If You Didn’t Know About The iPhone Space Bar Trick That Makes Typing Much Easier Then You Are Not Alone

Wow, you think you know someone, and then they turn out to be hiding usability hacks from you.

Every time a new iPhone hack comes out, it makes it seem like we really should have taken a beginner course in using these things or something. We almost definitely never will, so we’ll take the tricks as they’re gradually revealed via viral Twitter post.

Which brings us to Exhibit A: a post is shaking the people of the internet with a keyboard hack that most of us had no idea existed.

So say farewell to the arduous task of moving around your fat thumb when you need to backtrack to edit something you’ve typed. If you hold down the space bar long enough it becomes a cursor you can move around with ease to make your edits with minimal stress.

Literally the bane of my existence has all of a sudden ceased to be a problem and I am eternally grateful.

The trick ostensibly works by holding down any part of the keyboard, but then you have to overcome the obstacle of fancy letters before you get to the sliding mouse function.

So I’m going to stick with the space bar personally.

The revelation also prompted someone to point out that you can highlight things by pushing down extra hard with the cursor. So many learns to do, so little time.

Thank you to the people of the internet who have broadcast this iPhone hack to the masses and revolutionised the way we type forever. Your contribution will never be forgotten.

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