Game Of Thrones Star Says The 'Lack Of Representation' Makes The Show Even More 'Painful'

"Missandei and Grey Worm have represented so many people because there’s only two of them."

It’s been a week since we said goodbye to Missandei on Game of Thrones and we’re still not quite over it. Actress Nathalie Emmanuel is also still processing the anger and heartbreak that has since grown online and it’s creating a larger conversation about the show’s lack of diversity.

Emmanuel spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the scene saying she wasn’t surprised her character was killed off the show.

“So many people die in that show and I guess I didn’t think I was any safer than anybody else in that respect. But I am fully aware and engaged in the conversation of representation because I am the only woman of color in this show that has been on there regularly for many seasons.”

Missandei, who’s intelligent and multi-lingual, was one of Daenerys’ biggest assets and advisors. She and Grey Worm fell in love against all odds and having to see him and Dany watch her getting killed was incredibly heartbreaking.

Emmanuel told the publication she believes the outrage from fans was because the two most important people in her life had to watch her die, but also the fact she was the only long-standing woman of colour on the show and that she died in chains.

“It’s safe to say that Game of Thrones has been under criticism for their lack of representation and the truth of it is that Missandei and Grey Worm have represented so many people because there’s only two of them.”

She added, “So this is a conversation going forward about when you’re casting shows like this, that you are inclusive in your casting. I knew what it meant that she was there, I know what it means that I am existing in the spaces that I am because when I was growing up, I didn’t see people like me.

“But it wasn’t until she was gone that I really felt what it really, truly meant, until I saw the outcry and outpouring of love and outrage and upset about it, I really understood what it meant,” she added.

“I think the fact that she died in chains when she was a slave her whole life, that for me was a pungent cut for that character, that felt so painful but like I said, it’s the reality of the world. It’s kind of makes sense in a social sense, a world sense in that we’re out of chains but sometimes the world makes us feel like we’re not, and that is for me, even playing it when I had the shackles on, it made me quite emotional, it’s hard. Just on an emotional level, I just really felt the impact of that.”

Emmanuel’s next role is a far cry from Game of Thrones with the actress starring in Mindy Kaling’s Four Weddings and a Funeral series. She explained how different it feels on that set to being on GoT, especially since there’s a lot more representation and more people of colour working on the show.

“You generally feel more supported when there are other people who look like you around, so that was a lovely, enjoyable experience. Not to say I wasn’t supported on Game of Thrones, I love that cast and crew and everyone from the bottom of my heart, but those conversations that only you and other people of color understand, it happens and you don’t feel as shy or nervous.

Marvel's Casting Director Says It's Their 'Priority' To 'Increase Representation' And It's About Time

This is so important.

Marvel Studios will be introducing a whole new bunch of superheroes in coming years and they’re going be casting an increasingly diverse group of people for these new films and TV shows.

Speaking with Vulture, Victoria Alonso, the studio’s executive vice-president of production, said the move beyond the standard white male superhero characters isn’t just about reflecting our more inclusive culture, but business.

“The lesson with Captain Marvel and Black Panther, where the combined efforts of those two movies is $2.4 billion, is if you don’t do it, you’re leaving money on the table,” said Alonso. “This is show business — there’s a business part to the show. Don’t leave money on the table. Just commit to it.”

She added that a diverse roster of heroes, villains and supporting characters will be Marvel’s top priority moving forward.

“We’re just determined to have it be how we do it.”

“And if we do it, maybe somebody else will do it … I encourage every studio, every indie production company, every filmmaker out there to make an effort.”

Casting director Sarah Halley Finn, who has worked on every Marvel film since Iron Man in 2008, said we’ll be seeing a lot of new faces very soon.

“You’re gonna see even more new faces — and faces from all different backgrounds, all ages, all ethnicities, LGBTQ, people who are differently abled.”

Marvel has been working with Casting Society of America, which has actively been holding open calls for underrepresented actors including transgender actors, those with disabilities and those from the MENASA communities (Middle Eastern, North African, South American actors).

Finn added, “It’s a priority to have authenticity, to increase representation, to give greater representation to actors who have not traditionally been represented in mainstream movies on the big screen.”

Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios president, previously told Vulture they are open to changing the established genders, ethnicities and sexualities of their comic characters for the film versions. They have done this already with characters like Heimdall, played by Idris Elba, and Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson.

“There are a lot of other examples, so the answer is yes,“ he said. “You may be asking about sort of major, title characters. The answer to that is probably yes, too.”

The Entire Ending To Game Of Thrones Has Been Leaked Or Magically Guessed, It’s That Convincing

Huge, if true.

There are only two episodes left in Game of Thrones and it seems as though one fan has either guessed or leaked the ending of the whole series.

In a post that’s since been deleted, a Reddit user shared a lengthy summary about how they believed the show will end.

The reason the post was deleted so quickly was because the ‘theory’ sounded way too accurate with the moderator writing, “This has been removed due to multiple reports that it is likely from a leak. If you wish to have your post reinstated, please message the moderators.”

So, if you don’t want to hear how GoT will potentially end, we suggest looking away now. But, if you’re curious like us, read on.

We really are.

Thankfully, for those of us who are seriously nosy, Inverse managed to catch it all before it was taken down.

OK so, this is what Redditor u/mrfreezenightking thinks is going to happen…

Arya, the Hound and Jaime Lannister will infiltrate King’s Landing through the sewers in episode five, and Jaime will be imprisoned in the Red Keep.

At Dragonstone, Varys feeds into Daenerys’ paranoia, however, she soon realises his plans to betray her and puts Varys and Tyrion on trial. Varys is burned alive, while Tyrion is spared. Dany finds out it was Sansa who told Tyrion about Jon’s true identity.

During the Battle of King’s Landing, Yara Greyjoy and her fleet will join in the fight. She, Dany and Drogon are able to surprise and kill Euron. Once he’s died, the Golden Company breaks their contract – they will always choose the winning side.

Cersei then panics and frees Jaime, retreating to the queen’s quarters with him and the Mountain.

Jon, Grey Worm and Davos head to the castle and Qyburn tries to use wildfire and “burn them all”.

Jaime kills Cersei by stabbing her in the stomach, then pulls off his face to reveal it was actually Arya. The Hound arrives to save Arya and fights the Mountain.

Daenerys becomes a ‘Mad Queen’ and burns hundreds of civilians and soldiers as well as the Red Keep. Everyone is then convinced Daenerys isn’t fit to rule.

Dany accuses Samwell Tarly and Bran and Sansa Stark of treason, forcing Jon to reluctantly tell everyone he’s Aegon Targaryen and the true heir to the throne.

He then has to kill Dany and Drogon to save his family.

Jon will then return to the North (and reunite with Ghost, yay!) to search for Tormond only to find dismembered Wildling bodies arranged in the White Walker spiral.

So, essentially all the work they did over the last eight season will have been for nothing. Great.

Showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have previously spoken about how much they loved the ending of The Sopranos where there was no definitive closure at all, so we could be on the right track here…

They also told Jimmy Kimmel recently they would be spending the finale unreachable in an “undisclosed” location with their wives, which had many thinking fans wouldn’t be happy with the ending.

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