Don't Throw Away Your Shot Because Hamilton Is Coming To Australia

How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore, and a Scotsman make his way from New York To Mosman?

Folks, we have some big news, arguably the biggest entertainment news of the entire year. Yes, even bigger than Endgame and Game of Thrones.

Hamilton, the hit Broadway show is coming to Australia in 2021!

Excuse me for a sec..

Okay, I’m good now.

Anyway, the hit 2015 Broadway show that’s captured pop-culture’s imagination over the last few years will premiere in a new production beginning March 2021 in Sydney’s Lyric Theatre.

The original Broadway show’s producer Jeffrey Seller and Australian producer Michael Cassel will be working together on this new production, as well as the show’s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda because you can’t have Hamilton without him onboard.

Now there’s a bit of a wait before Hamilton gets here as casting for the show is scheduled to begin from August 2019. If there’s a time to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack again and get the lyrics to “My Shot’ down pat, now’s the time because you don’t want to miss your shot.

In case you need a reminder on how big Hamilton is, it copped critical-acclaim from everyone when it premiered back in 2015, winning 11 Tony Awards, the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and the Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre Album while securing its spot in pop-culture for years to come.

For those who have been waiting forever for the show to arrive, here’s my question for you: Who lives, who dies, who’s getting tickets?

Lin-Manuel Miranda's Awful British Accent In The New Mary Poppins Returns Trailer Is Evidence That The Sequel Will Be Faithful To The Original

Dick Van Dyke would be proud of how hilariously bad it is.

Just putting this out there right off the bat: Mary Poppins is a masterpiece that still holds up today, right down to Dick Van Dyke’s horrific attempt at a British accent.

So it’s probably no surprise that the upcoming sequel Mary Poppins Returns faces an uphill task to live up to its predecessor, especially after the 54 year gap between films.

But judging by the newly released first trailer of Mary Poppins Returns, any worries over whether the sequel will completely live up to the original have been dissipated thanks to one glaring thing: Lin-Manuel Miranda and his awful British accent.

Miranda’s British accent is just so…bizarre. It sounds like he is trying to emulate a Cockney accent but ended up somewhere in Ireland by accident so he just gave up.

And that is all the evidence I need as to whether Mary Poppins Returns will be faithful to the original.

Just as how Dick Van Dyke’s awful British accent has become notorious and yet had no bearing on Mary Poppins‘ quality, I now have faith that it will be the exact same scenario with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s accent and Mary Poppins Returns.

And there’s also Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins. She is just so damn delightful as the magical nanny that I feel warm and fuzzy every time she speaks, even when she’s berating someone.

My theory isn’t exactly rock solid admittedly, and it really is all just a long winded way of saying “look Mary Poppins Returns may not be a masterpiece, but let’s just enjoy it anyway”.

There’s still a bit of a wait before we get our long-awaited visit from Mary Poppins on December 19, so check out the trailer right here to get your magical and bad British accent fix in the meantime.

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