Today I Learned: Katy Perry Was A Christian Rocker Before She Kissed A Girl And Liked It

Before there was Katy Perry there was Katy Hudson.

From kissing girls (and liking it) and getting into copyright lawsuits to being a judge on American Idol and feuding with Taylor Swift for various reasons, Katy Perry has had a hell of a career.

But well before the super stardom stuff happened, Katy Perry was known as Katy Hudson and she was heavily into the Christian rock scene rather than the radio friendly unit shifter pop fare she’s known for these days.

Buckle up because this is a hell of an origin story.

The year was 2001 and Katy Hudson was touring the country with her acoustic guitar, pigtails and her set of Christian tunes.

While this may seem like a surprise to some given how she eventually started lying around in cotton candy clouds while half-naked, it was actually a natural progression for Katy as she was raised in a a very Christian home by her pastor parents. Hell, they even banned her from listening to all secular music when she was growing up and all she had was gospel music, so it would’ve been weird had she not gone into Christian music.

Katy started writing songs for her debut album, Katy Hudson, at 15 and it was released in 2001 when she was 17 under the Red Hill record label. However, the album ultimately flopped like a seal as Red Hill went bankrupt and couldn’t promote it, and the result was less than 200 copies sold.

That being said, Katy remains proud of her debut album, calling it “[Her] world. All those songs [she] wrote were very important to [her] at the time. [she] wrote about everything [she] knew then.

And honestly, the songs are fine. I mean, they’re no ‘Firework’ or ‘California Gurls’ but they’re listenable.

Seeing as how her first foray into the music biz yielded an album of Christian rock songs no one listened to and a whole heap of faith issues, Katy decided to go in the opposite direction for her follow up.

She changed her name from “Katy Hudson” to “Katy Perry”, signed a new deal with a label that wasn’t going to go belly up, worked with various producers who helped her write mainstream songs that didn’t worship Jesus and changed up her look completely.

By 2007, the pieces were in place and once Katy kissed a girl (and liked it), well, the rest is history.

Today I Learned: Avengers Happened Purely Out Of Last Minute Panic

For those who think the Avengers comic came about after meticulous planning, think again.

Comic books require a lot of time and planning in order to get them out on time while still maintaining a certain level of quality. For a superhero team up like Avengers, you’d think that Marvel would’ve meticulously plotted out every move before pulling the trigger. You only get one shot at it and you definitely don’t want to screw it up.

Well, that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

As it turns out, the reason Avengers #1 existed in the first place was because of a looming deadline, not wanting to lose money, a drunk comic book author and some last minute panic.

When you remember you have something due in 12 hours time and you’ve done nothing.

The tea was spilled by Marvel’s senior vice president of publishing, Tom Brevoort, in 2011 on Formspring during a fan Q&A session. Apparently the comic book giant’s strategy back in the 60s was to essentially rip-off what was working and flood the market. The big thing at the time was Spider-Man so Stan Lee and artist Bill Everett got to work on a new Spider-Man “inspired” comic called Daredevil.

However, Everett was juggling his comic book duties, a day job and a drinking problem, which caused Daredevil #1 to fall well behind schedule. While delaying things is pretty normal these days, Brevoort said that printing time was paid for well ahead of time back in those days regardless of whether a book was ready or not so Marvel had to get something out so their money wouldn’t go down the sink.

So now Marvel had a looming deadline, no comic book and a mountain of last minute panic. Luckily, Lee had a brainwave and thought “why not bring all our heroes together in a big team up like what DC did with Justice League of America?”

It fit in with the company’s “rip off what works” modus operandi at the time and didn’t require any prep time since all the heroes and villains were already established, so it made logical sense given the pickle Marvel were in at the time.

From there, Lee and Jack Kirby quickly cobbled together the first issue of Avengers just in time to meet the printing deadline and the rest is history. As for Daredevil, that also did come out eventually… six months later.

Took your bloody time, didn’t you?

So there you have it, Avengers wasn’t born out of some grand plan Marvel had had in the works for years but rather out of not wanting to lose money and blinding panic. And hey, it’s more than paid off since then given how prevalent the Avengers are in the pop culture space these days.

Maybe that’s the secret to creating a masterpiece: leave everything up until the last minute and hope your brain churns out some gold from the bits and pieces you have lying around.

BTS' RM And Lil Nas X's 'Seoul Town Road' Is Surprisingly The Best Collab Of 2019

Just add a dash of BTS in the form of RM and voila! Magic.

Lil Nas X has released four remixes of his annoyingly catchy hit song “Old Town Road” so far and they’ve all been hits so far. There’s only so many times you can hear a single song but it appears the rapper has saved the best for last because he’s decided to rope in BTS’ RM for the ride.

Titled “Seoul Town Road” (geddit? Because RM is from South Korea and…yeah), this new remix features RM sharing vocals with Lil Nas X and the end result is… weirdly good?

While the hook and Lil Nas X’s vocals are basically untouched, the addition of RM’s rapping and the stripped down ukulele bits actually breathe new life into the song.

To be honest, the original version of “Old Town Road” is listenable but nothing spectacular. However, the addition of RM and different instrumentation elevates “Seoul Town Road” to around the “hey this is pretty good” territory, making it the unofficial best collab of 2019 by virtue of how much the remix improved upon the original.

This also virtually guarantees that Lil Nas X will nab that coveted record of having the most consecutive weeks at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart with “Old Town Road”, which is currently sitting at 16 weeks (and counting).

Many props to Lil Nas X for being a shrewd businessman in lining this remix up because everyone is simply itching for a collab with BTS right now, regardless of whether it’s with the entire group or just one member.

With five versions of the song now under his belt, there’s surely no way Lil Nas X can possibly top “Seoul Town Road”. Hell, even he seems to realise it as he promised on Twitter that this will be the last remix.

We’ll believe you for now Lil Nas X. At least until the rest of BTS or BLACKPINK come calling.

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