Have A Squiz At This Guy’s $13,000 ‘First Home’ And If You Don’t Laugh, You’ll Cry

Great for pets.

I think we’ve come to terms with the idea that home-owning could be slightly out of reach because, avocado toast- or whatever else the baby boomers want to tease us with, but I don’t think we were totally prepared for what would happen if one of our own actually tried to buy a house.

White picket fence, three bed, two bath, double garage, open plan, air con, in-ground pool, veggie patch – the works. The DREAM (for some people).

As all good stories begin, a south-Florida man was having just a regular day. He had saved his coin, mustered up the courage and decided to purchase his first home.

In an online auction, he was sat there, placing bids on what he believed to be a lovely villa, in a duplex. He won it. He was stoked. Only $13,000? An absolute bloody steal.

It wasn’t until after winning the auction that he realised he hadn’t bought a villa, but the strip of GRASS that separated the duplex.

The value of the strip of grass was $50.

For $13,000 you could buy 1,300 boujee avo toasts in the inner west.

Why try? Let’s just be who we are and leave the house-buying to the ones that know what they’re doing. It’s not us.


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