You Can Thank Crazy Fans For Jason Momoa's Role In 'Game Of Thrones'

"Well, that really does look like Khal Drogo."

There are many things we should be thankful for in this world and one of them is Game of Thrones for giving us Jason Momoa. I mean, look at him:

Credit: HBO

And it turns out the Internet is to thank for Momoa gracing our screens as Khal Drogo on the show, because the Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss found the Baywatch star through fan casting pages.

According to SyFy Wire, the showrunners spoke to the crowd at the Austin Film Festival about the lengthy casting process for the show and how difficult it was to find the perfect Drogo.

Benioff said, “It was really hard to find a good Khal Drogo. We had all these auditions and no one was quite right. And then we’re looking at some website that had ‘Fan Casting of Game of Thrones.’ A lot of it was kinda knuckleheaded, but some of it was really smart. And there was one person, or maybe a few people, who said, ‘Oh, it should be this guy Jason Momoa.’ And we’d never heard of Jason before – and I apologize to the Baywatch fans – but I haven’t gotten around to it. But I saw a picture of him, we both did, and I thought, ‘Well, that really does look like Khal Drogo.'”

So, it turns out fans can be helpful in the creation process of a show!

Momoa’s audition famously featured him doing the Haka to which Weiss laughed and said, “No one asked him to do that.”

Watch the audition here:

While Momoa’s time on Game of Thrones was short-lived, it was the role that shot the actor into stardom with him landing the role of Aquaman soon after.

Following the final episode of the show, Momoa made his feelings known about Daenerys’ (Emilia Clarke) death, and it was pretty clear he wasn’t happy about it.

He had a similar reaction when Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) was telling Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) he should sit on the Iron Throne and become King of Westeros.

Same, Jason. Same.

Camila Mendes Was Legit Told She Wasn't 'Glossy' Enough At Her Riverdale Audition

"You're a little matte right now..."

Camila Mendes, who stars as Veronica Lodge on Riverdale, appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week and shared a very strange story from her audition for the show.

When asked if she remembered the audition, Mendes said, “I remember it being a very stressful day. I was thirty minutes late for the audition and I was the very last person they were seeing and I managed to squeeze in the audition.”

She then went on to say she had a very interesting chat with the casting director, “My hair was frizzy, it was raining that day and I remember the casting director telling me, ‘You’re a little matte right now, at The CW we’re glossy. You know, like glossy lips, cheeks are glowing… Come back a few days from now,’ because then they brought me in for a producers session…”

Colbert asked, “They wanted you to get glossy in a few days?”

Mendes laughed, “My friend did my makeup and she made me look glowy, like I just came out of the womb. Afterbirth, glowing.”

Colbert joked that it sounds like a compliment he wasn’t aware of, “Oh my God, you look amazing, it’s like you still have the placenta on you!”

With a glow like that it’s no wonder she landed the role.

Watch the video here:

Meanwhile, on the show, we’ll soon be meeting the younger brother of Fred Andrews (the late Luke Perry), Frank Andrews played by Ryan Robbins.

Deadline reports, “Robbins’ Frank Andrews is a blue collar, former high school football star – tough, brash, and charming. His temper and vices constantly get him into trouble. He’s lived in the shadow of Fred… his beloved older brother, since he was born. As a result, Frank joined the Army in search of his own identity. After three tours of duty, Frank Andrews is haunted and in need of a home.”

There’s no more known about the character and whether he’ll be staying in Riverdale long-term, but it could be the show’s answer to providing Archie (KJ Apa) with a father-like figure in his life following the death of his own dad.

Kit Harington Is 'Terrified' To Join The MCU And TBH It Makes Sense

"I know the responsibility."

With Game of Thrones ending earlier this year, Kit Harington is finally able to work on new projects with the actor recently signing up to the MCU’s Eternals to play Dane Whitman AKA Black Knight.

It was confirmed at the D23 Expo earlier this year that the Jon Snow actor would join his former Game of Thrones co-star Richard Madden in the MCU film.

Credit: HBO

While Harington is of course very keen to get started on the movie, he also knows just how daunting it can be when trying to satisfy fan expectations.

According to ComicBook.Com, Harington spoke about Eternals at ACE Comic-Con in Chicago over the weekend. He said, “A lot of people who go into something like the MCU, they haven’t had experience of, maybe, a franchise that big.

“I’ve lived with Thrones for ten years, I’ve known a big franchise and something that’s created a world and it has a huge fan base. So for both reasons, I’m excited and terrified.

“I know the responsibility of actors who came into Thrones knowing that they’re playing a beloved character and that they had a responsibility to fans and to people to do something with that character. And for me, looking at this new universe, I’m prepared because I’ve been part of a universe… but I also have been part of a universe, so I am terrified.”

Look, let’s be honest, considering all the backlash the final season of Game of Thrones received, it makes sense that he’d be “terrified” to get things right for the hardcore Marvel fans.

Landing a role in a popular franchise is definitely a bit of a double-edged sword and he knows that all too well – especially as both Jon Snow and Dane Whitman have source material that fans know inside and out.

Harington didn’t reveal too much about the character but did say that he’ll once again be wielding a sword, making him pretty much Jon Snow 2.0.

Credit: HBO

Because the Eternals comics span thousands of years, it’ll be interesting to see whether Dane will be in the present day or in part of the story set in the past.

It’ll be a while before we find out more, as the film won’t hit cinemas until late 2020.

Also starring in Eternals with Harington and Madden is Angelina Jolie, Kumail Nanjiani, Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan and more.

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