ARod Manifested His Relationship With JLo 20 Years Ago, And Can The Universe Bring Me Michael B Jordan?

Hello, Law of Attraction.

Chances are you’ve heard people chatting about the magic of manifestation before. The concept is fairly straightforward, really.

You need to think about what it is you want in life, develop a clear idea in your mind of what that is, then ask the universe to deliver it.

Ask, and you shall receive, I guess?
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There are a bunch of people who wholeheartedly believe that this way of thinking works for them. I have never really been one of them. Sure, I believe positive thinking and getting clear on what you want is a good practice for just about anyone. But manifesting good luck? Nah. That was never something I bought into.

Until today, that is.

On July 27th, ESPN took to Twitter to celebrate Alex Rodriguez on his 44th birthday. In the tweet, the sports media company shared a video of ARod from way back in 1998 (21 years ago). It’s this video that has convinced me of the legitimacy of manifestation.

In it, a fresh-faced ARod is asked who his dream date would be.

He replied immediately:

“Jennifer Lopez. Hopefully, you can find me a date with her.”

You manifest that love life, ARod!

The pair went on to meet in 2005, while they were both married to other people, and eventually became an item in 2017. (Take your time, universe!)

In March 2019 the insanely adorable couple became engaged.

All because ARod responded to a question from a reporter and put his wish out to the universe…

In completely unrelated news, if anyone was to ask me who my dream date would be, it’s Michael B Jordan. Just, you know, putting it out there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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