ‘Khalof’ is, in fact, a canon descriptor for a non-binary Dothraki war commander.

And if you’re really despairing, you could always take inspiration from Tumblr user sparkleruffles, who reckons you can basically just pluck lyrics from an early 00s cartoon and run with that:

Take it from Leslie:

You got this.


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