Keanu Reeves Cements Status As Greatest Action Movie Hero Ever By Fighting A Motorbike-Riding Bad Guy While Riding A Horse In A New John Wick 3 Set Photo

John Wick on a horse using gun-fu to kill some bad guys riding on motorbikes? Yep, I'm already sold.

Jackie Chan. Jet Li. Donnie Yen. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sylvester Stallone. These are just some of many worthy candidates for the title of “greatest action movie hero ever”.

But if I were to pick just one, my vote would go out to the ever immortal Keanu Reeves.

He knows his way around a gun, is able to look and be downright intimidating, and has been in several iconic action movies over the past couple of decades, such as Point BreakSpeedThe Matrix trilogy, and of course, John Wick.

Plus, the man also knows kung fu so he’s also got that going for him.

You’d think that after decades of crazy action sequences that Reeves would be out of tricks, but you’d be wrong. In a new set pic from the upcoming John Wick 3, the guy ups the ante by getting into a car chase but instead of a car, he decides to ride a horse instead.

And because that alone isn’t badass enough for the character of John Wick, Reeves (and his trusty steed) decides to also get into a gun-toting scrap with a bloke on a motorbike.

I get that this isn’t exactly a new stunt as ol’ Arnie already did it in True Lies, but I’m willing to bet Reeves will pull it off in far more spectacular fashion than what Arnie did.

Me describing the moment in question doesn’t do it enough justice so just lay your eyeballs on the majestic scene right here and bask in the action godliness of Keanu Reeves.

Other than more kickassery, slickly choreographed gun-fu scenes, Halle Berry looking like a queen, scenes involving a pitbull, and a release date of May, 2019, we really don’t know too much about John Wick 3, not that we really need to in order to enjoy it.

And based on that sole set photo of Reeves fighting a motorbike-riding bloke while riding a horse, I’m already confident enough to deem John Wick 3 as the greatest movie of all time and that’s a hill I’ll die on after getting stabbed by a pencil.

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