Don't Tell Anyone If You're Starting A New Change In Your Life, It Will Help You In Ways You Didn't Expect

Motivation is fleeting, discipline lasts forever.

After months of getting yourself pumped, you’re finally taking the plunge. Starting tomorrow, you’re going to quit smoking/start going to the gym/insert new change in your life and you can’t wait to tell all your friends and family about it.

That’s great and I’m super proud of you for making a positive change to your life. But do yourself a favour and don’t tell anyone about this life change.

I know you’re excited to let everyone know about what it is you’re doing but their positive reinforcement can actually be a negative thing. Okay, hear me out.

Studies show that having your friends give you positive feedback about what you’re doing is nice and all but it’ll give you a false sense of accomplishment before you’ve even done anything. This in turn can trick you into thinking you’ve already succeeded, thus hindering your efforts to change.

People knowing about your new life change could also make you feel extra pressure to keep doing what you’re doing or they may expect too much from you and that can wear away your motivation. Sometimes you may even get a negative response (especially from Asian parents) and that’ll just make you even more unwilling to change.

Now in saying all that, this may not be applicable for everyone. Some people may need to tell others as a form of motivation or support so they can keep up with what ever life change they’re trying to undergo.

The important takeaway is that big lifestyle changes like quitting smoking or going to the gym take discipline and there may be things hindering your progress that you may not expect.

But hey, doing things to change your life for the better isn’t easy and sometimes getting over the line may involve not telling anyone you’re doing anything at all.

Channing Tatum Losing It Over Astrology Before Casually Revealing He's In Therapy Is A Hell Of A Mood

If you weren't stanning before, you'll sure as hell be stanning now.

You know that moment where you discover something so inexplicably mindblowing that it renders your brain into a pile of mush and everything you say for the next few minutes is nothing more than stream of consciousness babble?

Well Channing Tatum had one of those moments when he discovered astrology and hoo boy was that a mood and a half.

In a video posted to his Twitter and Instagram, the actor launches into a weird but hilarious rant over discovering the astrology app, The Pattern, how astrology is a thing and how it seems to know everything about him.

But perhaps the best part of the whole thing isn’t Channing getting his Virgo moon get cracked. That moment belongs to the bit when he casually interrupts himself and reveals that he’s in therapy, saying that he goes and everyone should go.

As hilarious as the whole video is, the nonchalant therapy bit from Channing is the most important part of the entire thing. It’s one thing to be shook over astrology, but it’s another thing entirely to recognise when you need help for your mental health and not be afraid to talk about it with other people.

This whole thing wouldn’t be complete with some hilarious replies and the cream of the crop is his girlfriend Jessie J‘s response on his video:

You know what, I think I see the whole appeal of Channing Tatum now and I officially stan as of this moment.

Billie Eilish ‘Loves The Taste Of Blood’, But There’s A Completely Normal Reason For It

No, she's not a vampire but it would be pretty awesome if she was.

Pop star. Trend setter. Badarse. Unapologetic. Average Mario Kart player. These are just some of the many things Billie Eilish has been described as.

Well it’s time to add a new one to the list and it’s something that might raise a few eyebrows: blood and coin taster.

Yeah, that stuff coming out of her, uh, eyes.

Now before we all get all judgmental, there’s a actually a very good reason why Billie loves the taste of blood and coins. Sadly, it’s got nothing to do with her being a vampire or anything, which would be awesome.

During an episode of Pitchfork‘s “Over/Under“, the singer revealed that she suffers from an “iron deficiency” and so stuff like the metal bracelets she wears and blood tastes like heaven to her.

It’s not just limited to blood or the rings on her fingers as Billie says that her “dumbarse” likes the taste of basically anything metallic, especially “dirty jewellery”.

“I like the taste of pennies, metal, poles and jewellery. Dirty jewellery tastes so good.

“I used to literally suck on dirty pennies and s*t and I would lick poles.”

Her reaction when given some dirty coins. Presumably.

This may all sound ridiculously gross but cravings for blood and dirty jewellery is a legit thing for those with an iron deficiency. The body needs enough iron to function properly and when you’re not getting enough from your diet, your body will start craving it, hence why random iron-rich things like coins and blood will suddenly taste like nectar from the gods.

We should probably point out that Billie’s iron intake doesn’t consist entirely of blood and licking metal poles as she does take iron supplements, so no need to worry about seeing her licking spare change or going all Count Dracula on someone’s jugular after losing a round of Mario Kart.

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