Hilary Duff’s ‘Younger’ Co-Star Drinking Her Breast Milk Feels More Ick Than It Probably Should

Is it really so wrong?

Hilary Duff is handling being a mother and a star like an absolute boss. Having a 3-month-old (as well as a 6-year-old) sometimes means dealing with feeding, pumping, and all the other fun things that producing breast milk comes along with, all while working.

Which explains why Duff had some breast milk on hand on Friday when she and her Younger co-star Nico Tortorella sat down for a table read.

What we can’t explain is why Nico Tortorella decided to taste test Hilary Duff’s breast milk. But according to both of their Instagram stories, that’s exactly what happened.

And apparently it was delicious!

“I’m for real doing this right now,” Tortorella says in the video. “Mmm,” he says, after appearing to take a sip. “Oh my God, it is delicious!”

“You’re a sicko, dude,” Duff replies.

“Can I have some more?” he asks.

Duff later followed up with a post on her own Instagram Story, captioned, “Actually he did that. Banks (her newborn) gonna be pissed.”

The common reaction to adults tasting breast milk – especially that of someone not related to them by blood or marriage – is to cringe. To a lot of us, it just seems a bit ick, even if that ickiness isn’t fully rationalised.

This is the debate that divided Friends in ‘The One with the Breast Milk’ back in 1995. Is it gross to drink someone else’s breast milk? And if so, how gross are we talking?

Phoebe, Joey, Carol and Susan aren’t fazed by it but Ross (and Rachel and Chandler) are freaked.

Almost everyone came into this world surviving off breast milk, so we definitely can’t be turning our nose up at the stuff itself. In the context of adults drinking it, it’s fair to say it just doesn’t feel quite right. Though there’s a difference between tasting and drinking.

There’s definitely no call to normalise breast milk to the point where it’s on offer alongside soy and almond milk at every corner café, but maybe we should rethink just how strong our aversion is to a harmless breast milk taste test.

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