If Your Gender Reveal Causes A Plane Crash, Should You Really Be A Parent?

It's not a good sign.

Gender reveal parties. Love them or hate them, they’re everywhere at the moment and seem to be here to stay. They don’t sound like something that needs to come with a hazard warning, but because people will find a way to ruin everything good in the world, that’s exactly what they need.

This is the best case scenario, honestly

In the latest monumental stuff up, it seems like someone has managed to crash an entire plane whilst telling the world about their unborn kiddo’s genitals.

The official report documents a plane that dumped a bunch of pink water water over a field as part of a gender reveal (woo, unborn kiddo has a vagina!), stalled and then, and I quote, “impacted terrain, and came to rest inverted”.

What this means in regular person speak is that the plane ate some serious dirt and wound up on its roof. Two people were on board (the plane only had one seat in it, was one sitting on the other’s lap?), but they were fine. 

There are almost as many videos online of gender reveal fails as there are of cats at this point, and the internet loves cats. Most of them are fairly harmless videos like one of a dude getting an air cannon to the nuts, or of the balloon with the coloured confetti in it floating away. Tragic really, now they’ll never know what sex their kid is.

Just assume something like this will happen

Then there are the serious accidents. I’m talking plane crashes like this one, massive bushfires causing $8 million worth of damage, and a couple of weeks ago a woman was even killed when she stood too close to an explosion meant to release coloured smoke. 

Even the woman who first pioneered gender reveal parties is sick of them. Between putting more focus on an unborn kid’s genitals than should ever be necessary, and people proving that we will never stop until we reach peak stupidity, it’s probably time to give them a rest. 

And for the love of God, if you’ve crashed a plane revealing you kids gender, remember to be gentle with them once they’re born.

Victoria's Birth Certificate Reform Leaves Three Australian States In The Dark Ages

The reform will make it easier to change birth certificates, without insisting on surgery.

On Tuesday night, the Victorian government passed a reform to make it way easier for transgender and gender diverse people to change the gender listed on their birth certificate.

The reform passed the upper house 26-14, and now has to go to the Governor to be signed into law. Once the Governor signs that bit of paper, transgender and gender diverse people in Victoria will have much better access to accurate documentation.

The law comes with three major reforms. The big one is removing the need for expensive and invasive gender reassignment surgery before you can change your gender on your birth certificate. Up until now, you couldn’t get any officials to even think about changing your birth certificate until you had gone under the knife.

The second is that when you do get your birth certificate changed, you can nominate yourself as male, female, or any number of other non-binary descriptions. You can choose any term you identify with as long as it isn’t offensive or can’t be practically used. For gender non-conforming people, this is huge.

The third is that people under 18 will now be able to change the gender on their birth certificate as well, as long as they have the support of their parents and a doctor.

Victoria has become the fifth state to introduce laws like this, joining Tasmania, Northern Territory, South Australia and the ACT. Victoria had actually tried to pass these reforms back in 2016, but was shot down by a single vote. This time around, only three crossbenchers voted with the Coalition against the bill – two Justice Party members and the Shooters and Fishers MP.

New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland are the states remaining who don’t have birth certificate reform, and campaigners are now setting their sights on their governments. In particular, New South Wales is likely to be the next state where the reforms are pushed for.

Back in Victoria, these reforms are a massive cause for celebration. They will work to remove a number of obstacles that people would probably never think of if they didn’t have to worry about the gender on their birth certificate.

Attorney General Jill Hennessy was the woman who introduced the bill, and put it best:

“The inability for trans and gender diverse people to have an accurate birth registration, which truly reflects their identity, means that high barriers continue to be thrown up against them in their daily lives.

“As a result, organisations and institutions may query the person’s sex by asking inappropriate and intrusive questions, for example when providing a service or amending documentation such as bank accounts, insurance details, credit cards, and university records.”

This is by no means the end of the road for transgender rights in Australia. We know that trans and non-binary people are more likely to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, have more difficulty finding housing and employment, and receive poorer health care when they don’t feel comfortable telling a doctor that they’re gender diverse. The mental health impacts this has on a person as they deal with these situations over and over again are serious.

The reforms are a great start at removing some of the systematic barriers, and Victoria deserves to take the time to celebrate this victory. What we can’t do however, is forget to look at the bigger picture.

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