There’s Still A Way To See Your Insta Likes, For The Truly Vain

You’re welcome.

Instagram is currently testing an update which hides the number of likes a post receives. 

People belong to one of two camps: the “oh my god yay so good for our mental health” camp or the “our lives are over” camp

Basically, the whole world has collectively lost its mind. 

Personally, I’m indifferent – checking the number of likes a friend or model or dog account received on their latest upload was never a concern for me. Sure, I saw the number and registered them but it wasn’t a point of comparison: I care more about how many likes my own posts get than other peoples, and I can still check that. 

On the other hand, I’m acutely aware of why Instagram is trialling this update: it’s a strategy play. By hiding likes, Instagram is forcing users to engage with posts in different, quantifiable ways. I.e. to comment on them. Commenting ultimately generates more data that Instagram can mine, which gives them more power over our souls. 

Sarcasm. Source: Giphy

I also understand people’s want to see likes, especially people whose life and work revolve around using social media. Likes are the easiest way to quantify your online success. 

So if you’re still desperate to see that like count, then I have good news for you: you still can. 

Instagram had forgotten to update their desktop version which means you can still see the number of likes on a post when you use your computer. 

I can just imagine all of the people in Instagram HQ wondering why their desktop traffic has spiked. 

All of you

When Did Babies Become The Must Have Fitness Accessory?

Who needs a Fit Bit?

I’ll be the first person to admit I don’t know a thing about being a parent. The though of having a child right now terrifies me. 

But there’s one thing I do know about children and that’s that they’re not accessories. They’re cuter versions of us which we should be guarding with our lives and moulding into better humans than we are. 

And yet, there’s a whole world of people that cop a squat in front of a mirror and take a photo with their newborn like it’s a totally normal, healthy thing to do. 

Normally these people are in activewear. 

Sometimes they’re photographed going for walks. 

Sometimes they use their kids to help promote their new set of wheels.

Sometimes they use baby items like prams as props. 

Sometimes they rep the soccer mum look.

And often they can be found flaunting their #postpartum body and talking about how motherhood is so difficult. 

I don’t doubt motherhood is difficult. Actually, I know it is. It’s one of life’s most difficult things. But I think these insta mums need to check their privilege more often. I’m not saying their experience with pregnancy or motherhood is illegitimate because they have thousands of followers- I respect that everyone’s story is different. 

I’m just saying that complaining about motherhood when the posts you make don’t match the “sleepless nights” and “morning sickness” you constantly talk about is confusing and sometimes infuriating. Be real- there’s no shame in being real. 

There is shame in flaunting your child like they’re a handbag. I see it so often on social media that I’m convinced it’s become some sort of weird trend. “Oh they’re doing it so it must be cool” kind of thing. 

But it’s not cool. In fact, most millennials can’t even relate. Despite what social media suggests, data shows that this generation aren’t having kids; it’s too expensive, takes away our independence and is damn terrifying. 

If you have the passion and the means to have a child in this day and age go you. If you also happen the have a passion and the means for green juice and expensive activewear the that’s good too. But please don’t combine the two and stop treating your child like an accessory. 

If not for my sanity then for theirs- imagine their face when they look back one day and realise mum used them as a photoshoot prop. 

Not cool mum, not cool. 

Those Gender-Swap Snapchat Filters Were Definitely A Huge Marketing Ploy


Snapchat has been metaphorically dead for ages. 

No one uses the app anymore unless it’s to annoy their partner with real-time updates of every meal they eat in a day or to send some cheeky pics, if ya know what I mean. 

Wink, wink. Source: Giphy.

But about a month ago, new life was breathed into Snapchat that was reminiscent of it’s glory days #neverforget. 

The release of three new filters which transformed users into a baby and into the opposite gender sent the entire world into a frenzy. Meet Chris, my ruggedly handsome alter-ego with a jawline that Clark Kent would envy: 

Hey, you single?

Suddenly, people worldwide had reason to use Snapchat again and those who no longer had the app were re-downloading it just to try the filters. I made jokes about it being a clever marketing ploy; a way for Snapchat to get back in the game and give Instagram a run for its money (Instagram is where it’s at these days). 

Of course, I had no solid proof this was the case, but I was pretty damn sure. And today, friends, I present you with the closest thing to proof I have: evidence. 

Turns out Snapchat’s download rate doubled thanks to the new filters. The monthly numbers tipped over 40 million in May. 

Figures from Sensor Tower and provided to One Zero show daily downloads doubled in May thanks to the new filters. That’s a rise from around 600,000 a day to around 2 million on some days and a whopping total of 40 million downloads for the month.

The numbers are impressive for two main reasons: 

  1. They’re HUGE.
  2. They prove things have been completely turned around.  

Snapchat’s impact in the social networking world has suffered the last few years, being over-shone by competitors with more user friendly interfaces and bigger investments backing them (@Mark Zuckerberg). 

Filters and lenses were pioneered by Snapchat before other rivals copied the idea and made the OG irrelevant (@Instagram). Even Facebook has a ‘stories’ feature now (granted, no one but my mum uses it). 

Snapchat’s baby and gender-swap filters were a great way to re-grab people’s attention and increase those downloads. But it’s what Snapchat does next that is of most importance: a good marketing plan is worth nothing without good follow through. 

So come on Snapchat, I’m rooting for you.

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