Someone Has Re-Written Game Of Thrones Season Eight And Fans Are Obsessed With It

This is seriously satisfying.

Yes, Game of Thrones ended a while ago, but that doesn’t mean we’re gonna stop talking about it.

Many fans were upset with the showrunners and were very disappointed by the show’s ending, there was even that petition to redo the whole last season.

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Now, one fan, Daniel Whidden, who also happens to be a screenwriter, has decided to take matters into his own hands and has rewritten the show’s eighth season and delivered it in a 16-minute YouTube video.

Since sharing the video, fans have commented that his version is “100x” better than the actual ending, with many saying they’re going to “pretend that the show actually ended like this”.

Whidden begins his rewrite:

“We start with episode three, the Battle of Winterfell. And for the most part, this episode will play out much like it did in the real version.

“The combined forces of the unsullied, the Dothraki, Northman and wildlings face off against the Night King and his undead horde.

“Meanwhile, Cersei, the golden company and the Iron Fleet chill in King’s Landing having reneged on their promise to help in the upcoming war. But this episode will have one major difference that will completely change the episodes to come.

“The Night King will be victorious and the remaining forces of Winterfell will be forced to retreat to King’s Landing.”

Credit: HBO

Whidden says he wouldn’t have put Tyrion, Sansa and the women and children in the crypts, saying that was “lazy writing” adding he would have instead put them in the main hall.

While this is happening, Daenerys and Jon would be fighting the Night King while on their dragons, similar to the original, however, this fight sees Jon fight the Night King in a sword battle.

The Night King would have been too powerful for Jon so Bran wargs into Vision and burns the Night King, however, he emerges unscathed, much like in the original.

Jon would then stab him with a dragon glass sword, only to discover that it doesn’t actually work.

The survivors leave Winterfell and set off for King’s Landing while the fallen Winterfell soldiers rise from the dead.

Jaime convinces Cersei to allow the survivors to stay in Winterfell, but she will only allow it if Dany bends the knee. Dany puts her people first and bends the knee.

Credit: HBO

Bran would then realise that the Night King can only be killed by burning the Weirwood tree in the God’s Eye lake. Dany and Drogon fly there to burn the tree, but the Night King is also there trying to defend it.

Dany manages to burn the tree, thus destroying the Night King. However, doing so rids the world of all magic, this means that Jon would also die as he was resurrected with magic.

Jaime ends up killing Cersei after she tells him she wants anyone who was loyal to Dany to be killed and that she was never pregnant, she was simply playing the game.

Credit: HBO

Dany, who we find out is pregnant with Jon’s baby, goes back to him to be by his side. Then a crowd forms around her and Tyrion tells them who Jon really was and how Dany, now with Jon’s child, is the rightful heir to the throne.

He kneels before her and hundreds of others do as well. She ends up on the throne and it cuts to black.

But then, for something a little different, we flash forward five years and Dany visits the crypts of Winterfell, which has been rebuilt with Sansa as protector of the north.

In the crypts Jon’s body has been laid to rest next to Ned Stark, we then see Dany and Jon’s son running in with Ghost and find out his name is also Jon.

Watch the full thing here:

We have to admit, Whidden’s ending is seriously satisfying!

The Game Of Thrones Showrunners Got Jon Snow's Real Name Totally Wrong

This is confusing a lot of fans.

The Game of Thrones showrunners may have made a big mistake by making Jon Snow’s real name Aegon Targaryen according to ScreenRant.

While we know for sure that Jon’s real parents are Rhaegar Targaryn and Lyanna Stark, his name is something that’s confusing some people.

Credit: HBO

Bran revealed in the season seven finale that Jon’s real name is Aegon Targaryen – named after Aegon the Conqueror and many other Targaryen kings – however, fans of the books know that Rhaegar already had a son name Aegon.

Before he got together with Lyanna, Rhaegar had two children with Elia Martell, who were murdered by The Mountain when Robert Baratheon came to kill Rhaegar for taking his future wife away from him.

This fact was also confirmed on the show in season three when Prince Aegon and Princess Rhaenys are mentioned, so did the showrunners simply forget this fact when they chose Aegon for Jon?

There are a few theories as to why this might have happened. One is that Lyanna chose the name on her deathbed and assumed Rhaegar would like it given its history. However, she would have known of the other Aegon so it still doesn’t make much sense that she’d give her son the same name as his half-brother.

The other theory is that Rhaegar chose the name because of The Prince That Was Promised prophecy, however, it does feel like a bit of a stretch and that the showrunners simply forgot about the first Aegon Targaryen.

What would have made sense, was if Jon was named Aemon Targaryen, like his great-great-uncle, their connection makes the name more fitting.

Credit: HBO

Maester Aemon had a huge impact on Jon’s life and was like a father to him at Castle Black. There are some similarities between the pair as well as they were both considered the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, but ended up in the Night’s Watch.

Aemon was also close to Rhaegar with the pair known for exchanging letters, so it would have made sense from that angle as well.

Another Aemon also lived a similar life to Jon. Aemon the Dragonknight was the noblest knight and one of the finest swordsmen in the Seven Kingdoms. He was also the younger brother of another Aegon and pledged his life to the Kingsguard and carried a Valyrian steel sword.

It does sound like a more fitting name?

Game Of Thrones Star Jacob Anderson Confirms Tragic Grey Worm Theory

And now we're sad all over again.

When the Game of Thrones finale aired and showed Grey Worm setting sail for the Isle of Naath, there was a theory that things would end very tragically for the soldier. Jacob Anderson, who played Grey Worm, has now confirmed the theory was, in fact, correct, and now we’re sad all over again.

Grey Worm chooses to sail to the Isle of Naath with the Unsullied army because it’s where his late love Missandei is from. While it seemed like a happy-ish ending at the time, soon after it aired fans began to theorise that once Grey Worm reached Naath with its beautiful white beaches, he and the Unsullied would meet a tragic end.

Credit: HBO

You see, according to the books written by George R.R. Martin, there’s a bunch of deadly butterflies that live on the Isle of Naath, and while those from Naath are immune to them, newcomers are not.

In the GoT wiki, they’re described as, “A large species of butterfly on Naath is a carrier for a horrific disease that makes the flesh literally slough off of a man’s bones.”

So, as soon as Grey Worm step foot in Naath it was only a matter of time before he caught ‘butterfly fever’.

Credit: HBO

In an interview with Insider, Anderson was asked about the theory and decided it was probably the best ending for his character.

He began, “Yeah but that’s a book thing. It’s not in [the] show,” before changing his mind. “I mean, actually, do you know what? I want to spread [the word] that [creators] David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] told me that that’s real. Yeah, quote me. What actually happens is Grey Worm dies a horrible death by butterflies.”

It is possible that Grey Worm won’t meet this ending in the books, however, as they have not yet been finished. So, who knows, maybe Grey Worm will grow old and stay away from butterflies!

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