Khloé Kardashian Is About To Give Birth… To A Gruesome New Crime Series About Sisters Who Kill

Cue the ‘your real father is O.J. Simpson so you’d know all about murder’ tweets.

Khloé Kardashian has it all.

A baby on the way, a successful reality series, a denim line – and of course, jars and jars of perfectly stacked biscuits in her kitchen.

But haven’t you always thought that Khloé was lacking something in her life? Perhaps a true crime series about sisters who want to kill each other?

Well, you’d be right!

Khlo-money is set to partner with the Investigation Discovery network to develop “Twisted Sisters”, which will run for six episodes and focus on stabby siblings with murder on their mind.

Wait, isn’t she already part of a show just like that?

Khloé is set to dedicate her spare time to yet another television project that doesn’t sound like it’s doomed to fail at all… Revenge Body anyone?

But hey, at least some of her fans are excited…

To be honest, Khloé is probably more qualified than most to work on a series about siblings who kill, seeing as she’s got more sisters than a church on a Sunday.

But considering she’s about to have a newborn, and presumably be quite sleep deprived, is focusing her efforts on a series about murdering family members the best idea?

Speaking to Page Six, Khloé said she was over the moon to be on board with the production.

“I am so excited to be bringing you ‘Twisted Sisters.’ As a self-proclaimed ‘true-crime addict’ there is no better way to tell these tales about the bonds that sisters possess and how they can go so terribly wrong.”

Ain’t that the truth!

Khloé isn’t exactly known for being a wallflower or shying away from confrontation when it comes to her sisters.

Investigation Discovery executive Henry Schleiff said the company is excited to be working with the reality queen, and is looking forward to her “unique perspective” on the extended sister saga… unique indeed.

Kylie Jenner Has The Power To Make Or Break Your Company

How one tweet nearly toppled Snapchat

When Kylie Jenner took to Twitter this week, fans were expecting an update on the newest addition to the Jenner/Kardashian clan – baby Stormi. Instead, the famed reality star posed a seemingly innocent yet powerful question to her 24.5 million followers:


Sure, it might just be a tweet, but here’s the rub. Just hours after Kylie’s megaburn, Snapchat’s parent shares sank a whopping 7.2 percent – costing the company $US1.3 billion ($1.7billion AUS) in market value.

Coincidence? Maybe, but by admitting she no longer opens the app, Kylie has basically confirmed what many have long been thinking – the kids no longer give a snap.

A recent redesign has seen the app struggle for the last few weeks, with active users making it clear they’re anything but happy. The criticism comes just as Citigroup analyst Mark May demoted the stock from neutral to sell on Thursday.

The lesson in all of this? Never under-estimate a Jenner – especially not one who wields more influence and power with the millennial generation than any other social media star, celebrity, or brand in the world.

What comes as the biggest surprise of all isn’t the overnight financial loss experienced by Snapchat, but rather the shock that a young reality start like Kylie, 20, could potentially influence a global company at all, let alone to this extent.

Kylie isn’t just the most successful member of her family (sorry Kim), she was also the youngest high-earning celebrity on the Forbes 2017 rich list. Her recent baby announcement even out-trended the Super Bowl on Twitter.

With a net worth hovering around the $50 million mark at just 20 years of age, Kylie’s clearly doing something (many, many things) right. Her biggest earner currently comes from her make-up line, Kylie Cosmetics, which has earned the beauty mogul $420 million since launching less than three years ago. According to a Women’s Wear Daily article published last year, Kylie Cosmetics is set to easily eclipse that number in the coming years. “If that growth trajectory continues, Kylie Cosmetics, wholly conceptualized, founded and helmed by Kylie is on track to become beauty’s next billion-dollar baby by 2022.”

Kylie’s other ventures include everything from a reality series, to a fashion line with sister Kendall, and a sponsorship deal with Puma.

With her finger so strongly on the pulse, Kylie has just reminded big business how important it is for brands and companies to focus on staying relevant, and listen to their customers.


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