Gwyneth Paltrow's Daughter Has Called Her Out For Consent, And We Are Totally Team Apple

Another week, another Gwyneth Paltrow faux pas.

From not understanding that she couldn’t just make things up for her Goop website to claiming she was the one who actually made yoga popular, it seems like there’s no shortage of faux pas when it comes to Gwyneth Paltrow.

And now the latest person to call the actress out for doing something dumb is none other than her 14-year-old daughter, Apple.

It all began when Gwyneth posted this photo of herself and a rugged-up Apple at the snow to Instagram.


It all seemed innocent enough, until Apple decided to call her mother out for posting the photo without her consent.

In response, Gwyneth had the most “mum reply” ever:

While it’s a little hard to gauge whether Apple’s now-deleted comment was tongue-in-cheek or dead serious, it didn’t stop people from getting into a debate over the issue of children’s privacy and consent.

Some were fully on Team Apple and weren’t pleased that Gwyneth violated her daughter’s wishes to not have her photos publicly shared on social media.

Others were completely behind Gwyneth and were all on the “kids should respect their parents” or the “there’s nothing wrong with a proud parent sharing a photo of their daughter” bandwagon.

Here’s the thing, Apple has a good point regarding the whole privacy and consent issue. Not everyone wants their photo being shown to people on the internet, especially if the person is a teenager and going through a period of their life when they’re at their most self-conscious.

For Apple, the issue is dramatically amplified as Gwyneth is a well-known celebrity with millions of followers and fans on her social media platforms. Having your mum sharing family photos of you to millions of strangers is an anxiety-riddled thought, especially for someone who lives a life where anonymity and privacy is scarce due to their parents’ occupation.

There’s every bit a possibility that Apple and Gwyneth’s interaction here is just a bit of banter, but given the actress’s history of doing and saying idiotic stuff, you can’t help but feel like she’s just not understanding that this is just more than a proud mum sharing a photo of her daughter.

Muuuum, you’re embarrassing me.

So to all the parents who disagree with Apple’s comments, get off your high horse and maybe start taking your egos and need for social media validation out of the equation. This has just as much to do with consent as it does with respecting a teenager’s wishes and we’re 100% on Team Apple for this particular issue.

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