We're Filled With Unfamiliar Respect And Admiration For Gwyneth Paltrow And It Feels Weird

It's time to give her the acknowledgement she deserves.

If there’s one thing which all non-Paltrow stans agree upon it’s that Gwyneth Paltrow is a bit of a joke and undeserving of respect.

Born into showbiz royalty (her godfather is Steven Spielberg, for freak’s sake!) she epitomises the cliche of the privileged elite wafting through life and never knowing the struggles of the real world.

From winning an arguably underserved Oscar to hawking nonsense on her GOOP site to speaking in airy-fairy New Age psychobabble about “conscious uncoupling” to forgetting who her co-stars are, there’s no shortage of reasons to hate on her.

So for everyone who’s already made their mind up that she’s a cipher of a caricature of a cartoon, it’s a little surprising to be reminded that she’s also one of the foundations of the #metoo movement – specifically, in terms of bringing down Hollywood mogul and serial abuser Harvey Weinstein.

New York Times reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey discovered this when they were attempting to get some of Weinstein’s alleged victims to speak on the record. Many had signed non-disclosure agreements. All knew it could end their careers.

But as Kanton and Twohey gained the trust of these women, it was Paltrow – the A-lister whose very success meant she had the most to lose – that hosted a meeting in her house for the women to share stories.

In that, it was Gwyneth Paltrow that convinced Ashley Judd to go on the record and report what Weinstein had done to her, and to eventually add her star power to the litany of complaints against the producer. That’s huge, and hugely deserving of respect.

And now making fun of her jade eggs and choice of baby names just doesn’t seem as potent, knowing that she was instrumental in beginning a worldwide movement to hold predatory men to account. It’s time to give Gwyneth Paltrow the respect she deserves.

GOOP is still snake oil though. Let’s never forget that.

John Cleese Has Gone Full Raving Granddad And That Makes Us Sad

Can someone get poppa a towel? He's having one of his turns.

As the UK lurches toward yet another Brexit deadline and ethnocentric political parties and outspoken white supremacists get more vocal and divisive, revered British comedian and man who shouts at clouds John Cleese has decided that the world needed a reminder of one of his worst hot takes.

Viz: that London was no longer “an English city”.

Cheers for the insight, pops.

And of course when someone says that the capital city of England, located in England, is not really an English city any more you know what he’s getting at. That it’s got all them… you know, them foreigners in it.

And if there’s one person qualified to opine about the negative impact of immigrants it’s a British man who now lives on the Caribbean island and well-rated tax haven of Nevis. You know, the Englishest place on the planet.

It comes on the heels of his fellow Monty Python alumnus Terry Gilliam telling Variety that the #metoo movement was “mob rule” and that hey, everyone knows that if ladies want to get into acting then they have to have sex with powerful men.

“Harvey [Weinstein] opened the door for a few people, a night with Harvey — that’s the price you pay,” said the powerful man from the entertainment industry. “It is a world of victims. I think some people did very well out of meeting with Harvey and others didn’t. The ones who did, knew what they were doing.”

Honestly, kids. Don’t have countercultural heroes. They just turn into reactionary dickheads.

Man Who's Supposed To Be Representing Australia Apologises For Inappropriate Behaviour To A Woman Employed To Defend Our Country

Another day, another weird scandal involving a politician with an interesting idea of their own romantic appeal…

In what’s becoming something of a tired habit, another male politician is embroiled in a scandal over inappropriate sexual behaviour.

And this time around it’s Queensland Liberal-National MP Scott Buchholz.

“I behaved like an idiot on a parliamentary exchange last year and I recognise how inappropriate my actions were,” he abruptly explained to the media on Thursday. “I apologised for my conduct and the offence I caused, and I reiterate my deep respect for the ADF and its members.”

The reason for this public mea culpa was made clear shortly thereafter.

It came out that a complaint of inappropriate behaviour was made against ScoBo by a female RAAF officer while attending a military exercise in the Northern Territory (which, according to Nine’s Tony Wright, he also skipped out on to pop along to the Darwin races, which his military hosts did not appreciate).

The officer in question is unable to report on what happened and the RAAF have accepted his apology and consider the matter closed, and Scozza’s certainly not about to spill the tea. Still… this was a serving member of the military, Scott, what the hell were you doing?

Tony Abbott made this self-described idiot the party’s Chief Whip in parliament. That led to a storied seven months in which he mistakenly invited the Nationals to attend a leadership ballot for the Liberal Party and also told new mum Kelly O’Dwyer she should just express more milk so her selfish breastfeeding didn’t disrupt parliament. So fair enough, women are clearly a bit of a mystery to him.

And that last bit is significant since O’Dwyer – one of the most prominent women in the Liberals – announced she’s quitting parliament due to her desire to have another child, and is presumably acutely aware of the sort of support she’d get from her colleagues like Scotty.

There’s no word yet as to whether Morrison plans to do anything about his minister’s actions, but with a minority in the parliament and an election around the corner maybe it’s best not to hold one’s breath.

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